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    Their mistake was in accepting the misleading "pro-life" term from the opposition. They are anti-choice.
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    Then I geuss you are anti-life. Actually the choice is made at teh time you decide not to protect against unwanted pregnancy. Or maybe you should be called the anti-choice side as you do not allow the unborn the option of having a choice.
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    @PoliticalSpice So, before they are born, they aren't human? Again, calling a unborn child a fetus desensitizes us to what is going on. "I'm going to abort my fetus" doesn't sound that bad when it is referred to as "a thing," but sating "I'm going to abort my unborn child" humanizes that life, doesn't it?
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    The progressives have an agenda of enslavement, racism, no personal responsibility, lack of respect for the sanctity of life. It is a destructive agenda that constantly needs rebranding.
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    Kidding aside, it does my heart good to see this blowing up in the faces of the PC Police.

    I remember the lingustic nazis getting all up in arms over them being referred to as Anti-choice or Pro Abortion....

    Labeling products is a good thing, labeling ideals doesn't because it over simplifies the issue.
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    @PoliticalSpice To a point, once the baby can live independent of the mother's
    body and they do a partial abortion, then I feel it's murder...
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    @mimi57 - the only time I see it reasonable for abortions past the first trimester (after this time the heart is beating) is when the mother is in danger of losing her own life. The heart and brain (being an essential organs) are formed at this time. Since human life is based off of consuming oxygen to pick up electrons which allow for ATP to be processed by the cells is when I contend the organisms life has begun. This can only happen with a circulatory system (the heart and its system) and a program to run it (brain). At this point the organism is a living individual and should enjoy all the rights we have, such as life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; unless it endangers the mother.
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    @PoliticalSpice It is a very personal question for me... I think there are reasons for abortion. Such as rape, incest, life of the mother. I also think if it is known that the baby will be born w/out a brain, genetic diseases such as Tay-sachs, ALS.,etc., I
    probably would opt to abort. I've witnessed the lives of people who have to live with
    this, and it is very difficult for them and the families. Difficult is an understatement, the quality of life is so limited and painful for people with genetic disorders, the lack
    of being able to control your body movements, that slowly but steadily progress is just so hard to witness, most all are placed in homes and the care is often not
    adequate, to say the least.

    That said, as soon as a woman knows she is pregnant, within the first six weeks is
    the only time I feel abortion is acceptable. Some women wait and have a late term abortion. Partial birth abortions are nothing less than murder. The "doctor" places
    a shunt into the brain of the baby and kills it, then pulls it out of the birth canal dead.
    To do it any other way would be murder, and that is how they get away with it. To
    me it is murder, plain and simple and should be punisible as such, but it's not. It's
    just so wrong...
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    I KNOW.... I KNOW....... Bush's Fault.

    Oh wait was that in poor taste?

    How about Gun Safety..... Now that's funny.....
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    Complete honesty: pro abortion, of course. That's exactly what they want. But I have a question. When did unprotected sex without consequences become an entitlement? And by the way, in the photo at the beginning of this topic is a woman carrying a pink sign that says "Don't take away cancer screenings". It is a lie that Planned Parenthood does mammograms. They merely refer women to other providers for mammograms. And thy sure as hell don't pay for them.
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    How could a woman refer to the fetus as just another part of her body when the creature growing inside has a totally different DNA code from the mother? When the sperm and the egg unite in conception, a new creature begins to grow-a creature with an entirely different genetic code from the mother and the father. To define the fetus, therefore, as part of the mother's body is to assert a dangerous half-truth.
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    Whew! Touchy subject y'all!! I think abortions here lately have been used more and more as birth control. I don't agree with it in that capacity. In some cases, yes, abortions can be beneficial. I, even being a nurse, have to stop for a second and think when I hear the term "Pro-choice". Renaming is their choice, you still cant change the color of that particular animal.
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    @MadAmerican Ahh, but he didn't start the war, still, I concede your point he should be out by now. I think the u.s. should mind its business. The only legit war we are in is against al quada. They attacked us. In my defense let md say that if a article on here said a stream in the gobi desert had dried up, there would be at post on the article attacking obama. My comment is just in keeping with the politix debate format...
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    Wait what? Planned Parenthood are advocates for abortion? Here is a better idea why don't they change their name. How can you be a parent if you have an abortion? What part of parenthood involves raising a dead fetus?
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    and it should be labled just like you posted,the kindness soft wording and all other bs to take away what it is exactly needs to be removed. going for an abortion it should say so you are here to kill or prevent the life of that baby in you. not telling it like it is not right.
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    @tomincali I always said that the statement, "a woman's right to choose" was incomplete.

    It should be "a woman's right to choose to murder her baby."
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    @tomincali Planned Parenthood is an oxymoron anyway... shouldn't it be called Planned Un-Parenthood? Or Un-Planned Parenthood Solution?
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    I actually love this. I want a bumper sticker. Because I have no grand illusions about my stance on bringing unwanted children into this awful, awful world.
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    @tomincali Can "kill" and "prevent the life of" really be used interchangeably here? It does not sound like the same thing.
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    Nominate for new slogan: "Baby Busters: No Fetus Can Defeat Us", and a catchy jingle set to the music of "Ghost Busters" but the appropriate lyrics change.
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    How about: "Baby Busters- No Fetus Can Defeat Us", with a catchy jingle using the music from "Ghost Busters",(humor, folks, lighten up!)
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    I'm pro-abortion too (I will be anti-abortion after brain birth when ectogenesis becomes a reality). I'm also pro-intellectual honesty and people who are clearly avoiding certain words or using certain words to try to influence my political views sicken me.
    In fact the entire abortion debate sickens me.
    The anti-abortion side tries to hide behind supporting exceptions for "rape" and "incest". If it's a life it's a life. The baby didn't rape her. When ectogenesis comes out I hope there aren't people clamoring to demand that rape victims still be able to kill their babies rather than put them in artificial wombs after brain birth and I think the "viability" standard should be strictly enforced even if you were raped, if it can live outside the womb without your help then it has a right to live because it could live without your body having to be involved.
    The pro-abortion side often brings up points about "too many children in foster care". Do you know how offensive that is to people who have been in foster care? Furthermore, that line of justification could easily apply to legalizing infanticide. Just because I agree abortion should be legal doesn't mean I have to agree with every argument put forth to that effect.
    And the anti-abortion side even at one point was championing laws requiring spousal consent. It's HER body not her husbands and isn't it just as much a "life" or not regardless of whether he agrees with it?
    People abandon intellectual honesty to chase after causes, incorporating any argument that suits them like the sophists of Ancient Greece. It's disgusting.
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