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    I really hate Rick Scott. If he had any competence at all I would have won the $100 Politix Presidential contest. But nooooooo....... He couldn't even suppress enough legal minority votes to give Romney the win in Florida. But enough about that. As someone who has worked with many, many shelter animals I know that sometimes it just doesn't work out. Hopefully the dog has found a more suitable home. As much as I would like to roast this bald-head bat-boy lookalike's ass on this one I have to say it looks like he did the right thing by the dog. As least he didn't strap it to the roof of his car for a 12 hour road trip. Give Rick Scott a pass on this one.
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    Jeez PN, all over a $100 bill. Just consider it your Republican tax....LOL. Other than are right (and you might be right about the $100 thing also. Hate to lose money...)
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    I know you told me you voluntered with animals and was waiting on pins and needles on your post. lol Good heart on this one.
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    @PolitixMary Cheap shot thread. Better he protect himself from this sort of attack by keeping a dog in the wrong environment until it bites someone and has to be put down?

    This is one of those "Are you still beating your wife" stories.... you get your shot in regardless the answer.
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    @stepped_in_it Lol, its the best I could post here without having the post deleted. ;D
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    You might ask Boehner as he has scheduled only eight days of legislative business in January and 11 days in February. But they ALL collect FULL pay.
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    Rick Scott has cut funding for police, TB, education, teachers, voting expenses, meals to the elderly, homeless shelters, soup kitchens etc, He's trying. What bills incurred by prior congress' do you not want to pay??
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    @Neo_NtheMatrix Neo Meliving in Fl. He's such a constant. irritant I apologize for over reacting. Here he's a constant source of lies and obfuscation
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    "The Scotts now have a new rescue dog, Tallee.". Not all dogs, rescue or not, work out for their new homes surroundings. I had an irish setter, big irish setter (over 100lbs and "stood" eye to eye w/ me). He loved kids (they, in mass, would tackle and lay on him all the time). But, he hated uniforms. I didn't get him until he was 6 months old and a brother had him....and he was in the service. I just had to watch him when it was mail delivery time...LOL. He lived to over 13 yrs old.....great dog!
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    Always have had rescue dogs, some worked well for the family, others didn't.Those that didn't were always returned to the shelter for placement with a family that they would fit in
    with better. Last rescue dog cost me $1100.00 in two weeks...and she had to go back....
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    On the one hand, I can see his frustration, but on the other hand, you live in a mansion with staff. Surely you can hire a dog trainer if you don't have the where with all to discipline the dog yourself.

    Ultimately, I do think this says something about the man, particularly if their solution to a difficult problem is to walk away from it leaving the root unresolved. I, personally, would have difficulty voting for such a person to publicly represent me.
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    I am part of an animal rescue, not all animals are good fits with those that pick them out. It always saddens me when an animal is brought back.
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    BOY did this article miss a lot. RIck Scott adopted that puppy as a campaign prop... ran a contest to name it... and then got rid of it right after the election. Worse, his staff REPEATEDLY lied about the dog's whereabouts... one spokesman even denied he ever had the dog. Then we were told it was given back to the owner but he was "inaccessible", and now we find out the dog is in a shelter... but today NO ONE has seen it! It was prob. euthanized... I do not take Scott at his word for anything!
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    Sometimes publicity stunts, I mean rescue dogs, don't work out. Sad that people take in animals like a sweater, and if they go home and decide it does not suit they swap it out. Frankly I blame the shelters as much as the "rescuers". There should be home visits and time to get to know if the potential owner and animal are a good fit. When done for the sake of public image that should be a red flag. Sorry for the dog.
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    He was wrong and mean! He should have kept the dog and fired the kitchen staff..the dog would be more loyal. I trust dogs over a lot of people, maybe the
    dog knew the staff was not a good person. Dogs are very good at 'reading' people.
    Shame on Scott !
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    As much a I agree with your sentiment (I love animals), some dogs and cats that have been in abusive situations have a hard time adapting to a family that isn't abusive at all.
    I don know the full story here, and I hate Scott, but I'm willing to give him the benefit of doubt.
    Sometimes the damage can't be repaired. It's sad, but it happens.
    Chin up sweet lady, someone else may very well be the right fit for that dog. Especially with press coverage!:)
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    I'm a dog lover, I have had a "rescue dog" for 5 years now and she is my "child"!
    But, many years ago I got a dog who was incorrigible and I had to return it to the shelter. Sometimes it's just not a good fit, and there is a reason some of the dogs were surrendered in the first place. It's not up to a bunch of liberal tools to decide such a personal issue.
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    Partisan politics aside, some dogs are too damaged to become pets. That's sad, but true. My own mother had to return a rescue dog because the poor little thing went raving mad every time she saw another dog, and my mom being a slight little 80-something woman, she wasn't confident she could keep the poor thing out of trouble. She even consulted dog experts, but sadly concluded that she couldn't keep the dog as a pet. It happens, and partisan politix have nothing to do with it. I don't like Rich Scott politically, I think he's an asshat in that regard, but why slam him for something that isn't his fault when there's plenty that is?
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    I have had MANY rescue dogs, some have been a perfect fit with my family & other pets. Others have been nightmarish! Even months after giving them love, food and attention they have suddenly bitten people or killed other animals for no apparent reason. For people to suggest that Rick Scott should have kept a potentially dangerous dog is asinine and ignorant. He made the appropriate & responsible decision.
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    This guy was rich enough and influential enough to have Cesar Milan himself fly out to evaluate the situation. But no, better to just exchange the "canine mansion decor" for a different style and color.
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