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    This nation is supposed to be a melting pot, a nation made great by various cultures strengths combined with the strengths of others. I wish ALL the jerks in Washington would knock off their shenanigans and get their collectives acts in gear, or we are doomed to follow in Greece's footsteps!!
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    this is the kind of statement that can cause the beginnig of the end. Why the hell can't these people act like adults and pull this country back togeather?
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    I apologize, too much blood in my caffeine You were talking about the title of the article!! Sorry my friend...long day at work!
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    Remember his cabinet was going to be a "team of Rivals" lol. Yes, he must destroy the GOP to destroy the country.
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    It would be nice if they'd destroy each other and leave room for others that really want to change things.
    Term Limits! No more Lobbies! Give the American People a voice again!
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    @texas_cutie75 The only way it won't is if we give up on it as a reality. We have to demand it Cutie. And the only way to do that is to stop voting for those who have no interest in making it a reality.
    Every vote for the Republican and Democrat parties as we know them, is a vote for continued "more of the norm".
    Others can say what they want about Ron Paul and Gary Johnson, but the people at the heads of the GOP and Democratic Party fear these guys. They fear them because they fear real change. And hence they use whatever they can and whatever they have at their disposal to ridicule, drown out, and completely try to erase their message, be it their media influence or otherwise.
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    @stepped_in_it No, you have to make a choice, otherwise somebody you don't like will make it for you.
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    That is exactly what he is doing,'going for the throat' of every hard working tax payer. He is using the Cloward Piven strategy, his administration will continue
    to create crisis situations and overload the system...that's what he's been doing,
    and ironically, it's really working for him. What does that say about the intelligence
    of the voters?...Pretty sorry.
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    Your exactly right about his tactics ,however I am still certain that he didn't win the election honestly .Yes there are some ignorant voters but I don't know one person who voted for obama
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    @mbill935 I have never, and will never believe he actually won...there was definitely some voter tampering going on. I've never been a conspiracy theorist
    but something has never been right about this entire thing. Including 140% of
    Dems voting in some very elite districts, 140% makes no sense, nor does not one
    single republican would be impossible. It most likely was...Too many things
    that have never added up and we will never know.
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    @Zazziness I've substantiated my claim before, I'm sure you are computer savvy
    enough to research it... Thanks!
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    If the republicans are destroyed who will the democrates take money from? Like any parasite they must be careful not to kill the host least they perish also.
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    I read Dickerson's article and was mostly ill throughout the read. Apparently Mr. Dickerson, brilliant as he thinks himself to be, has never opened a history book and taken a look at how successful one party rule is. If he had he would know that eventually benevolent one party rulers die and the tyranny arrives with names like Pol Pot, Mao, Stalin, Caligula. Then the fun begins and even the likes of Dickerson get swept up in the horror as the intelligentsia and the wealthy are the first to be hanged or sent to the gulag. What a fool. He should pray that someone always wins an election and someone always loses. When you only have winners something evil is about to happen to a lot of souls no matter their status or self importance.
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    Why do you think the destruction of the Republicans could only result in one-party rule? There are the Libertarians, for instance.
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    @thejimbo The Libertarians have only been gaining ground as the GOP has become more eccentric. It wouldn't be the first or last time a party was replaced by an up-and-coming group.
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    Unless the GOP gets new leadership they may as well roll over and play dead. Who needs Dickerson when you have the incredibly tone deaf leadership team of McConnell & Boehner. Nancy Pelosi has higher approval ratings than Boehner! As they would say in Brooklyn, "throw the bum out." This dynamic duo have failed in their stated mission, "to make Obama a one term President. " You can't do the job get out! They've consistently picked the wrong battle and have been forced to cave in time after time. Get rid of these incompetents and "leaders" like Karl Rove those of a bye gone era and become the loyal opposition. The continual placing the interests of the party above country is never going to win majority of the voters. A party whose philosophy of obstructionist and with nothing to offer is doomed
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    I'm not crazy about his language ("pulverize" is over the top) but Dickerson isn't advocating anything new or revolutionary. In fact, much of what he recommends sounds a lot like the conservative establishment's strategy over the past four years.
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    Compromise is the hallmark of American government- it is also what identifies grown-ups. Unfortunately, we have juveniles in the executive and legislative branches.
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    @mimi57 Great sense of quixotic commentary.
    Which he? My job is make Obama a one term President, him??? Or this He: only bills accepted by a majority of the majority will come to the floor for a vote.
    Neither cares about you unless your stuffing their pockets with money
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    Not just DHS, they are getting the police on board. This is no joke... Last week we had the news story of the police interrogation (which brought her to tears) and followup 10 day school suspension of a 5 year old kindergarten girl for "Terrorist Threats". She even had a "loaded gun". The culprit? A Hello Kitty plastic toy that shoots bubbles. She was accused of threatening another 5 year old with use of the bubble gun to blow bubbles at her. The left wing loons need to go back to the asylum.
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    I agree 100%, the GOP is out to destroy every thing that America stands for, they no longer represent freedom, instead they only stand up for the rich old white men and put the interest of the corporations above the interest and welfare of the American people.
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    It would be realy neat if the American people would take the time to learn whats going on. I agree with you
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    You are so uninformed. The GOP stands for freedom, free enterprise, low taxes, everything that made this country great. The Liberals are out to destroy everything America stands for, to "fundamentally transform" America into a Socialist Democracy in the European model. It is a myth propagated by stupid Liberals that it is "rich old white men". When the Idiot in Chief finishes driving our country into the ground with his leftist policies, we will need someone like Ronald Reagan to straighten things out just like we needed him after the disaster that was Jimmy Carter.
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    @Grubby Ronald Reagan was a senile rich old white man who gets far more credit than he deserves. Inequality soared under Reagan; the rich got richer, the poor got poorer and the middle class started the race to the bottom.

    Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama who were sworn in as Presidents of the USA, have done more for the people of this country than the GOP has ever done.

    It is in the best interest to help all segments of society, not just the privileged few, something the GOP no longer does and quite frankly has not done since President Eisenhower!
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    @Raptor Can we say CLUELESS? When Jimmy the Peanut left, inflation was 18% per year, we were coming off of the Democrat-experiment called price controls, shortages everywhere, gas lines a mile long. Don't even say it was greedy oil companies, nobody sells for long at a loss...or they just go out of business. The Iran hostage crisis was raging because of poor Liberal foreign policy. Reagan stepped in and gave the country the medicine it needed. It set off 2 decades of growth, increased incomes across the board, inflation tamed, business survived. Oh, and did I mention his foreign policies directly contributed to the fall of the Soviet empire and the tearing down of the Berlin wall? Bill Clinton only had surpluses and a successful presidency because BOTH houses of congress became heavily Republican just 2 years into his presidency and stayed there. Newt Gingurich and the policies, which were largely Republican policies, caused the prosperity that the Dim-ocrats are trying to claim as their own. The play by Clinton to support Obama is strictly politics - no way Obama's policies will create anywhere near the prosperity of Clinton's Republican backed policies. I am violating the first rule of "never argue with someone you need to educate first" in writing here, but you really need to understand your history. Obama has already done more to increase poverty, reduce the workforce, create an almost impossibly anemic recovery, actually REDUCE household income every year since the recovery started (no president has managed to do that), and an unprecidented level of spending. Obama once criticized Bush adding $4T to the deficit during his 8 years as "unamerican" - and Obama promised to cut the deficit in half within 2 years. As a reminder, the last Bush deficit was $460B. The SMALLEST Obama deficit has been $1.1T. The debt was $10T when Obama took office. The debt will be near $18T at the end of this year (5 years into Obama) and the CBO says $22T by 2016. I predict Obama the Moron has the debt near $24T by then, an increase of $14T (from a start of $10T) during his 8 years. How long do you Liberals think you will be able to get by with that level of spending? In your next breath you will say "Tax the Rich". Okay, let's take 100% of everything that the top 20% of wage earners have - that will be roughly $115,000 of annual income - anyone who makes that amount or more loses it all. Guess what? That still is not enough to get the annual deficit run by Obama to zero. He needs more than that to fuel the Liberal spending frenzy. He is not concerned at all, somehow he thinks that can go on forever. What will actually happen is the US Dollar will crash in value once there is no more money left that people will lend the US Government. China? They have announced no more increase in their US debt holdings. The crash of the dollar will bring hyper-inflation and make Jimmy Carter's failed policies look good. Of course, you and the Liberal loons will say "it is George Bush's fault" that Obama decided he had to spend us into the ground. You don't have to believe me in what is coming - you will find out for yourself sooner than you want.
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    @PoliticalSpice lol I love. You are not gonna let me get over that are you?:)
    But in fairness I have the popcorn thing I wont let go...
    hope all is good for you
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    @Republican5001 oh snap...I was writing my post and "old spice" came to mind. Then bam I hit post and see
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    Just goes to show, even CBS gets it right sometimes! Unfortunatelly I doubt obama will follow through, but I agree, he should do everything he can to destroy them politically (put it back in your holster @Republican5001 politics means war, without bloodshed).

    He won't accomplish nothing in his second term if he tries sccomadation like the first. By refusing to meet with them on taxes he already got the tax increase he wanted andvthe tax cut for middle class. If he keeps having backbone he'll get more...
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    This is an idiot question posed by an idiot . The potus is not there to focus on his legacy. He has a job to do and it's called representing the U.S. citizens .Unfortunately for obama and his ignorant sheep his real legacy is record unemployment,higher taxes,higher poverty levels,socialized health care,foreign policy failures, out of control illegal immigration policies,trillions in deficits,gay marriages,illegal detainment of U.S. citizens and more all while living a lavish lifestyle of the rich and famous while most hard working Americans are barely making ends meet.THAT IS THE LEGACY OF THIS BUM NAMED BARRACKS OBAMA .
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    Barracks Obama? Why can't teabaggers spell?

    Gay marriage was first legalized in May, 2004. Guess who wasn't president then?
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    This attitude permeates the GOP, including its the repubs in congress. The CBS commentator got it right, to accomplish anything he should politically destroy the GOP...
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    @mtkopf i posted facts so if you feel the overwhelming urge to dispute something that suggests im wrong other than a typical smart ass liberal remark suggesting ignorance on my part but with no actual rebuttal it only shows stupidity on your part.
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    I'd expect something like this from the Political Director of MSNBC. I was actually a little surprised that CBS' Political Director would betray his Lefty bias with such violent rhetoric. I mean, are we supposed to believe that this douche wasn't aware of the attempted pinning of the Giffords shooting on Palin's congressional district map?

    And Lefties wonder why conservatives assert that Fox News only appears far-right because all the other networks are so far-left.
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    How did I miss this? I Just came across this post on RedState. It's not about Left-wing violence per se since it doesn't look like anyone was hurt... this time.

    Those darn Quakers were building a new meetinghouse and because union labor was 23% more expensive they went with non-union labor. Not a good idea when you're that close to Philadelphia.

    $50,000 Reward Offered For Info On (Alleged) Union-Related Arson
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    The truth is I have always advocated for compromise from both sides but the Christian/Tea Party right will not compromise on anything. The GOP must be destroyed in order to be reborn. Then the same thing for the Democrats. The extremists fringes of both groups need to start their own party and get the hell of of both the two major parties. They destroyed the credibility of both parties. I even like some of you extremists in both parties that post here but your views are not viable to running a country. A compound or collective maybe but not a nation.
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    Don't see what the hubub is all about, the GOP is self-destructing anyway.
    The GOP has to do the following to survive:
    1- Pass at least ONE significant bill from the Whitehouse, not passing any looks suspicious.
    2- Show a willingness to reach across the isles.
    3- Address minorities honestly
    4- Eliminate all of their wedge issues ( women's choice, gays, guns, flags etc)
    5- Eliminate fear mongering
    6- Nominate someone who isn't off his rocker ( seriously)
    7- Adapt to modernization, " you're on your own" attitude isn't working out too well for you. Nor does it work out too well who dwell within cities or suburbs.
    8- Stop being the military's bitch.
    9- Stop flip-flopping on your party principles
    10- Squelch Fox news and radical GOP pundits. They are hurting you more than helping you.
    11- Get rid of John Boehner and Mitch McConnell
    12- Show a willingness to help those in need instead of damning them for their predicament and their costs to the system.
    13- Place people's needs before your politics.
    14- Recognize global warming
    15- Help pass legalized marijuana on a federal level
    16- REAL insurance and education reform
    feel free to add
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    Just leave the poor Greedy Old Party alone and let them self destruct as they have been lately. I think people are tiring of the do nothing, the opposition to everything, the endless war, the voodoo economics, the pseudo science, and so on and so on. Their work speaks for itself so don't interrupt.
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    Destroying the GOP is definitely in the cards for Barky. This is why I cannot see them running Biden in 2016. It'll have to be another black man or Latino woman. The GOP will run Rubio, but he is far too stupid to win. Most of south Florida hates the man and knows he is a RINO. Jindal is the same way and that fat f__k from New Jersey? Seriously? I was thinking Obama was going to offer Christie a cabinet level job!

    The GOP is done, not because anything Barky has done, but because the GOP is at its core, racists and homophobes. It can't relate to minorities and it never will. After 2014, I really see a "super majority Democrat" Congress and that is when I know this country is done for. What'll be even more scary is in 15 or so years, just under half the country will be white, and they will be the smallest group of voters. Getting whites to the polls will be one of the great challenges of the mid 21st century. Only a barely 2/3rds of the country vote now. What happens when Congress and elected leaders are majority non-white? That is what is called backlash...and it will hurt. Valerie Jarrett has already made speeches of the coming revenge...and she mentions words like "decades" and "long after 2016". I know now to read.

    I keep bringing this up because this is painfully obvious. It won't be until less than 1% of whites go to the polls in 2024 to vote for president when just under half of the country will be white. What does that say about the government? But the thing is, I have already been excluded now! Criticizing anything Obama does automatically makes you a racist. Been SOP for four years now and it will continue into the next four.

    Elections exist only to legitimize the government. Imagine seeing these billboards:

    "Whites are citizens too!"

    "Whites VOTE! It's your country too!"

    Sounds crazy? It's not...but they won't vote because there will only be one choice. Now people have come on here and routinely slapped me with the racist term, and that's fine. In reality I have nothing against minorities, blacks or otherwise. I have actually called out how the GOP has oppressed people, and they have. But doing the exact thing to whites once the Democrats are in total power is not right. It's just as wrong and now they are laying the foundation. Just like the KKK and its Democratic and Republican supporters in 1867 started to cement the foundation of acceptable racism, we are now see the same thing happening now. Plans are being laid, laws are being passed, and new paradigms are being forced into the public conscience via propaganda. The only way they will be able to carry any of these reverse racism plans out is to get the guns...and they will...because most people are truly stupid and they'll hand them over.

    Once the GOP is gone, through their own stupidity and internal civil war (i.e. Not anything Obama does), people whom want low taxes, pro-business laws, and small government, whom are typically white people, will have no reps in government? Who'll fill that void? Anyone who tries to start a group will be labeled as racist by the media....and you wonder why I think America is screwed.
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    I've never heard the Libertarian Party accused of racism. They are for all of the things you mentioned and as far. The Tea Bag faction of the GOP is responsible for destroying it. It really is the party's own fault. Back in the early 60's all of the southern racists were democrats. But in Nixon's infinite wisdom he convinced the GOP to go with the Southern Strategy. It worked better than anyone could have hoped for and pretty soon the entire south was red. All of the racists jumped ship and became republicans. That worked out OK for a while but now the country is getting less and less white. Not to mention that when the GOP catered to the racists it offended a lot of middle of the road types. The GOP didn't care as long as they won elections. Bush was the last President that the strategy worked for. Now the GOP is composed of almost all ultra-conservative right wing Christians, racists and Tea Baggers who cling to their guns and religion and see Obama as the anti-christ. They can't try to go back towards the middle because the tea baggers are in control of the Party. All they can go is go crazier and crazier. Because of this the best thing for Obama to do is to destroy the GOP. Either the Libertarians or a more moderate GOP will rise from the ashes. If you look at the comments here the republican commenters compare the President of the United States to Uncle Ben and don't even see the racism. The GOP is dying and good riddance. There should be no place for racism in a major national party.
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    The Democrats are the true Racists. I think you suggested that, and I agree. They are extremely racist against white Americans. Just look at all the references to white men on this website by the Liberal loons. The idea is to turn this country into a single party rule, create a Socialist Democracy form of government emulating Europe but without an opposition party, and punish the perceived "bad people" of America - namely white men. The current president and Democratic party is all about "payback" but we know what happens when Liberals run out of other people's money to spend - Europe is going through that right now. It isn't a matter of if the US Dollar collapses, but when. Obama and the Democratic party show zero interest in reducing government spending. If they could only kill the republican party we would see our first $2T deficits, then $3T. As it is Obama will push the US debt from $10T when Bush left office to about $24T when he leaves. If he could get a supermajority congress in 2014 it would probably reach $30T. He will need that much spending to have the government employ all the people who lose their jobs from his attack on private enterprise. Until there is nobody left to lend the money the Democrats will continue. At that point, we are where Europe is today. China badly wants the Yuan Reminbi to become the International Currency of choice, replacing the dollar. All the Democrats have to do is crash our currency and the Chinese will get their wish. Meanwhile, the people who elected the moron in the White House are the very ones who will be hurt the worst. I don't know if all Democrats are too stupid to see that this will happen or if they just don't care. Most likely is that they are just naive and think somebody else will always pay the way for them. Let "the man" cover the bills. When we finally elect a Conservative to the White House again, I hope it is not too late.
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    @Grubby ...and that is the thing. The FIRST, the VERY FIRST people Hitler killed or put in the camps where the brown shirts. These people whom think they are dealing whitey a death blow by voting for minorities don't seem to get they will be killed FIRST when it starts. They have this illusion that when they voted for Obama, they voted against whites and those whites who voted for Obama did so to either maintain their welfare or they are retired and are scared they will lose their Social Security (with a small minority of atheists and homosexuals who voted for democrats because of GOP exclusion). As for your $30T number...I can see it exceeding that by 2016. The Democrats do seem to want this EU type of system here, but the problem is a lot of Europeans LEFT Europe in the 70s and 80s when they started their "New European Soviet" because they were tired of people their "Obama's" getting hold of their economies and slapping around the wealthy and jacking up business regulations. Where did they go? HERE!!!!! They came to the US to make a better life for themselves.

    Now we are getting the "New American Soviet" and these knuckleheads who voted for Barky likely won't like living in it, except for those who want to be on gimmedat programs.
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    Like we needed more proof of how far the left wing state run media has sunk.
    They are nothing more than a propaganda arm of the Democrat Socialist Party
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    Obama is trying common sense approaches to unite the people to resolve the important issues,but it seems helpless,watching instead the GOP is destroying itself with their extremist point of view and out of touch policies...
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    Extremist views like freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and the right to bear arms. Extremist views like live within our means, free enterprise, capitalism, the right of every American to make something of him/herself. Extremist views like the rights of states, low taxes, limited government in our lives, prosperous businesses that hire real people to create real wealth. Extremist views like freedom to choose our own health care. You mean those kinds of Extremist views? I guess those all sound pretty extreme to a Liberal.
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    @Grubby it sounds pretty credible in the way that you pile it up,but unfortunately this hasn't been until now..
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    @Kathartic Those are the things I believe, and I am Conservative. But according to the Liberals, I am a wild eyed, far right extremist for thinking those things are good. I cannot at all relate to the opposites of that list.
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