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    Why? Because they disagree with your liberal Utopian views of Obama as Lord and Savior?

    When liberals disagree with an opposing view, it is trivialized or viciously attacked. So much for liberal compassion.
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    @methinks But even a real conservative can see this article as below the level of serious political discourse. Parroting media sound bytes is for Topix users...
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    @woodtick57 I'm an independent and don't lean to either far side of the political spectrum. The gist of what was written is true. Instead of uniting us, he divided us based on class (1%ers), women's issues (Sandy Flake), don't you agree?
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    @methinks Wrong. Because they were both so obviously and painfully biased. This one isn't as bad since it's obviously sheer opinion but asking an oil company about fracking and expecting objectivity is like asking the fox if we should leave the chicken coop open.
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    The writer is absolutely correct. Obama and his Chicago thug friends made a conscious decision to divide and conquer, rather than unite the nation. And it's worked.
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    The sick part of it all is he stole money from the productive half of the country and used it to bribe the unproductive half. Truly sick and disgusting.
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    So you think Obama stole from the hugely under compensated labor force!? The same labor force whose jobs have largely been shipped overseas by demonic capitalishits!?
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    Yes, one of the mistakes Clinton made. He was a great President, but not a perfect one.
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    "George W. Bush was also a divisive president, but unlike Obama he did not intend to be"

    I disagree...Obama didn't intend on his father being black...
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    Whoops. That vote up was a mis-click. Sorry to get your hopes up.

    Are you saying that President Obama is ashamed of his skin color? I don't get that impression. I get the impression that President Obama is thankful for the melanin in his skin. It gives him and his supporters an easy put every time they can't refute honest criticism.
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    @Food4thoughts-- And that's why I apologized. Now... are you ready to apologize for insulting the rest of us here by dragging race into this?

    I mean... this is Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

    "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character."
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    @Food4thoughts-- Didn't think so. People who see everything through race-colored glasses can;t believe that others don't.
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    He is obviously biased like most of the views put forward on Politix, I have noted that about Topix in general they are only intrested in puting down moderate and liberal view points and trashing President Obama in particular, just another right wing rag.
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    Wow, the rabid liberals came out in force to oppose this article. That is how I know that Steve Steckler is absolutely right about everything he said, because the liberals are mad and angry about it. Liberals will not have the truth be told if they can help it. It's all about the poor downtrodden person who could never pick himself up and do anything with himself, the person that is totally beholden to government for his every morsel of food, his every breath of air, etc. Liberals fancy a utopia that is run and dominated by government. So sick and utterly depressing. I hope America survives, but I truly doubt she will.
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    Great read! And yes, everything this guy said is absolutely true except for one thing. Obama began his re-election campaign the minute he took his hand off of the Bible back in 2009.
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    "Bad things cannot happen to good people without someone else being to blame, whether it is an unaffordable mortgage or pavement-cracking obesity. He believes that under the weight of global trade and contemporary capitalism, the American dream has become little more than a fantasy perpetuated by the beneficiaries of a rigged game. "

    From my experience, many on the left have this belief. Even when the "bad thing" that has happened is a direct result of the "good person" making choices that initiated the "bad thing".
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    To hell with you buddy. It's your fault all those fatasses eat fast food three times a day and it's your fault people don't know how to live within their means. Your fault, your fault, your fault.
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    That's him in a nut shell, he's also the most narcissistic person I've seen...that's a psychiatric problem, maybe he should be given a psych eval...
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    Yes I agree 100%. Obama is an ideolog activist whose entire term has been one of attacks and insults. Just the opposite of what he claimed to be before his his first election. What a hideous liar. He has brought this nation to one of class warfare and pits American against American. This socialist could usher in another civil war.
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    To understand Comrade Barrack, one must look into his past and those that he associated with and what he studied. Most Americans no nothing about Obama, thanks to a complicit press that negated their responsibility of vetting this new aspirant to the highest office. We all witnessed his Chi-town politics in both elections -- Class warfare and undermining all corporations as villains. This was learned from both the Communist Manifesto and Saul Alinsky's: Rules for Radicals, which Obama was a dedicated student of both philosophies....

    Learn more about him in the following link.....
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    Do I agree with this article? Absolutely!!!! And with the words of the president's inaugural address fresh in my mind, I believe he intends to be even more partisan and divisive and bitter than the past 4 years. So much for his earlier words of being more inclusive this time around. Obama and the far left seem to think that if one does not agree with Obama, they are base, stupid, hate people and want old folks and children to die. This extreme view will continue to divide America until a few more of the 1/2 of the country that reelected him wise up and finally get embarrassed by his actions. Obama has a personality disorder, it's called Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD), this is a personality disorder in which the individual is described as being excessively preoccupied with issues of personal adequacy, power, prestige and vanity. Obama and the left will finally over reach with their pogrom of hate for anything conservative. Their continued blame on a little over half of ONE THIRD of the three arms of Congress will back fire. Really? 233 vs 200 House members are running the entire show in DC? It's would be laughable if it weren't so widely believed that those 233 members are all that is standing in Obama's way. Reasonable people will start to feel uncomfortable with such extreme statements and start to look at someone so bitter and vile toward half of the people he is supposed to be president of without the rose colored glasses. They will then see him for the petty, thin skinned, self absorbed little man that he really is. Today's inaugural speech was just step one in opening many eyes as to the "Real" Obama. Mean, petty and offensive.
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    Gollum:[to Sam] Stupid, fat hobbit.

    Gollum: We wants it, we needs it. Must have the precious. They stole it from us. Sneaky little hobbitses. Wicked, tricksy, false!
    Smeagol: No. Not master!
    Gollum: Yes, precious, false! They will cheat you, hurt you, LIE.

    Obama versus conservatives:

    Obamallum:[to Boehner] Stupid, fat conservative.

    Obamallum: We wants it, we needs it. Must have the precious. They stole the American dream from us. Sneaky little conservativeses. Wicked, tricksy, false!
    Barrygol: No. Not the conservatives.
    Obamallum: Yes, precious, false! They will cheat you, hurt you, LIE.

    {Now, now, I get his thinking....}
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    What a load of divisive rhetoric!

    Lie and misrepresent the President and then have the gall to call the President divisive. Unbelievbable.

    The President fights fire with fire. Don't you right-wingers start the disingenuousness and unfounded personal attacks and Obama won't have to respond in kind in defense. Your whole piece is nothing but trying to put words in Obama's mouth. Shame on you.
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    does anyone remember when obama was running for reelection he called his political opponents "our enemys" and he also said "the best way to get revenge is to vote for him? this mans whole strategy is to divide and makes me feel real good knowing he has and enemy kill list..
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    Anyone not a millionaire or better in America today is an idiot for voting for the GOP who IS the ENEMY of the middle class.
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    @jessejaymes liberal policys only enslave people! slaves dont usualy dont become wealthy they just waitn on obama to take from those evil rich and give it to them! oh and by the way im far from rich but im not coveting what the rich have, maybe they worked hard to acheive the american dream only to be demonized by obama,who by the way is filthy rich with hard working taxpayers money.
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    @humptydumpty BS Bubba. 20 years ago 70% of American wealth was in the hands of 10% of the people. Today 90% of the wealth is in the hands of 3% of the people. The only class war going on in America is the war of the Utlra rich on the Middle class. And you're supporting your own demise. Amazing.
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    @jessejaymes does that 3% include your president who is living a lavish, filthy rich lifesyle on the money those evil rich are paying in taxes? remember half the people in this country pay no taxes at all. ya the middle class is being hosed, but because of a corrupt gov that you seem to beleive in. obama and bush have bought off the big banks. you kno the ones holding all the money
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    @humptydumpty Both parties are corrupt to the core. How many times do I have to say it? BOTH parties spent 7 billion dollars in the last election combined. Where do you think that money came from? It sure didn't come from anyone I know.
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    Divide and remember President Hussein Obama was a work for ACORN and stuff like that....including a lawyer....and then Chicago can't get more of a divisive history than that....that's all he knows....compromise is a language he does not speak....
    Ever remember Gollum in Lord Of The Rings....

    `I daresay,' said Sam.'But where have you been to – sneaking off and sneaking back, you old villain?'

    * Gollum withdrew himself, and a green glint flickered under his heavy lids. Almost spider-like he looked now, crouched back on his bent limbs, with his protruding eyes. The fleeting moment had passed, beyond recall.`Sneaking, sneaking!' he hissed.'Hobbits always so polite, yes. O nice hobbits! Sméagol brings them up secret ways that nobody else could find. Tired he is, thirsty he is, yes thirsty; and he guides them and he searches for paths, and they say _sneak, sneak_. Very nice friends, O yes my precious, very nice.'

    * Sam felt a bit remorseful, though not more trustful.'Sorry.' he said.'I'm sorry, but you startled me out of my sleep. And I shouldn't have been sleeping, and that made me a bit sharp. But Mr. Frodo. he's that tired, I asked him to have a wink; and well, that's how it is. Sorry. But where _have_ you been to?'

    `Sneaking,' said Gollum, and the green glint did not leave his eyes.

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    I totally disagree with Obama on most social issues other than medicine. I think a disproportionate amount of political capital, time and money has been spent on splinter issues while he basically has ignored the debt. Having said that, I would say to the writer "people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.". The GOP made no bones from day one that their primary agenda was to make obama a one term president. McConnell said so. The attack on seniors by the GOP, the lack of willingness to make the rich pay their fair share or to close grand canyon tax loopholes for multinational corporations is why Obama is a second term president. The GOP clearly and openly represents the ultra rich and not a soul one otherwise. I don't like Obama. But I the GOP even less. You people are intent on destroying the middle class. You ARE the enemy.
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