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    The peaceful transfer of power between America's most powerful should be witnessed by all who wish to observe and should be covered as a public event. The parties, galas, etc... should be covered by whoever wishes to sponser them (not funded by the government).
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    i believe that, as one of the most important official government events, it should be paid for by those who witness it. the tax payers.
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    Just saw some pics of the mall in D.C. Seems to be a pretty popular event. Good thing they're ahead of the cold weather!
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    peaceful transfer of power,yep the commies said that when they take over, there won,t be a shot fired,guess they were right!!!!lets see,watch paint dry or the dance around the goat head,???
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    This is in no way a politically comment from me, I actually have no party affiliation, but I think its in poor taste to spend money on something of this magnitude given the financial climate and poverty level within our country. His re-election should be all the present his donors need. If he wants to do more, he should thank them in private.
    A simple swearing-in ceremony in the capitol rotunda would suffice.
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    Why does everything in DC have to turn into such a lavish spectacle? Once again they behave as if america wants a king & queen. More & more of the do as i say not as i do. You, little people need to learn to be more thrifty so the king can have more of your money to spend as he sees fit.
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    @Mogal um, no need. You libs are so defensive. I said dc has lavish spectacles. That would include most of the dc power brokers dem & repub alike. However it would exclude teaparty conservatives like rand paul. Im sure you dont want to hear that but truth hurts.
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    Perhaps we should treat this with all the pomp and circumstance of a first grade graduation that won't happen in Ct.:
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    Why do we need to spend 170 million on ANY inauguration. Take 5 or 10 minutes on tv to thank those who voted for you and get your ass to work. It would be kinda interesting to know what kind of money is waisted on ALL public officials who have parties on the tax payer dime when they are ellected.
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    I didn't watch it because we know both parties are corrupt to the core and I'm not adding a single ratings click by watching the spectacle of a president being sworn in with a cost of over 170 million dollars. How do you spend that much money on a single event? How many jobs would 170 million jobs create? How many kids that go to bed hungry could you feed for 170 million dollars? How do you claim a President of either party give a red rat's ass about the working class while he's willing to stand around saying a couple hundred words at the expense of 170 million dollars? When Obama and Romney were asked about their billion apiece campaigns both said "it's crazy. It's out of control". But both did it. And now this. 170 million dollars for less than an hour swearing in ceremony. Plus parties.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, when I am elected President, the swearing in ceremony will take place in the Oval office with my family present, one Pool camera and a feed to anyone that wants to pay the overhead for it. I will solicit related donations to go to the closing of the national debt. Now you may say 170 million is nothing to the debt. but I ask you to do the math. What is the interest on 170 million dollars every year for the next 8 years? That's how much i just saved you by acting like a President and not a feudal lord. And after the oath is over, watch. I'm going to wink. We just saved this country from the excesses of govt. For an hour. Now if you'll excuse me, I have another hour or two to reclaim on my first day in office.
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    I'd vote for you, Jesse. As for watching inauguration ceremonies and parties, I feel a nap coming on . . . . . zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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    We gave 2.5 billion dollars to China last year. How many jobs would that create?

    Let's take yesterday's event. How many security people, police officers, caterers, food prep people, cleaning crews, and God knows who else worked due to this inauguration? I'm sure they would tell they appreciated the business. And that money went into OUR economy.

    It's not that I disagree with you about lavish spending, but it seems to me we do an awful lot of complaining about money spent here in our own country while a huge percentage of our dollars never touch our economy whatsoever. It's like we turn our backs on that which we give away, yet gripe about that which we give ourselves.
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    @PayThatCEO Let me use your own example. I am in agreement that those who made additional money because of the lavish inauguration are very thrilled about it. What I wonder is how much of that coronation (every 4 years) is actually paid for by "donations" and how much do the taxpayers get hit for extra secret service (and you can bet the entire washington force was on the clock) and other expenses related to but not actual event donated expense? I would bet tens of millions if not 100 million. I also agree with you are "foreign aid". I do not agree with you about this kind of expense related to a President being sworn in is justifiable at any level. None whatsoever.
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    I agree. It's overkill, but this is pretty much how our country works these days, even in business. While the upper management where I work enjoy lavish offices and lifestyles, WE, the workers, struggle with a 13 year old copy machine that shreds paper like a crocodile. While my husband's boss received a nice Christmas bonus, his workers do without necessary materials to do the job.

    The feudal lordism is everywhere. Everyone thinks they DESERVE more than they do and they have no qualms about taking it. It's a mindset from the top down.
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    If the President wants a party, let him pay for it. The deed was quietly done yesterday. I would respect government officials who talk on and on about debt reduction if they didn't use every opportunity to spend public funds lavishly to make themselves look like emperors.
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    @Mogal I just don't see why we have all these fiscal tightwads about every little thing when these were never issues during Reagan, Bush I, or Bush II's terms. Phones, unemployment, SSI, medicare, vacations, inaugurations... it's not like Obama is the creator of these things...
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    this inauguration is something that most americans want to witness. something to feel good about for a day or two, because there is not much to feel good about when your friends and family members are overseas in harms way, or have already paid the ultimate price. as for who paid for it, i think obama has some pretty wealthy friends and donors, no different than bush.
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    This is Barry's 2nd term. He has already been sworn in. Why does he or any other second term president have a second inauguration? That being said, the first inauguration should be paid for by goverment (within reason). Second Inauguration if he/or she wants one should be paid for by the president/donors.
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    Makes sense to me. Although the swearing in and parade are more for the populace so I'm cool with paying for that twice.
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    because the constitution says so. each president that is elected has to be sworn in, and even though it's his second term, he was just elected... and it doesn't matter one bit to me, or to you or to anybody else.
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    True. But, did anyone make a big deals about previous two term president? Or is it because it's Obama? this is how the white house, the U.S. have been running business for some time. Now, there is complaints. Smh...
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    @Brownie you are kidding right? You are either not serious or you are 12 yrs old.
    EVERY Pres, I repeat EVERY President, that has been reelected, has had more than one inauguration celebration.
    So, in answer to your question, yes it has been a big deal EVERY time a President is elected, whether it is Obama or not.
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    OMG! I thought it was $125 Million! You mean it reached $170 Million?! You forgot to mention taxpayers. There are hidden costs here, including the activation of National Guard members in a HUGE number of states, which will translate into expenses for taxpayers in the future. Activations have their benefits for Guard members as far as future benefits go.
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    $170 million dollars. And for this everyone is having a screaming fit?

    The cost of the Iraq War as been nearly two trillion dollars. We handed out nearly 3 billion dollars in foreign aid last year. We spent 680 billion dollars on the military last year. Of the $206 billion the U.S. spent on military contracts since 2002, as much as $60 billion of that total was lost to waste and fraud. That averages out to about $12 million per week over the last ten years.

    Yet, we're whining about a 170 million dollar party? Is it any wonder this country is such a mess? We have no sense of priority or logic. What we're really good at is meaningless complaining.
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    Who paid?...Watch for the new legislation, appointments and government programs.$170 million dollars isn't free. Some one expects to be paid back....and will be.
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    I believe that all presidents should fork up the money for any activity that doesn't involve governing!!! From vacation time to the inauguration!!! But if you have those special interest morons who are wanting to spend their money on their "god" in the Whitehouse, then more power to'em...
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    Better to have the cost covered by the government than to take donations, then pretend no favors are owed. As for the $170 mln., the Pentagon spends about three times that every year on military bands for the same purpose, the only benefits being upholding tradition, ceremony, and image. What's the diff?
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