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    "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character." Dr. Martin Luther King
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    I totally agree with MLK on this.

    But, why does the left, especially the likes of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, play the race card all the time? They are continuing the racism to this very day!

    If we take that statement to it fullest extent, then Affirmative Action should be abolished as well.
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    @methinks Because they still want to be relevant. Racism today isn't what it used to be during their time and they don't want to be forgotten.
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    Thank you....this class is nothing more than reverse racism and acutally divides further rather than less....this plays right into the hands of those groups like neo-nazi's, kkk, or black panthers....
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    A dream cannot be reality until the reality that deters the dream is changed to accomodate and represent the dream. Otherwise it is just a meaningless dream.
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    @methinks "But, why does the left, especially the likes of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, play the race card all the time?"

    It is their job to play the race card. They are political activist and civil rights leaders their job is to point out inequalities as it concerns race. MLK Legacy is the race card. This is like asking why a soldier always goes to war.

    I have a better question. Why are racial issues devided along left and right? If a white guy shoots an unarmed black guy. The right will take the side of the white guy. The left the black guy. If the situation is reversed, the black guy shoots an unarmed white guy. The right takes the side of the white guy. The left the black. Why does the situation not change the side the (FAR) left and right will fall?
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    For all the oppressing we white folk do, those "people of color" sure do love to immigrate over here still.
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    It's not about racism. It's about creating a class of victims, telling them they need government to live, they believe it, and then you have a reliable group of voters. Sound familiar?
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    It sure beats floating on the river face down because I'm a Hutu and not a Tutsi. Maybe if the other cultures of the world weren't oppressed by the white man, they could have had people like Aristotle, Newton, Leonardo, Mozart, Euler, James Watt, Shakespeare, Michelangelo, Edison, ... It is not a racist fact that much of the world as we know it is due to dead white Europeans. And, no amount of white guilt will change that. Perhaps we could agree to teach towards excellence instead of the lowest common denominator for a change.
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    I guess the only thing that might be safe to say here is that the totality of a truth is again being surpressed.
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    Black are 12% of the population. If you're going to constantly play the race card 12% of the dolls at Walmart should be black. And the NBA is majority black. It should be 12% right? I'm sick to death of the never ending race card. There is bias in home lending and hiring and so on. But his constant nitpicking over things that doesn't matter like what color dolls are is beyond the pale. No pun intended. Is there nothing people won't bitch about? My WHITE father never made more than 11,000.00 in a year. He was never on welfare, never got food stamps, never collected unemployment and neither did his 4 kids. White privileged? His problem was he was not educated. We were "white trash". And there is a hell of a lot of white trash in America that have it no better than minorities. When are people going to wake up and understand that the class war of the ultra rich on everyone else is what is holding people back. Not race. Will you be happy when the average white person is as broke and destitute as everyone else as the ultra rich. Is that the "equality" you seek?
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    correction: Will you be happy when the average white person is as broke and destitute as everyone else except the ultra rich. Is that the "equality" you seek?
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    @jessejaymes Shout it from the pulpit, preacher!
    I have a dream, a dream that one day 13% of the population will not hold something that happened 150 years ago over my head. And especially since my ancestors were in Germany and Ireland until the late 19th century....
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    @stepped_in_it It's become the great American tradition. If you won't go to school, won't study, are too damn dumb or lazy to get ahead, then tear down those who are. "Equality" in America means I get what you have and I don't have to do a damn thing to get it except play the race card.
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    Did you actually read his original post. He very clearly pointed out that he does not come from rich origins due to his father having a lack of education. Yet despite his fathers lack of education and money he brought home he never once bitches about it because he was white or any other baseless reason. There's this idea that Americans today owe minorities, especially blacks, something because of past transgressions which is bullshit. Blacks have already recieved their reparations, it was called affirmative action, among other initiatives that were started to benefit solely them. Every time something doesn't get handed to these idiots they whine and cry and say it's because of white oppression.
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    I don't know about all this doll stuff, i guess that may be true.
    But it sure seems to me that the worst thing to be in America today is white, oh yea, and American.
    Maybe that new gov't program will help make me feel better. You know the one I am talking about, the National White Americans College Fund (NWACF)?
    Oh yea, that don't exist----yet.
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    This fits with the agenda of our racist president. It is no longer a "privilege" to be white, but a scourge. Suddenly in America every white person is bad because of the color of their skin. I guess the liberals are saying "turnabout is fair play" and "payback is a bitch". The white liberals now seem to feel guilty and now must do their penance to the new chosen one. "Mmm, Mmm, Mmm, Barack Hussein Obama. Mmm, Mmm, Mmm."
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    White Privilege? LOL! No one handed me a diploma because I'm white. No one gave me my house because I'm white. No one gives me a paycheck because I'm white. I worked hard and EARNED everything I have, I wasn't given anything because I'm white. If that is the new definition of "privilege", we're in truly sad shape.
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    I have to agree with your post. Yes, you do have things like racial profiling and the like, but I don't think that is a privilege, I think that is a form of racism. Where are the scholarships for whites only? It's not equal.

    It's the same talking point I have about chivalry. You can't have equality AND chivalry. It's one of the other.
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    Some people should repeat this phrase every day: "The harder I work, the more successful I will be."

    I was far from being privileged...I grew up on a farm in Tennessee where, yes, I even picked cotton for those of you who think only slaves did that. And I didn't go to college (stupid decisions on my part) but did take extra classes and worked my butt off. I was bumped from at least 1 job that I know of, and probably more, because of Affirmative Action. I actually and eventually did become middle-income successful and managed to raise 4 kids (and several years in there I was divorced). So, give me all the excuses you want, if you want something badly enough, you work for it.
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    Sometimes news is bad and we don't want to hear it.
    The doctor tells you, you have cancer. You take action to cure yourself. Denial won't cure anything.
    Racism is a cancer.
    And yes, white privilege does exist. But some minorities also have their own special priviledges which are the guerrilla in the room.
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    maybe for a select few white people but no way in hell for ALL white people or even most or even half. That is the biggest lie going right now. But then again a few "select" people exist across the races. So I say baloney.It is a lie created by liars
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    Have you ever heard of racial profiling? Why are there a proportionately greater number of Blacks serving prison time?
    You don't feel priviledged that your chance of being arrested for being at wrong place at the wrong time is less?
    I know I am glad I'm white,(mostly.)
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    @Keyjo Yes I have heard of all of that. That is not white "privilege". If you want to believe in a fantasy then go ahead but don't expect me to strand by when that lie is being taught in schools or voiced in public. It serves no end even if you "believe" it. It is racism and it is teaching white kids to be ashamed. It is disgusting.
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    @cleverusername oh yes and other kids that white kids are bad. It serves no purpose even if you want to ignore the FACT it is a lie.
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    It appears that YOU are the one ignoring facts. Nor does it teach White kids to hate themselves. White and Black kids hang out together these days. They already discuss these issues and are aware. I know one kid who was shot by police in an unjustified manner, there is a coveruo. The White kids are rallying around their deceased Black friend against the White cops.
    Don't let the sand get in your eyes!
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    where is white privilege in all black collages?
    how about in government the black caucuses?
    what about the all black awards in hollywood?
    some people are so stupid it makes me sick
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    Congressional Black caucus. First time I heard it shocked me then their actions from there made me sick to my stomach.
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    It's a good class because there does exist such a thing as white privilege, ask any non-white person.

    Why do we complain when someone wants our kids to actually think and be aware of the world they inhabit.

    Only those in denial about the social structure in this country would object to this, but they probably object to teaching evolution too.
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    Yes. I will if you ask twice, but what I'd rather you do, assuming that you're caucasian, is to think of the times when you were trusted more because you weren't a person of color, the times when the clerk motioned you forward when it was a tie, but the other guy was non-white. Subtle things, hard to notice because you're so used to it you don't notice unless you intend to.
    So intend to.
    See what you find out.

    Why is Jesus a still white guy when any educated person could tell you that he was almost certainly not?
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    For three decades now the "while privileged middle class" has earned less and gotten less benefits than than their parents. Those who want to blame "the white man" for everything seem to think if the whites are brought down to the level of minorities then that's "equality" and things are wonderful. I thought the plan was to bring everyone up? Apparently I was wrong. Apparently the plan is for the ultra rich to take everything and the rest of us can fight over race. Wonderful.
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    @jessejaymes " I thought the plan was to bring everyone up?"
    That's kinda the view that Europe takes on racial equality. They bring everyone up to the same level instead of buying into "Ebonics" or lowering education standards or other nonsense. Apparently it works, you don't see the same caliber of racial tensions or attention paid to it.
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    @Fishbone345 No you don't see it in Europe. Not like here. I have a black friend who is French and live in Paris. he does quite well actually and we used to go see him every three years and he would come here. He doesn't believe the tension here. And he's appalled at the rap culture.
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    This isnt teaching about racial discrimination, It is indoctrinating white guilt. Sorry, but the most discriminated against in this country are the ones this class would be teaching to be "privileged"

    See, thats how this kind of tolerance works. Its not measured on a bar graph, its a pie chart and you cant give to one category without taking from another. If you tolerate one thing, you are discriminating against something else.

    Its funny to me because we call it "Affirmative action" in this country, but at least overseas they have the decency to call it closer to what it is "Positive discrimination"
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