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    Wow! Well last night a coworker showed me some stats on the last 5 mass shootings, and I was stunned.

    Ft Hood- shooter was a registered democrat

    Columbine- shooter was too young to vote, but both families are registered democrats and progressive liberals

    Virginia Tech- wrote hate mail to Pres Bush and his staff

    Colorado movie theatre- reg. Democrat, staff worker on Obama campaign, participant Occupy Wallstreet, and progressive liberal

    Connecticut - reg. Democrat and hated Christians.

    So it isnt all rural Republicans fault y'all!!
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    I would definitely believe that. Just on the anti-religion topic alone. People with such a hate for Christianity is revealing about something else wrong inside them.
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    I will happily look that up. Give me a little time and I will research it. Like I said a coworker showed me a picture with this data.
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    @texas_cutie75 so, the short answer is no... I can claim the republicans made the iceberg the Titanic hit, causing the greatest maritime disaster in history, but if I can't prove it, that seriously damages the claim.
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    Notorious serial killer John Wayne Gacy was a Democratic activist who described himself as both bisexual and "very" Liberal.
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    He just forgot that Obama called on everyone to drop the "vitriolic rhetoric".

    Oh wait, Obama said it to everyone, but meant it only for everyone BUT Progressive Liberals.
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    Just following (r)senate candidate sharon engals advice to use his second amendment remedies.This man was no liberal, they believe in gun control.
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    so, the actions of a state legislator is Obama's fault? Someone threatens someone with a gun and Obama is to blame? Do you understand the meaning of "vitriolic rhetoric"?
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    Come on he meant it to everyone. Just like there are stupid republicans, there are stupids democrat. You are bias.
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    @Brownie no he didnt, which is why the Progressives have been dialing up the hate speech and demonizing their opposition for the same thing? When in glass houses, it is a bad idea to throw stones. There are rules for Liberals and separate rules for Conservatives...all of which are outlined by the Left.
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    @DogLady_1 yes I do. I question if Democrats do.

    Who is the best gun salesman in the world, right now? Barack Obama. So yes, he is to blame. Regardless, this was a Democrat and he is the party leader: the buck should stop with him, when he isn't blaming Bush.
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    Why is that the progressive liberals who steal guns, and then go and
    kill movie-goers and children in schools, have never been a
    conservative NRA member?

    · Ft Hood- Registered Democrat- Muslim

    · Columbine- Too young to vote- both families were Registered
    Democrats and progressive liberals

    · VaTech- Wrote hate mail to Pres Bush and to his staff --
    Registered Democrat

    · Colorado Theater- Registered Democrat, staff worker on the
    Obama campaign, occupy wall street participant, progressive liberal

    · Conn School Shooter- Registered Democrat, hated Christians

    ALL of these shooters were progressive liberal Democrats

    Interesting...isn't it?

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    why do you think liberals always want to take our guns? answer: they think were all violent uneducated sheeple like most of them are!!
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    Hmmm....I'm thinking....this would a good time to do mental evaluations on all politicians....wonder what the results would show?
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    Sounds like this gentleman's freedom of speech has been violated. I mean really, what's a few threats amongst friends anyhow?
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    this just goes to show that there are wack jobs on both sides, only difference might be is that it is more tolerable on one side than the other?
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    This reminds me of a case, back in 1988. Carl T. Rowan was a fanatically-obsessed anti-gun journalist. He preached in a syndicated column back in 1985 that the US Government should BAN the possession, transportation, sale, transfer, manufacture and importation of all handguns. So, in 1988, some teenage boy went swimming in Mr. Rowan's swimming pool without permission at 2:00 a.m. Mr. Rowan, the rabidly anti-handgun journalist, SHOT the UNARMED teenager with a handgun for having the nerve to go swimming in his pool without permission. The gun was also NOT REGISTERED even though local laws required it. These guys want to disarm everyone except themselves because since they are morally and ethically superior to the rest of us, THEY can have firearms. rotflmao.
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    No surprise here. Most lawmakers believe they are above the law. Commonplace in our society. Even high profile people usually just get a slap on the wrist and are not prosecuted to the full extent of the law as most regular people are. It would be nice to see an example made of these people who think they are above the law.
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    Now there must be a mistake. This fellow must not be a Democrat. Their lord and master said they must stop the violence. This must be a Bush/Cheney plant. One of the wants be kings subjects.would not do thus.
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    I'm convinced everybody's nuts, there are not enough loony bins for all of them...
    us...the country's CRAZY !!! Keep laughing, that's what they more sane ones do.
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    No . All of the recent killings from the mooslem army officer , to the theater killer, to Sandy Hook were all Dems or liberals. Sorry if the truth is distasteful , but like medicine - what is good for you isn't always easy to swallow.
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    Secular Progressive Nevada Democrat Steve Brooks is a violent man
    as most of them are, Alinsky's rules for radicals.
    The ends justify the means, This is the democrat mantra
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