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    I don't know if Anonymous did it or not. I just know that Westboro Baptist makes both Christianity and Freedom of Religion look bad. The world would be a much better place without them.
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    "Imagine the Creator as a low comedian, and at once the world becomes explicable." - H.L. Mencken
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    I have to admit I'm with you on this one....and I'm with Anonymous too if Anonymous is responsible....I understand freedom....I understand the Supreme Court ruling concerning them....but seriously you're spot on....they disgrace God Jesus Holy Spirit Christianity and Freedom Of well as Freedom Of Speech and Freedom Of Expression....they border on anarchy....
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    @Knightmare - I know you're a Christian and I thank you for taking a stand against this despicable group who do no service to real Christians.
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    @Denizen_Kate Thank you....I don't see any redeeming value they have....we do know just how far freedom of speech can be stretched because of them....according that Supreme Court ruling....
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    Good , they need a good scaring and a good kick in the teeth ( if they have any).
    This is no Church, this is a hate filled bunch of unpatriotic, hypocrites. Who pick
    and choose what they want to believe... and God is no part of any of them. They
    may just as well worship at the church of Satan. They're evil.
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    I really do not get why these people want to inflict further pain on the families by protesting their funerals. How can they declare themselves Christians?
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    @texas_cutie75 I live close to fort knox and as retired military I have witnessed the American Legion Riders running interference at funerals and processions to keep these clowns at bay. What I cannot understand is why states haven't passed laws making a specific area around the funerals off limits to protestors. The constitution gives rights to protest peacefully however if I was ever at a funeral and they started that crap there would be no peace. We have laws keeping protestors away from voting areas, why not funerals and processions. These idiots have to be brainwashed. What they are doing is inhumane.
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    I agree whole heartedly. You know the second someone did anything to upset a Westboro funeral they would be raising all kinds of hell!! Thank God for the American Legion Riders!!
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    Because tgey are fanatics. Extremist. They inject there craziness into every public debate, and use anything to attack homosexuality, just like some people look for any excuse to attack obama (those of us that do this to bush are of course reasonable people, considering that the westboro baptist church is bush's fault :)
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    I love annonymous for publishing thd addresses of these people. People should start picketing their homes, businesses and funnerals. God would then tell them to stop this crazy nonsense.
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    I would like to see Anonymous take the gloves off and absolutely decimate the church's bank accounts, land title, utility bills etc. I'm not a fan of anarchists, but sometimes bastards like WBC just deserve what only anarchists can do...
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    Why would they picket his funeral anyway? I'm glad to see that their outrageous stunts to attract attention is earning them attention that they can't deal with.
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    As a Homosexual man and A father.. When the Sandy Hook shooting happened it made me fear for the safety of my own daughter. I refuse to allow a "Church", which in Westboro's case is technically more of a cult, to accuse people like me, my fiance, my sisters, and brothers of being the root cause of all evil. In a sick way, i really hope they get what is surely coming to them in the literal and metaphorical butt kicking kinda way.:D All i can say is i dont know who those hacktivist's are.. but.. i am greatful for them. their method's extreme.. yes. but i honestly think they are doing the right thing. They can't do it alone though. it is people just like us that actually allow for things like this to work.
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    WBC most likely won't give up, but they won't have it easy with all the Anons after them.

    BTW: Anonymous is not a group, it is an idea, any hacker or activist who calls himself Anonymous and helps fight for the hive, is Anonymous.
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    As disgusting as their message is sharing it is not illegal....however anonymous is filled with lawbreakers and openly commits felonies!!!! BOTH GROUPS ARE CRAP AND THE WORLD WOULD BE BETTER OFF WITHOUT THEM!!!
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    Anonymouse is fine in my book.

    Its comming to the point where major corperations and authorities can do anything they want because they think they are god. These people really think they are kings, paying people off, illegal backroom BS etc.... Anonymouse exposes corruption and the injustices in the world that no one has the courage to face because they are either to small, to weak or know that they will get arrested and sent to prison. Yes, what they do is illegal, but sometimes you need to fight fire with fire.
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    @Starsplash we will just agree to disagree on this one.....anonymous attacks are hurting innocents
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    @RoFroh Unfortunatly, the people that are in charge that decides to be corrupt decides the fate of the innocence that works there. But thats what Im saying. Those people dont care. While everyone else has to play by the rules, corrperations and the authorities think they can just hide, manipulate and make up BS and get away with it. If that does happen, that needs to be exposed. If the world is going to make laws, then everyone should be forced to follow them, no exceptions. If someone breaks those laws, then they should be punished.

    I really doubt the people that work for them will be fired. The company would just hire someone else and the ex-employees would just be transferred. That is if the ex-employees are innocent.
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    They are doing more to Westboro than anyone else at the moment besides those that show up at military funerals to form a wall between the grieving family and the Westboro nutjobs.
    Posting about how evil Westboro is, is worth exactly the amount of time it took you to type it.
    "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."
    Edmund Burke

    I'm not saying Anonymous is great, they've done some pretty stupid damn things in the past. But, they are doing more about Westboro than anyone else right now.
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    While I'm glad that the WBC finally got theirs, Anonymous is no better. They are left wing loons who stood side by side with the Occupy clowns. Talk about cowards. At least you can see the faces of the WBC but Anonymous hides their faces. They are also strong advocates for deviant lifestyles like homosexuality.
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