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    No I don't agree. but this is exactly the Obama administration plan. with the help of the lap dog media what is much distance between the truth and reality and fantasy.. and then stall as long as you can and then a cold hearted bi%ch like Clinton comes out and says something that ignorant what difference does it make.

    Like Rand Paul told her if he was president she would have been fired.
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    @OhWiseOne I don't know about Rand Paul being the GOP pic I kind of doubt they'll go that way... hell the with the way they look and they're dysfunction they might put boehner up there.
    What I do know is that Hillary Clinton has always been a terrible liar.
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    @OhWiseOne "Rand is the next GOP presidential nominee." That would work out very well for the Democrats. You guys never learn, do you?
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    @Zazziness yeah she fakes taking responsibility then fakes outrage.. although the outrage was more sincere she couldn't believe anyone would ask her to tell the truth.
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    "It is our job to figure out what happened and do everything we can to prevent it from ever happening again." - A perfectly reasonable attitude towards this tragedy. It is reprehensible that the republicans continue to use the deaths of 4 brave Americans for political purposes.
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    It makes a BIG difference you callous twit. If you and your ilk came out and told the truth from day one, you wouldn't have been in this mess. No, I'll go further than that, if you listened to Ambassador Stevens and aided his security request from the get-go, those for Brave Americans would have been alive today. 0bama/Clinton lies and people die....
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    Bengazi was tragic. Even more tragic is that Republicans are trying to use it for political gain. Not a newsworthy story. Yawn.
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    I do love how it always goes to "Obama is the reason they died". Terrorists? Nope. Obama.

    Let me ask you something, Mark. Have you ever been in a relationship that was failing? You were about to lose your girlfriend. Your friends ask you what's going on and you tell them, only to find out the things you told them were completely wrong? Do your friends from then on tell you you're the reason the relationship failed because you messed up when they first asked? See how idiotic it sounds?

    Americans died. STOP POLITICIZING IT. We get it. You don't like Obama. He didn't tell the terrorists to kill those people. He didn't get rid of Jimmy Haffa. He wasn't behind 9/11. And whether you choose to believe it or not, he's, honest to God, not a monster hiding under your bed.
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    @armed_liberal what's even more tragic than that is how the Democrats are using Sandy Hook for their political agenda.
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    @Polusalo Tell your fellow liberals to stop politicizing things then, you and your ilk are just as guilty in that department than I supposedly am.
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    I do tell my "fellow liberals" to stop politicizing Sandy Hook. Though there is a rather large difference there. They're politicizing something we actually have control over. We can take some guns away from some crazies in the US. We can't go to other countries and say "HEY! You can't have guns to kill our people with!"
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    It's important. Can't make things more secure in future unless we're fairly sure what started trouble in the past.
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    Exactly, you can't know what and who your fighting otherwise....also we need to know that those we have chosen to protect us are competent to do so....tell the truth....nothing more, nothing less.
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    It is NOT important. No matter what their reasons were it will never change what did. Therefore security needs to be made better so that no matter what somebody's reason is to breached an American embassy in the future they will not be able to.
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    @Waynestew it is in that if it was a protest that got out of hand like the administration first told us then then that one sort of eventuality that needs to be addressed, at what point do you stop shooting over the heads of the protestors and just plain start shooting into the heads of the protestors? If it was in fact a planned terrorist attack a few things will then need to be addressed, like how we missed this, or did we hear the chatter and not take it seriously, which faction did it, is this an isolated incident or can we expect more from this group. There are all kind of ramifications of the difference. Hilary is doing a Damon good job of avoiding that issue, she is a Damon good lawyer if nothing else.
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    @SavageMazx I think it has already been stated that it was a deliberate terrorist attack. So again I find pointless to continue to ask that question of why baby over and over. Ms. people are really concerned about what we should do in the future and they should stop looking to pass blame. As in most government f*ck ups there is usually enough blame to go around everyone.
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    The difference it makes is that if it was a spontaneous protest that was spawned by a youtube video then the investigation should focus on who in this Administration decided to attack instead of defend the 1st Amendment and why.

    As it is... the investigation is focused on who decided that it was a good idea to lie about a coordinated pre-planned terrorist attack and use that youtube video as a vehicle to attack the 1st Amendment for weeks and why.

    ps... that videomaker is still in federal prison.
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    Could the question be posed in a more convoluted fashion? Do we agree that it's unimportant? How about "Do we care if the current administration lied to us"? Hillary Clinton wants to be President and she doesn't think it's important if she was involved in willfully misleading the citizens of the United States? Or how about "How hard do you think the media is going to work to help keep Benghazi swept under the rug?" That would be a good question, too..
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    They don't care about the cause. They don't care about the people killed. They only care about the poles and they only carer about their safety.
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    It's important because this was a planned attack that the consulate knew was coming! Our government failed them and let them be slaughtered even though they has requested ,ney begged for protection that was not given! They were slaughtered!
    There's a huge difference between this and a spur of the moment attack!
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    It doesn't matter as Long as its not you're husband, son, or daughter ! It makes my blood boil how the democrats get a free pass,you let a republican say"it doesn't matter "! The dems would be ready to grab an AR-15 and gun him down! Can you say "double standard" !
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    Would she be saying what difference does it make if it was her child who got killed. The big deal about this Mrs. Clinton is that you and your president LIED TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. That is the point we all are trying to make.
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    There is a big difference. One, is the fact that the Embassy had been bombed two months prior and the Ambassador had pleaded for more security, he even
    wrote in a diary that he feared for his safety and his life. The difference is that
    this was not an arbitrary 'protest'. This was a planned attack and had her department made sure that they had better security, and it was HER job to
    see that they did, the four men who died would probably be alive today. She
    doesn't want to accept responsibility and wants to act as if it was 'happenstance'.
    It wasn't , she knows it , the men who died knew it, and the families of the men who died also know it. She's not fooling anyone.
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    This adminastration is a disgrace. Just another lie they told for 2 weeks until Obama was safely elected. Day after he was elected,they came out with the truth. They chose to blame it on some poor guys movie than Obamas poor policies. If I was the man who made that movie I would sue this piss poor adminastration for everything they got because he is now a marked man. It amazes me that Obama can do and say what ever he wants and these fools will believe. Folks this country is in big trouble when we have a man running this country that people worships like some kind of God.
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    As taxpayers, we have to wonder how well dollars are being spent by our Federal government and how appropriately our leaders and legislators are addressing important issues. This wasn't the most catastrophic incident they've dealt with. However, it seems it could have been avoided entirely. Intelligence indicated security and safety were inadequate. Was it a matter of costs? One of Michelle"s vacations would have covered a lot of that expense. Was it a lack of concern? That certainly seems to be a possibility. After all, Hillary's cavalier attitude today makes apparent she still feels it's much ado about nothing.
    When the incident was first made public, the administration seemed pretty upset that a disrespectful video was posted and were quick to focus blame. Since then, they've acted evasively and with impatience that requests for answers continued. Is it unreasonable to ask why when responses are inconsistent?
    I conclude Hillary and others involved will ultimately avoid providing info requested and their credibility will remain sorely inadequate..
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    The Secretary's comment was in response to Sen Johnson's accusation that the administration "deliberately" mislead people in the days following the attack. I'd have been pissed, too.
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    Wouldn't prevention not only include the what but the why? What if it was a planned attack, or a new M.O. if you will? What if there are orders from the terror leadership to plan and carry out attacks on US embassies while masked in protest? I don't think they were honest or did a good job! I don't think Hillary will either!
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    What difference does it make? Well, when you had intelligence telling you months in advance that an attack was going to happen and was only a matter on time ... yeah ... that makes a big difference. Just another example of this administrations incompetence! Their only answer to every problem they face is to throw more taxpayer dollars at it ... I know I feel safer with this kind of political intelligence protecting us ... rotflmao!
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    Not just this administration, but can you imagine her as president going off like that to the people,''what difference does it make!''
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    President Obama said he ended terrorism, he said it is because he understands them because he has lived over there with them. He said, it would be a huge benefit to have a President, like himself, who understands their ways.
    Now it doesn't seem so in this case
    Hmm so either he don't know them as well as he thinks, or maybe he was aware, maybe they were all aware in Wash. DC.
    Maybe it was just bad timing to go and start a war over some terrorist attacking our Embassy.
    We didn't see it happen, but Obama and others watched it happen in real time video feed. They sat and watched as 2 waves of terrorist with RPG's attacked American soil and our Ambassidor and others, and they did zero about it, then they lied for 17 days to the UN, America, and to the families of those killed.
    Sounds like more than an OOPS moment to me, sounds like just another day here in Candy Land USA.
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    Why is she mad? HER State Dept put out that there was a mob and the building was stormed by them. Now it "doesn't matter"? Clinton needs to be in an interrogation room with the cops, not in some kangaroo committee where they yell back and forth, but she'll walk out with a medal or something.
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    @RobertJHarsh She chose to not participate in the lie. Yet, she's here now defending it.

    Man, that 'vast right-wing conspiracy' is getting tougher to sell every day. LOL
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