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    Well, that's just silly. Saying this massacre never took place is about as crazy as saying Bush was behind 9/11. Come on people, wake up and stop being so cynical.
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    @Neo_NtheMatrix Some times I just vote you up to encourage you. You seemed so depressed after the election I figured it was the least I could do.
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    @Neo_NtheMatrix Something tells me that the people who are calling the murder of school children in Connecticut a government hoax did not vote for Obama.
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    presumably by Democrats in government - in order to promote gun control.
    Amen!!!!!!! not only gun control , they seek people control
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    Someone once said, "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence". Conspiracy theorists like you, however, make extraordinary claims with little or no evidence at all (most of the time the latter). No different to the nuts who actually believed that the World was going to end just under a month ago. I wonder where they are now...
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    @OpEn_MiNdEd you really believe there is "no evidence"? Compelling evidence, more like it. The guy changed his story from a female bus driver speaking to the kids to a man "speaking forcefully" to the kids. The lack of emergency vehicles responding to the scene. Have you even watched the video? I don't buy everything presented in it, especially conclusions derived certain people's actions, but some of the evidence presented is irrefutable.

    I believe a horrible tragedy happened at Sandy Hook. I also believe people were put in place to appeal to the emotions of the masses in order to further an agenda for widespread gun control.
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    @horsehockey You call that 'irrefutable'?? A freakin bus driver?? Please tell me you're joking. It seems you're more interested in splitting hairs than actually giving proof that would stand up to the most extreme scrutiny. Like I said before, extraordinary claims = extraordinary evidence. And your so-called 'evidence' of Government involvement in this tragedy doesn't even make the cut of being considered ordinary.
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    I can't fathom any branch of government sanctioning this, nor can I see them doing a "wag the dog" senerio. It takes a sick individual to do this and even a sicker one to think this was a hoax.
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    Agree, but I would add "vile opportunist" to the list of people who would buy into this obscene idea.
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    I'm not buying into it either but make no mistake, our government view all of us as nothing more than numbers and taxable assets. I have no doubt they would have no problem executing such an operation morally speaking.
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    but in fact the government did sanction it, even if you cannot see how it was encouraged. because most people, do not really understand how their idolatry actually works. to take G-D out of your schools, then only the devil is left in there. cause you just removed, any little protection from G-D that they had.
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    Why? The parent's reactions, one in particular seemingly getting into character before talking, and in accordance with cause and effect, the government playing their hand to control guns. Cause and effect guides whether I should dig deeper into a media story, simply because they are statist propaganda outlets and lack journalistic ethics. In this case, whether or not it happened is the lessor issue. The government reaction could easily drive us into a civil war.
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    Ever have your child murdered by a monster? Ever find out that your child just went through a great deal of fear and pain and that you will never hold them again? Could you imagine trying to speak to a reporter right after that? If not you have no clue how you would behave in that situation. Who the hell are you to judge how they appeared in that situation?
    20 children being murdered is the lessor issue to gun regulation????!!!!
    You disgust me. Thanks for proving that the government needs to do a better job keeping dangerous people from having guns.
    Go ahead and start a civil war over intelligent regulations like closing the gun show loophole. Im sure your assault rifle will be able to take down a drone.
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    @Cheenoguy I'm not challenging the story. I'm simply defining what I see that people would see as a potential problem with the story. My main concern is how the government reacts, which, if the intent continues, will likely cause a civil war. The government doesn't have a moral high ground to stand on, having killed more than a half-million children in the past 2 decades.
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    Listen really carefully. I will write in all caps so maybe you can understand.

    Anyone who revolts over the minimal regulations that have been bantered about so far need to be executed as the traitors they are.

    Children accidentally being killed in war are exactly why we shouldn't be fighting in unnecessary wars, but if you can't see the difference between accidentally killing kids while trying to kill enemies in war and kids being shot for no discernible reason then I can't help you.

    And just in case you were referring to abortion well then you need to reevaluate your outlook if you can't see the difference between a group of cells that could become a human and actual living breathing child.
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    @Cheenoguy I wasn't referring to abortion. The real traitors to America are in government, committing acts of sedition and treason on a daily basis, I was referring, specifically to one war, Operation Desert Storm, which combined with sanctions killed a half million children in a period of a few months, a war based in lies and deception of the people of America. "They took the babies from the incubators" was a complete fabrication. Our nation has been in a state of war based on similar fabrications for more than a decade. I'm done being lied to. I'm truly sorry that you aren't, or worst case, may well be a psyop.
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    I feel so badly for the victims, but especially for the children that survived this. It is an impactful time in their lives, this will play a huge factor in the people they will become. I think the entire country needs to let professionals help and keep their theories to themselves for a while.
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    I would like to know how many of these calls he has gotten. Ya know that the CDC often declares an out break when there are 4-5 linked illnesses related to Ecoli or other diseases. Get real 4-5 cases in a populated area over 3 million? Sounds like these are the nuts that the government needs to check to see if thay have any guns.
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    People have questions. There is nothing wrong with questioning things. I read almost all of the posts here and I am amazed at the name calling and the hatred pouring out against each other because people have questions. But this is what Obama has turned our country into. Not only by race and from left to right.
    As if that's not enough, neighbor against neighbor. As if that's not enough, family member against family member. But that's a whole different issue.

    It's not insane to question which story is real. How did these six children wind up in this mans house? A bus driver or a man speaking loudly? Where is this mans praise from these six children's parents for taking care of their kids?
    Why are there no stories of his "heroism"?

    Where are the parents to all these victims? Where are the stories of how these parents are coping with the loss?
    Where is the Opera shows? Where are the stories of these children? It seems as tho they were forgotten.:(

    I watched the news thru all of this tragedy. So many different stories came about that weren't followed up on or clarified.

    How does a father giggle and laugh when he thinks cameras are off, and stutter and stumble, and huff and seem as tho the wind is knocked out of him the next minuet because cameras are on?

    How can a father of a slain daughter, get on Facebook on the same day of this tragety-not really knowing if his daughter was truly a victim or not, and make a memorial page?

    Meeting the "President" is a once in a lifetime opportunity for a lot of us. Yet the Parker family had family pictures taken with Obama twice? Once in 2010, and once after this Sandy Hook tragedy? How did it happen that this family met Obama "twice"
    For a family photo?

    All were shot with an assault rifle, that was left in a trunk of a car? Really?

    This story just isn't adding up from beginning to ending. I didn't need to see a video on YouTube or a father changing character so quickly to see something was off kilter. But it sure added to my questions.

    It seems as tho there are more shootings now then ever, and its looking like it's playing right into Obama's reasoning for gun control.
    Is a shame, that we ARE a nation of mistrust and division.
    "United we stand".
    "Divided we fall".

    And fall, we will.

    And since when did asking questions become "Truthers"?
    Now let's become a nation that no questions are to be asked?
    Truthers. Wow. Just wow.
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    I agree about nothing being wrong with asking questions. I am also amazed by the people refusing to believe anything other than what the media feeds them. Too many suspicious inconsistencies and things that just don't make sense. The things u listed are but a small fraction of the things that don't add up yet these individuals feel that the evidence of a cover up is too minimal to be asking for an explanation. Its too much for me to just accept that what was reported really happened that way.
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    @prietoboyjr81 exactly. I've been waiting and waiting to hear from these families, from at least friends of these families. Families that halted the nation. Families we prayed for. Families losses that caused us to hug our children and our grandchildren more tighter, should have pulled us closer as a nation.

    I understand how hard it has to be for these families, but to hear nothing? From not one? Not even one public thanks to the man who took 6 kids into his home.

    Instead we get arguments about gun control. We get wool pulled over our eyes. And are expected to swallow, hook, line and sinker.

    And we are the crazy ones.
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    @Just_Lisa i think those people are really just content to live as sheep eating the filtered feed that is given to them thru the mass media. Either that or they are more afraid of the possibility that the cover up theories are correct. Either way, i could never live like that.
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    This conspiracy theory took place use...(looks around).....hmmmm.....because THE DUMBING DOWN OF AMERICA MARCHES ON!! AT DOUBLE TIME!!
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    Magical thinking, chapter 3: If there is any way to deny the reality of twenty dead first graders, then it's obviously a cynical attempt by the guv'mint to "TAKE OUR GUNS!"
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    Conspiracy nuts like these are the people who guns should be conficated. Indeed, the mom of the newton shooter was an end of the world conspiracy nut. Wonder how much hearing all that paranoid conspiracy stuff all the time played into her mentally unbalanced sons thinking on that fatal day...
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    Yes the democrats are, whenever I hear a democrat speak of gun control, aka people control , it reminds me that they sound just like Al Qaeda militants
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    @Vance1 Correct me if I'm wrong. Or just disagree with me, I'm sure you will. But isn't people control what the mental health advocates are asking for by opening the asylums again and making it harder to get out on your own?
    It seems rather strange people crying about losing personal freedoms in the form of no longer being able to buy large capacity magazines for their assault wannabe rifle for their wannabe urban warrior lifestyles are also so keen on seeing that we start locking up the insane again. Won't it be funny when we determine that their gun loving anti social conspiracy asses are nuts and go to lock them up.
    Oh, I know, they'll have to come for them guns blazing I'm sure because we all know how well that always turns out for the guy making a stand.
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    @frigginhell So in short, here's a conspiracy for you. Some people higher-up want to start putting away the dissidents. They've done this by causing the paranoid element in our society to actually scream for stricter mental health guidelines so we can essentially lock them up in the looney bin for their own safety and treatment. Why get rid of the guns. We can just get rid of the people. Guess who's putting for this arguement. The NRA you say? The GOP you say? Everyone who says guns aren't the problem it's the people you say?
    My oh my, what's the term thrown around so often? Sheeple? Yeah, that's the one.
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    At the photo-opportunity/President Obama signing of the Executive Orders re Gun Control, etc., did anyone else notice the Parents of that pretty little blond, blue-eyed girl whose photo is being plastered everywhere in connection with the Sandy Hook Elementary Massacre. Not only were they not looking like Parents who had just lost their only beloved child, they looked downright gleeful. When President Obama stated that "...this is for you, Grace". They not only looked as if someone had just told them they had won the lottery, but the way they looked at each other made me think of how professional actors look when they are trying to convey the characters they are playing have "inside knowledge" that the spectator does not have. This sort of alarmed me and raised a whole slew of questions in my mind. No Parent I know gets that look on their face 30 days from the loss of a child, particularly under very horrific circumstances, when their child's name, circumstances under which they lost their child are brought up again. Something Is Fishy Here.
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    This demonstrates how far over the edge some people have gone and how they'll stop at nothing to make a case for their own personal agendas. It's a sure sign that our country is going insane.

    Maybe we could theorize that Sandy Hook was actually pulled off by the NRA to create a huge ruckus over gun control and make Obama look bad. Hmmm...Think about that for a moment.

    I can't imagine the pain that the parents of these children face every morning when they open their eyes. It has to be unimaginable grief to lose a child in such a gruesome and unfathomable way. For ANYONE in this country to take that grief and exploit it for their own gain, no matter how minor it may be, is simply sick and twisted. I can see how we've become such a cruel and violent country. We have too many people whose selfishness is beyond measure and their inability to show empathy demonstrates a serious emotional immaturity.
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    The parents of that little Grace girl didn't look very pained to me. They were absolutely glowing at the ceremony of President Obama signing the Executive Orders. In fact, when the President uttered "this is for you, Grace", the camera honed in on them, and they looked at each other and smiled as if someone had told them they just hit a $500 million lottery! I have NEVER seen people act this way, especially parents, about a month after they've lost something as dear to them as a child, and someone brings up the subject of their lost child. Very strange. As strange as that one segment of CNN footage during the 1st Gulf War when the camera was filming two Kurd parents allegedly burying their baby offspring. I thought the scene looked mighty familiar, AND IT WAS! When I watched "Spartacus" again on blue ray DVD THERE WAS THAT SAME EXACT SCENE AGAIN, right down to the child being wrapped in rags, the dried wild flowers buried with it, and even the positioning of the actors. It's like someone was trying to tell us something with the movie "WAG THE DOG".
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    Yes, I'm sure those parents were absolutely thrilled that their little girl was dead, sacrificed for the cause of gun control.(eyes roll).
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    Atleast these nuts didn't accuse Obama himself had this shooting done by one of his brainwashed sheeple so he could have a GOOD reason to start takeing our guns. Unlike when all the leftwing nutjobs accused Bush was behind 911 by the leftwing nutjobs so he could go after Iraq. Its funny how the left continues to look like a pack of lieing hypocrites to most people that can't be fooled by Obama and his worshipers. I believe NOTHING that comes out of Obama and his people or the leftwing media, just like this story is sure to be a pile of shit. If you people can't see what Obama is doing to this nation we are surely DOOMED. HE IS NOT ON OUR SIDE PEOPLE! HAVE YOU ALL EVER HEARD OF A "WOLF IN SHEEPS CLOTHING"?????????? Guess not!
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    "The video purports to show evidence that the shooting never took place - the main evidence being that the Sandy Hook families seem "artificial" and insufficiently grief-stricken." Chalk that up to shock, denial and the surreal atmosphere of being surrounded by cameras and reporters while you try to absorb the loss of your child. When jaded observers expect an Academy Award performance of loss and grief for their viewing entertainment, it makes you wonder if it is the grieving parents who are artificial or the critical viewers. Although, I would not be shocked to learn that the same sort of people who pass themselves off as invited guests at a White House party also think it is great fun to show up at a scene of tragedy in order to impersonate grieving parents and get themselves on camera. What a coup it would be to photo-bomb an image that goes down in history, huh?
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    Yes, exactly. Some idiot was telling me that "Look, that father was laughing and then later crying. Obviously he is an actor." #@#(%!! No. Obviously he is hysterical because he had found his child has been slaughtered and now eight million lights are shining in his eyes as a crowd with microphones surrounds him in hopes he'll break down in a dramatic way for the cameras. Grrrr... this conspiracy theory makes me very, very angry.
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    Like I keep saying, it's the gun and ammo manufacturers who always reap the benefits of these heated debates. Just like when Obama was elected, they started a rumor that the President wanted to take our guns and bullets, they couldn't keep up with the demand. Now we are having a replay.
    If there is a conspiracy, it's the industry conspiring to create a conspiracy theory.
    How unbelievably cruel to accuse these broken hearted people of faking their children's deaths.
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    It is the same bunch of crazys that said the twin towers wasa government decision to enter in a war to take control of the worlds oil supplys
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    Why is it that 1600 architects and engineers have called the towers falling controlled demolitions? Why did building 7 fall? How did terrorists defy the laws of physics?
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    @AndrewEvans Building 7 fell because it was a decision of the NYFD to "Pull it", or let it go because of the extensive damage and continued burning in the building. Silverstein made the suggestion.
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    I can't believe anybody could be so stupid, to believe a whole town could pull off something of this magnitude.
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