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    You can't condemn shooting games and then come out with a shooting game; it's hypocritical. But then, the NRA isn't known for clear reasoning.
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    Yeah because that target isn't based on the human body.
    NRA's new tag line should be
    "Creating tomorrow's school shooters today."
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    I don't exclusively blame video games for all the violent atrocities that happen in America, however I will say ....observing a 12 year old playing Call of Duty and yelling HEAD-SHOT should not be part of his vocabulary. His parents use no discretion on what the kid has in his video game library - however I do know another family that uses extreme discretion and will not even let their 12 year old play the ULTIMATE FIGHTING GAME. The degrees of parenting are severely inconsistent here in America.
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    @jamesmitchell I don't think any rational person is blaming video games. Many believe it a combination of video games, irresponsible gun owners, irresponsible parents and media hype (among other things).
    I just have to think back to when kids were kids and parents were parents. When kids not only went outside to play, but, were told to do so! We played "war" and "killed" each other....all too often. We were head responsible for our actions and found the consequences for "fibbing" were much greater than telling the truth. Parents didn't try to "worm" out of responsibility's by using the term "it was an accident, it not my fault".
    All I can say about all this is WE, as parents, have failed badly.
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    I don't think violent video games create violent people, but violent people's violent behavior and desires are exacerbated by them.
    The term "head shot" should not be a phrase any non-police officer/soldier should be using on anything close to a regular basis.
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    We were also shielded from the ugliness of the adult world. We didn't sit around and discuss the presidential elections with our parents. Our TV's weren't tuned to 24 hour news. Our radios didn't spew political hatefulness every time we got in the car. We were allowed to be children. No, we were expected to be children.

    Saw an article "how to discuss the Newtown shooting with your child" WTF? Such a topic shouldn't be a discussion with a young child unless that child was present at the event. Turn the damn news off when your kid is in the room. Kids don't need to know about the horrible and frightening things that go in our world. They haven't the maturity to understand violence or war or all the other nasty things that WE, the adults in their lives, have created.

    ALL of us, not just the parents or video games or guns, but ALL of us have created these shooters because we've created the environment in which they've been born and raised. We are reaping what we've sown.
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    @PayThatCEO Very well said. I'm willing to repeat this "mantra" to approx 30 million "parents" if your willing to "mantra" to the other approx 30 million....;-)
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    @Neo_NtheMatrix My problem with it is the hypocricy of them naming video games as being responsible for violence and then releasing a video game to that involves weapons training. If yhey hadn't blamed video games for violence they wouldn't look like hypocrites...
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    @PoliticalSpice - So do you think all video games are the problem? Or do you think it is only certain video games? If you are like me, then you wouldn't blame any video games. On that point I don't agree with the NRA. However, I do make a distinction in the difference between the type of video game the NRA released and the type of video games they erroneously blamed.
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    @Neo_NtheMatrix I don't blame video games. I blame the people who do the vilence and thosr who edicate them, parents, teachers and peers. I blame a bad healthcare system that fails to treat mentally unbalanced folks. Ultimately people are responsible for their own actions.

    But I hold NRA to that standard as well. Faced with a tragic circumstance they did just what those who blame guns instead of the person shooting the gun did, they sought to change the subject by blaming something else, and while I do not blame guns, if blame is between guns or video games guns are more the culprit. Don't get me wrong, I do not back gun control, but NRA are a bunch of hypocrites, and I don't take a side based on party or organization. I take a side based on who is right or wrong on a particular issue. On this thing here NRA are wrong.
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    75 years ago, kids under the age of 10 routinely went out into the fields with a .22 or .410 shotgun to bring home meat for the pot...and there were no school shootings. I even read accounts of kids who had to walk in from the farm carrying their trusty long arm with them so they could hunt for a rabbit or squirrel on the way home. I dare say raising kids with real firearms, and exposing them to the real damage they can do to small game, developed respect for firearm and safety. Contrast that with the indiscriminate violence perpetuated by today's movies, tv shows, and video games, and I can easily assert that kids were better off 75 years ago.
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    My mother was born in 1920, and her brother was born 4 years later. Not once did her father ever take them out into a field and show them how to shoot--and he was a decorated hero of WW1. He would never have approved such a thing.
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    @cpeter133 pete... my mother and father both taught us. we were hunting with a .22 and a 410 when i was little. we were each given 3 shells and we had to come home with either all three, or something to eat to account for each shot fired. if we didn't, that meant that we were shooting trees, or didn't have a clear shot to make certain of what we were shooting at and we got our asses tanned.
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    @dances-weebles Nothing personal, but your parnts were weird. Not even seasoned hunters necessarily bag 1 out of 3 shots. Olympians arent always going to hit their targets.
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    @cpeter133 my parents were hill billies from west virginia. once a year we'd all practice our skills. my uncle lit matches which had been stuck in the dirt ban, with a .22 with a peep sight from 50 ft. away. as i said, if you miss your shot, then you never had a shot and should never have pulled the trigger. we'd get a whippin' for that.
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    For ages 4 and above is kind of a joke. It's a gateway game. Next thing you know we'll have 5 year olds hooked on call of duty. Indoctrination to guns through video games, my oh my.
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    "Next thing you know we'll have 5 year olds hooked on call of duty." You've obviously haven't played any of the recent online shooters, those damn kids are already flooding the lobbies with their incessant chatter
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    Because they have been railing on the video game and entertainment industry as the 'real cause' of all of these massacres.
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    @AceLuby Good point. I won't pretend to know the psychology or anything, but I don't believe videogames are the cause of someone going on a shooting spree. But I could see how somebody with that point of view would take a "target practice" game over a military FPS.
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    Doesn't anyone recognize the difference between the NRA target practice game and violent video games? The NRA teaches kids that guns are to be aimed at targets vs. violent video games that teach kids to aim at other humans. So while all you gun control folks simply want to hinder gun ownership by any means possible somebody (the NRA in this case) seeks to eliminate the real problem which is where people get these ideas to go on killing spree's for which gun control will have no effect on the crime or the cause.
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    It is horribly hypocritical of the NRA to make this game. They blame violence in the media for the real life violence, but then turn around and make a "violent" video game. To me, this says that they WANT more kids to be violent. Virtually anything to do with shooting a gun is violent. Even in self defense and survival, it is violent no matter how justified it is.

    That being said, there is still no link between video games and violence, and this video game is far from the real thing. The only thing I can foresee the youngn's getting better at are their reflexes. That and this DOES give some good safety tips.
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    The game is not violent unless one applies your mistaken standard... "Virtually anything to do with shooting a gun is violent."

    The game involves shooting targets and unless you're a really really committed tree hugger, punching holes in paper isn't violent and punching virtual holes in virtual paper isn't even virtually violent.

    If you think of a gun as a weapon only, you're oversimplifying matters and can arrive at your conclusion. But a gun is NOT only a weapon.

    First it's a machine, a mechanism that performs a specific task. Some machines are made to be as inexpensive as possible, guns I wouldn't consider owning, much less shooting.

    Some machines are made for efficiency, in the case of a gun, the purpose is to precisely deliver kinetic energy over distance. Transmitting kinetic energy in the form of a bullet precisely into a paper target 2/3rd of a mile away requires a very well made machine. Add in the skill necessary for a man or woman to consistently hold the machine to allow it to do that and you have a very impressive feat, probably more difficult than hitting a 90mph fastball.

    Some machines are made to be functional and beautiful. For example:

    A Holland and Holland Royal Side by Side Shotgun.... About $100,000 give or take a few hundred bucks. Most of these are treated and traded like fine art, growing in value as years pass. Still it is a 12 gauge shotgun that handles perfectly for hunting birds or shooting sporting clays.

    Violent? It could be so misused. It shoots the same ammunition that a police riot gun does so I guess you could twist the purpose into that angle.

    The point is... gun ownership is a RIGHT affirmed by the constitution. Responsibility is the norm among gun owners, NOT the exception. Teaching children to shoot is the best way to assure them to be gun safe as they learn about an come to respect the power they hold.

    It's NOT all violent... Sporting Clays is a legitimate and widely pursued sport with shotguns. Target Shooting is an Olympic Sport and again one practiced widely. Can someone misuse a gun? Certainly and WE ARE OBLIGATED to come down on those people like a ton of bricks. No responsible gun owner would ever fight a law that punishes someone who uses a gun in the commission of a crime.

    If the goal is to stop crime, the focus should be on the criminal and his actions... somehow we don't seem to do that, I guess it's easier to vilify a machine than a person.
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    @Sharpshooter "But a gun is not only a weapon."
    Yes, I've heard they make great lawnmowers and channel changers, too. Of COURSE a gun is only a weapon. That is its sole reason for existence.
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    @Sharpshooter You seem pretty passionate about firearms, and that's cool, but guns ARE violent. They are made to kill. You know, take life from a living thing? Sure you could shoot paper targets (trains for accuracy in specific points) or clay pigeons (trains for accuracy in moving targets) and say it isn't TOTALLY violent. You could also say a revolver could be used as a starting signal to a race. So long as the gun is angled correctly, it isn't violent. That said, I can't tell you how much time it has saved me doing the dishes, or folding the laundry. I don't know what I would do without it.

    Your post and this game reeks of NRA propaganda.
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    @Mbjhug Could you PLEASE show me a violent gun?

    The Holland and Holland Royal was made to kill?

    Punching holes in paper or breaking clay birds is violent?

    It is YOUR assumption that makes any of these violent.

    Following your line of "reason" Have you considered how violent your kitchen knives are? They COULD be used to kill and dismember someone... Jeffery Dalmer did that.

    AND your freezer is also violent because you COULD use it to store those parts.

    Oh and the frying pan to hit or cook.... the Spatula... your shoelaces....

    NRA Propaganda? Don't worry, Hoplophobia is seldom fatal, you have a better chance of being killed by your violent Iphone... it could be used to call a hitman or used as a bludgeon or to buy knives or ..... must suck to be afraid of inanimate objects.
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    You know that those horrible "made to kill" assault rifles, weren't.
    If you killed an enemy combatant, oh well thems the breaks. BUT..
    They were officially designed to (1) incapacitate,(2) wound, so the enemy would be forced to waste supplies on disabled soldiers. So even the military knows better than to say that guns are designed to kill.

    ---Ask yourself why an OCD personalty used a random number of rounds to kill children.

    ---Ask people who attempted to commit suicide with a gun in front of witnesses, you may surprised how many can answer you, because they relied on the "fact" that "guns are designed to kill people".
    ---Many handguns, not all, ARE designed to take down persons, but that doesn't mean kill. They may, but the difference between a "gun nut" and a rogue predator.. The gun nut calls emergency response and the rogue lets them bleed to death. A type of handgun that is actually made to shoot at people is one fifth the lethality of a longarm made to take down prey of several hundred pounds.
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    I think it's a good idea. It brings out the stupid comments from people who think that everyone should be locked in cages to do nothing except vote for Liberal Democrats and pay taxes and support welfare scum that will produce more of the same. Shit happens, deal with it and put the blame where it should go, on the idiot who did the shooting. I had toy guns as a kid then joined the military and played with guns and explosives then went to work for an explosives and military ordnance company but still haven't killed anyone. I don't own a gun right now but maybe I should run right out and buy one to see if it immediately turns me into a psychotic mass murderer.How long does that take?
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    It's a target shooting game and it wasn't made for kids like this crapily written article suggests. It's simply rated appropriate for those ages and up due to it's content. Even if it had been intended for kids you're shooting targets... at a range. What's next, a bunch of idiots getting pissed at Duck Hunt?
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    AWESOME! Next week need to get shooting classes funded in schools. Every high schooler needs to be proficient with a handgun and a rifle.
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    Actually gun safety classes should be taught. As someone said the cat is out of the bag. Guns are not going away. Isn't it time to talk and teach gun safety,responsibility, and basics?
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    @cleverusername I know back in the day, many school districts in Texas taught rifle and handgun shooting as well as safety as well. But as the cities got bigger, the communists took over and spouted propaganda that guns are bad. This trend needs to be reversed.
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    Back in 50's and 60's ... schools where in live had "Rod and Gun" club at the high school level. You were allowed to bring a firearm to school ... imagine that ... lol.

    If any game turned our kids into mindless killers it definitely had to be Nintendo's "Duck Hunt" with the zapper lightgun ... lmao! Turned me into a duck mass murder ... hehe!
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    when i was in junior high we shot rifles right at the school here in ca. yes firearms being used in cadet class. funny no one was ever shot or killed.
    even had target practice right in the classroom using .22 minicaps.
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    I heard that Smith & Wesson is coming out with a new safer gun to honor the NRA supporters in Washington. It's called "The Congressman" - it doesn't work and you can't fire it.
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    I was raised around guns and I don't see anything wrong with kids getting target practice games maybe it will help teach them to respect a gun.
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    If you people think this is bad then why do y'all watch movies that support violence or play games that have the main character kill people. Hypocrites.
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    Sorry but as a former drill sergeant just because you have thumb callouses from playing War of Warcraft, or Medal of Honor doesn't mean you can hit anything with a real gun. It's just a non violent game. I really wish people would sit down and actually investigate what the issue is instead of believing a press release.
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