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    Congratulations to President Obama on his second term. Let's hope that there is some action to back up the liberal rhetoric.
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    I fear it's all rhetoric, as I think he serves only "big money interest", as do the majority in power here, but we'll see, let's hope :)
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    No, let's hope not and let's just hope it's a continuation of the rhetoric from the last 4 years. The REAL Obama spoke today...for the FIRST time.
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    @methinks He struck a combative tone. I don't think he will waste much time trying to compromise with the baggers this time out.
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    @PNWest I agree about the combative tone. What happened to his spirit of compromise...which we now know never existed! The 'my way or the highway' approach will just keep us right where we are. He's an ideologue and never intended on compromise. My God, he blamed Bush for his entire first term!
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    Today is a very sick day in more ways than one. On every channel there is nothing but perversion on. The whole household is depressed. Maybe tomorrow I'll feel better, but I doubt it. Now today, Neo is truly sad. Today marks the fall of the world's greatest nation.
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    Liberal indeed, with all that talk of love of America and duty to the country and fellow citizens rather than being guided exclusively by greedy self-interest. He also mentioned competition and fairness as being necessary components of free-market capitalism. To top it off he called on politicians to put America's well-being before partisan interests. Easy to see why Republicans are upset.
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    @Knightmare Obama did much of what he said 2008.Troops out of iraq, health care reform, get bin laden without pakistani permission. I think you're afriad he do what he says again.
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    I want to know why fairness, ecological responsibility and equality are only liberal values. Why do the conservatives hate them so much?
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    Equality? I'm all for everyone pulling an equal share of the work. If liberals really believed in equality they could never stand for someone sitting at home on their butt doing nothing but cashing a welfare check every month. If liberals were really soldiers of fairness they'd see nothing fair in one person doing all the work while many more benefit. I suggest it is liberals that really don't believe in fairness and equality and they know it. The greatest trick liberals every played on America was convincing voters that the deficit does not exist.
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    @woodtick57 - Welfare isn't a liberal policy? Paying someone to sit at home on their butts and do nothing is as liberal as it gets. When liberals start demanding everyone pitch in their share of the responsibility then I will believe liberals believe in fairness. If I have to work to feed some lazy indigent bum then I don't consider that fair at all.
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    I didn't think it was decidedly liberal.

    Pretty much down the middle.

    It's about what Eisenhower would have said, I think.

    Look forward, not back.
    See reality clearly and deal with it effectively.
    Get the deficit under control without totally screwing the old and poor.
    (I would have preferred 'debt' rather than 'deficit')

    Remember, we don't lead the world because we have the strongest military, but because we are the smartest and most pragmatic. That's our power.
    Let's not give that advantage away.
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    I was with ya until the 'smartest and most pragmatic' part. What measurement are you using to determine that?
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    @methinks Past ingenuity, sure, but I was asking for what measurement you're using TODAY to determine that we are still the 'smartest and most pragmatic' people?
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    @AceLuby If you can't see it, I feel sad for you.

    Ingenuity is the quality of being clever, original, and inventive, often in the process of applying ideas to solve problems or meet challenges.

    To be smart, you need ingenuity. Just look at Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. Their products are used across the planet.
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    I don't know tge u.s. is the smartest and most pragmatic, but agree it was a pretty down the middle speech, not particulary liberal. Any moderate republican could have made the same speech...
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    I keep hearing that from the fringe rightwingers but it seems to me it is not Mr. Obama who is "driving this country into civil war" but the extremists throwing tantrums because they live in a democracy where things don't go all their way. It's very immature.
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    IF the teabag rednecks (who refuse to live in a Democracy when they are in the minority) decide to start a civil war, they will have their asses handed to them and their gun toys melted.
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    @NormalFlora I think there are a lot less Tea Party members after the inauguration. When that pastor repeated a blessing in Spanish, I assume quite a few of them expired on the spot from indignation.
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    How horribly liberal, to speak of treating people with fairness, dignity, and respect. Oh yes, the concept of helping the poor and needy, to love one another and to put the interests of America over the interests of the politics. Protecting children and ensuring that all people are given the opportunity to overcome difficult circumstances without being callously tossed aside like trash.

    If those are liberal ideas, then the GOP really is a sad floundering representation of bitter old white men.
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    Loved it!!!!

    I love how his speeches make me feel included and responsible for making the country/world a better place. His speeches never alienate me.
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    If protecting social security, medicare and allowing immigrants to become citizens does that mean reagan is a liberal too. I mean, it was an ol speech, but what was so liberal about it?
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    @PoliticalSpice He didn't advocate hurting ordinary people in order to advance an extremist political agenda.

    Listen to the nativists when they talk about immigration, the Randians when they talk about entitlement programs, the Teapartistas when they talk about just about anything: they all suspect everyone of somehow taking advantage of something or other, and they want those "other" people to stop it! If a few (hundred thousand) people get hurt in the process, why, let's talk about something else.

    I listened to the speech today. Earlier a posting called it "very liberal." It wasn't. This was fairly centrist thinking. But the tone was diametrically opposed to the negativity and grumbling from the other side these past few years.

    I think an optimistic message is startling today because of its rarity. The President didn't say much of anything new today, but compared to the doom-and-gloom mutterings of the GOP and its dysfunctional kin, his message can't help but stand out.
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    @DARSB Yea, but where did I say or imply he did? Or that it in any way contrasted to the modern republican crowd? I compared it to a speech that could have been made by a moderate republican, and in this post to reagan, whom, as much as I detested him, was a flaming liberal compared to todays republican party. Reagans action in Grenada, nicaragua and el salvador were murderous and unforgivable, still as a speaker he never said the types of things these giys do. I was commenting on the speech, not the policies.
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    Funniest reaction so far, from the Borowitz Report.

    "WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—Congressional Republicans heaped fulsome praise on President Obama’s second Inaugural Address today, saying that it had given them a detailed list of things to thwart over the next four years.

    “My big fear was that the speech would be full of vague platitudes that wouldn’t be helpful to us in plotting against him,” said House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio).“Once he started offering details of what he actually hoped to accomplish, though, I realized we had hit the mother lode.”

    Read more:
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    More lies and spin from Barry. As the politicians fiddle, Rome burns. Where is the emphasis on job creation and the economy? Spend, spend, tax, tax: God helps us through the next 4 years.
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    Let him burn it all down. What's the worst that can happen? We will get to see the state of voter intelligence 4 years from now?
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    "Liberal" for the US. Conservative in the civilised world. Nonetheless a step forward assuming republicans don't stonewall everything. Every day of delay is a day the US falls behind the rest of the world.
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    I'm in no hurry to join the rest of the world going down in economic flames. I suppose you want to follow in Greece's footsteps? I don't!
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    @methinks Well, thanks to republicans, you are. The US is going the route of Greece not "the rest of the world". Simply printing money for decades to devalue its currency and keep it competitive. America has not funded any of its wars. It has run a guns AND butter economy and when you toss in the idiot bush's tax cuts you torpedoed yourselves.
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    Bahahahahahaha-draws breath-bahahahahahaha!!!!!!!
    Oh wait, you're serious, arent you?
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    Lets hope he spends liberally as FDR and starts a wpa jobs program to build national high speed rail and put solar on federal buildings in every sunny area.
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    Why don't YOU come clean on Obama's birth and finally admit that you and The Donald are clueless tinfoil hat conspiracy nuts?
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    @NormalFlora Hmm....what do you think it's Bush's fault for everything still? Come conspiracy....he's never been forthcoming....
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    Like I've said MANY times before, I like President Obama, and I support most of his views and policies. I am however, disgusted by his seizing on isolated horrific tragedies to build an unjust and unwarranted 'assault weapons'(sic) ban on THE BACK OF DEAD INNOCENTS. I am very LIBERAL in all respects, INCLUDING intepretation of the Bill of Rights, and especially the besieged 2nd Amendment. I am a strong supporter of a woman's right to choose; of full gay rights; of CIVIL RIGHTS for all, and of NOT TAMPERING WITH THE BILL OF RIGHTS by eroding a citizen's right to purchase the weapon of his choosing. Criminals have no problems obtaining the weaponry they desire-Why should honest, law-abiding Americans?!
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    Louis Farrakhan Reaction:
    I have this to share: Nation of Islam Louis Farrakhan

    This is what Louis Farrakhan stated: " President Obama just gave the most important speech of his life today at his second inauguration. The folks at MSNBC are lavishing and larding such thick praise on Obama and this speech that my TV screen has become clouded and sticky.

    But did you listen and watch carefully? Did you notice, for example, that he had something for every single constituent group that voted for him except one – except black people. He gave both a nod and a very loud shoutout to the Hispanic community (immigration). He became the first president in history to actually use the word “gay” in an inaugural speech. And he made sure that "women" understood that he stood for "equal pay for equal work," even as he once again patted himself on the back for appointing two women to the Supreme Court.

    Black folks in Chicago certainly heard him, because an ever-growing number of black people everywhere are asking,“Well, what about us?”

    ***Sound like Farrakhan is not too pleased.
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    And the darkness of the next 4 years begins. Our only hope is that the Republican House can band together to block this Liberal Communist Moron at every turn. He is planning to destroy our economy, while giving "feel good" platitudes to all his cult followers. He is so much like Hitler that it is scary. We can only hope our country survives to be revived after 2016.
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