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    Just like I have to cut my expenses because of new taxes everything else will too( except WH of course)
    It's so clear even a librail should understand this? If your expenses go up the profits go down, it's called loses, if the expence is a mandatory one then some other expenses must be trimed to maintain the same profit, duh?
    Unlike our government, here in the real world we can't just print new money and keep showing the same profit. Basic Math 2+ 2= 4, if you have a new expence 2+2 -( 1 )= 3 ( not 4)
    I know that's shocking to some
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    I'm going to go out on a limb and say that the Ohio instructor who was quoted as saying, "I think it goes against the spirit of the law" is not an economics instructor.

    They probably aren't familiar with the concept of "unintended consequences" either.
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    Tying one's health care insurance to one's job has never been a good idea. makes as much sense as having your employer set up your home-owners insurance or your auto insurance...
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    In business the bottom line---- is the bottom line.
    More companies are doing the same, or cutting the employer contribution to your health care so you pay more, or cutting positions altogether.
    Everyone will feel it, most of us will see it in our pay check stubs
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    @Thegrif oh you were kidding right? The story is how colleges are cutting teachers hours to evade Obamacare.
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    All businesses must do what it takes to keep costs and overhead down. Obamacare RAISES the cost of business. The "spirit" of the law? WTF is that? Exactly?

    Suppose I have a business and Obamacare raises my costs of doing business? Am I not suppose to pass those along to customers? possibly cut staff? reduce hours for certain people? That's called RUNNING A BUSINESS. Perhaps Democrats should learn this concept.
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    @RobertJHarsh This is the beginning of the unintended consequences of passing a bill before anyone could read it!

    It seems these liberal bastions of higher education are having buyer's remorse. They created this monster; I hope they're pleased with the results.

    They are just following the lead of Olive Garden and Longhorne Steakhouse to get around it.
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    @methinks Yep. They thought it was "free". Let's see how free they think it is in 3 or so years when all those instructors are 1099 contractors and must find their own health care.

    In fact, 1099 is going to be the employment preference of the future.
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    @Roger What do you think colleges are? Oh think all capitalism and making money is bad. Move along, son. Nothing to see here.
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    An easy fix, deny federal dollars and grants to universities that do this. But obama won't do it cause despite what right wingnuts on here say he isn't far enough to the left to push hard on health care reform, if he were we would have single payer, or at least the govt option...
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    @Dan_Tien As I was typing it I knew someone would say this. I really respect you, you make lots of intelligence post, but I strongly disagree. This is a perfect example of why I'm not a liberal. I'm not saying you are, I don't know that, but it is a liberal attitude that I disagree with. I care very much about education, but Sometimes one needs to make hard choices, in my opinion, acheiving more access to health care is worth it for three reasons. First, Given the loss of such funds most schools would choose to extend the medical coverage. Second, politically the cutting of programs etc. would create protest and outrage by students, teachers and public officials that would embarass school administrators into doing the right thing and possibly end the careers of idiots proposing this. Third, given the choice I think expanded health care is more important and think schools choosing not to do so would suffer loss of tuition revenue, as students choose schools with larger and better facilities and staff made possible because educators would prefer to teach at schools offering health coverage, and the increased flow of federal funds and grants would further improve the educational opportunities at those schools.
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    @PoliticalSpice I don't think that will work. I think the colleges will work around that as well. Maybe even make more money by privatizing. Unless state colleges get on board with their state.
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    The businesses can do what ever they want. There is no law that States you have to have full time employees. It this is such a great plan how come the house senate and president are example from it. Just asking.
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    A more logical fix would be for gov not take over medical care and force biz owners to pay high $$ to ensure employees are covered...obviously it is too much for job creators to bare to add on the cost of overhead. Funny how as soon as this law was passed that employers are now cutting hrs and jobs to compensate the unexpected added expence...this health care reform is killing those folks will have zero income and still no health care
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    A football coach makes $ 5 million/yr and the university president makes 3 mil/yr but when it comes time to provide a healthcare plan to the majority of the workers the school cries broke. Cut both salaries by 1 million each and you now can afford very good employee insurance to 100 ppl, the ppl who toil in the trenches everyday do the pres and coach CAN receive their multi million dollar salaries.
    But, why would America expect anything different? The schools are just taking a page from the business world; make sure the top few executives are well compensated and crap on those who actually keep the business/school run day to day.
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    Welcome back from fantasyland...according to my little orphan Annie secret decoder ring and the GOP handbook, this was predetermined outcome at the hands of Mitt Romney.
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    @mtkopf personally, I feel all university's should have all public funding cut and turned private. Sad to say but the fact that education actually happens is just a secondary notion.
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    Just another reason why single payer or a govt option would have been a better choice than this right wing plan that was shoved down everyone's throats. Yes, it's better than nothing, but not much.
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    WHOSE plan was shoved down everyone's throats? LMAO!

    It was passed when the Dems had full control of Congress, unless you forgot that bit of pertinent i formation.

    Nancy infamously said that we needed to pass the bill before we could read it!
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    Economics teaches us that as the price goes up, the demand goes down. In order to keep the demand for their services up (aren't we all owed college educations?), they need to keep their costs down. Clearly, the right thing to do would be for all of the professors, especially those extremely rich tenured professors, to take a pay cut so that the less fortunate adjunct professors can get the healthcare they need. They owe them at least that much so that they can stay in their ivory towers.- TIC
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    Nothing is free, and employers should not have to shoulder the financial burden. The system is unfair, to both employers and those who can not afford medical insurance on there own, which is most people. Single payer. like most every other country has is the answer. Everyone shares in the expense.
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    @XLP The U.S. is ranked 37th in heath care by the World Health Organization. I live in the U.S. and access to heath care is prohibitively expensive for the majority of our citizens, unless someone else pays the bills. The individual simply can not afford quality health care and far too many go without. NOTHING is more important than one's health.
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    @Russell797 I don't know why the W.H.O. rates the US that way. But, I can tell you if you think health care will be cheaper with a statutory system you are very wrong. It gets expensive and complicated. It also is a pain when your entire parliament is engulfed in healthcare issues all of the time. I could give you detail after detail but I would just be wasting my time. I don’t expect you to believe me. Apparently most Americans feel like you do. Obama was re-elected. Thankfully Europe and Canada is moving away from this old way. So that will be the alternative as the US is now.
    Maybe this will be a better approach. Think of this. What if you paid for all people’s health care. Would you try to influence the way they live in ways you think will help save costs? Also the government will have to make procedural decisions based on cost. What do you do when you get sued (you can’t sue the US government) because of a bad drug or procedure? What would you tell the number of people who get expensive procedures just to live a few months more? How do you think this works? This is the story of a socialized society with statutory healthcare.
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    @XLP First of all, don't feel you are wasting your time with me, I will listen, but as a scientist the evidence must speak for itself. There are no perfect solutions to this issue, but we should seek to improve access to quality heath care. We have developed the highest grade medical technology on the planet, yet our own citizens in far too many cases can not afford access to it.

    If what you say is true about about costs, why then does the U.S. consumer of health care pay an average of twice per capita the rate of the average of all other health care systems? When the bottom line is of paramount importance, the insurance companies act just as you claim the government would. The rules are made by those who pay the bills. If you are one of the relatively few extraordinary folks for whom cost is no object, then I can see how you may feel threatened, but for the vast majority who are dependent on insurance for their access to health care this is no trivial matter, and again, far to many are left out, and that is totally unacceptable.
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    We have a bass ackwards President forcing a bass ackwards agenda down our throats. What kind of reaction do you expect to the Abomination called Obamacare. The guy just does not get it and is arrogant to the max. So, you reap what you sow.
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    HAHAHA well, they're getting what they voted for. So now, college tuition goes up ,and you still can't get a job when you get out.
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    What happens when pinheaded liberals who sit in a faculty lounge all day- try to construct how an economy 'should' work. Pure idiocy if they didn't think this would happen.
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    I work at a university. "Cuts" have been coming down the pipeline since 2008. For two years no one got a raise. Try ordering supplies. Try getting a reimbursement. Try setting a budget. Try hiring an extra worker. You might as well be invisable because no one is paying attention.

    But need another middle manager? Or another provost, executive, or director? No problem. We have them swinging from the trees. But we can't get decent computers for our physicians in training.

    Been to a community college lately? What a joke. Classroom hours have been cut, hybrid classes are being pushed on students...but the tuition keeps going up.

    Like any other business, colleges are out make more, more, more and they will do it at the expense of employees and consumers. When we all wake up and stop coddling them and feeling sorry for them, maybe then we'll demand better practices and receive more for our money. As long as we keep giving them excuses and accepting substandard services and products, WE the consumer are the ones who lose.
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    The majority of Academics supported Obamacare. And those that did, deserve to pay the price. They get what the get and I do not feel bad for them.

    However, my heart does go out to those who didn't support it and are now falling victim to Obamacare.
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    Maybe the Deans pay should be cut to cover the healthcare cost. These people are working and need healthcare. They are not TAKERS who think they are entitled.
    They are WORKING!
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