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    I am a small business owner and I don't know how much more I can take. My bills have went up 20% in the last two years so where do I get the money? Raising my labor rates that's not right. We have not changed our rates in 4 years but looks like if things keep going up I will have no choice. It's a shame people on welfare are better off then me. Way to go Obama let stick it to America four more years.
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    If I were a small business I'd definitely feel strained. Too much regulation from Washington, entirely too much. How can one have the flexibility to promote new products and services and to be creative with a large bureaucracy on their backs demanding they conform to some rigid standards?
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    If anyone has had a small business,10 to 20 people, provided insurance,a 401 K holidays and vacation time, they know it aint no cake walk and we sure as hell don't need any social liberal telling us we have to consider the voluntary dead weight of society
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    I had 50 full timers and 50 part timers for 30 years and never made money before or after like I did when Clinton was in office.
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    @jessejaymes - I can't figure out the heartburn. The way I read the difference between ObamaCare and RomneyCare is the employee qualifying number was 10 for R/C and 100 for O/C. Are these numbers the quantifying for what is small or mid sized business??
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    @Rocker I don't know Rocker. I support socialized medicine but this bastard child called Obamacare is neither fish nor fowl. The GOP and the Blue dog democrats seem to have used it to actually benefit the Insurance companies. I don't think this is going to turn out well but it may be the final catylst that puts us into socialized medicine. I hope so. For the working class poor that are still trying. They need a break.
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    @Rocker The difference between Romneycare and Obamacare is Obama is a Liberal Democrat and Romney is a Con....(Oh god I couldn't say that with a straight face.) .. well he's a Republican at least.
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    And Bonner was his Game. ei ei OOOOOOOOOO,just what do you think the small Business association is going to say....Oh no its all fine we have just been screwing America for the last 4 years.????????
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    @MaxPain over the past 4 years, well it starts at the top, guess who that is? Here's a clue: B.0. and it stinks....
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    I question the validity of the statistics.
    The business people I talk to are almost uniformly optimistic.
    Not giddy, but satisfied with the trends.
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    Are small business owners right to feel depressed about the economy? Absolutely!!!!
    This Obama has thrashed our economy
    Tax and regulate..and control people......The death of America
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    What good is a tax break when you're being raping into bankruptcy by being forced to pay for someone else's damn healthcare and contraceptives!
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    New taxes alone for the results of my work are actually 50% larger than gross receivables. Am I confident in the economy? Hell no. At every angle possible, the government and Federal Reserve is bleeding this economy dry.
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    I stick with market performance vs the right wing Chamber of Commerce

    1. The S&P Homebuilders ETF(exchange-traded fund) rallied today and closed at the highest level since August 2007, more than five years ago (see chart above). Over the last year, the major homebuilder ETF has increased by more than 50% as the housing sector recovers and continues to lead the U.S. stock market higher in 2013. Shares of another key housing market indicator, the iShares Dow Jones US Home Construction ETF, closed on Wednesday at the highest level (22.33) since April 2008 before falling slightly today to 21.96 (see chart). Since January of last year, this key construction ETF has delivered a whopping 68.6% annual return.
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    I said something similar about the market when I first came to this site and was quickly lambasted by some Right posters. Good times those first days. Good times...
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    @Fishbone345 i love when they cry their company blew their 401 k ,
    I purchased 3 upscale gated community homes 3-4 yrs ago,mshort sales and foreclosures had them rented at break even. Sold one last week, recouped nearly my entire investment in the 3. Anything I get on the other two nearly pure gravy, I'm not gloomy at all. housing prices are up 45% here and inventory is declining rapidly. In no rush to sell the other two
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    @Knightmare Trust? or simple observation of the facts. only a fool watches the world go by and does not take advantage of the obvious
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    @martydotcom What obvious? That the "economy" is doing better? In what sector? Seems the big banks and big corporations are doing slightly better....but this one of the worst years retail wise for christmas....
    And if you really know what the market is can see that the dollar is still losing its value....
    There are some sectors of housing that seem to be recovering....other sectors still bad and even doing worse....
    The indicator still are jobs and small businesses and these are doing very bad still....

    Basically, thus far there is no growth from Dow companies as a whole, but more earnings are still to come, so this is early. When we remove Travelers from Q3 results, EPS growth appears to be 7.65% for the Dow thus far, but revenue actually becomes negative (-0.02%). This time, Travelers clearly is a drag on the Dow.

    My position suggests that real Dow growth rates have been extremely weak, but multiples have not declined with that weakness; they have increased instead. Without aggressive share-repurchase programs, the EPS numbers would look much worse than they already do, real dollar-denominated earnings are actually negative, that means Dow companies as a group are contracting not expanding, and valuation concerns will soon start to come into play.
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    On the bright side, it will be a BANNER YEAR for gun manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and peripheral businesses, like cleaning equipment manufacturers, ammunition manufacturers, paper target manufacturers, gun case manufacturers, gun safe manufacturers, makers of lubricants like BreakFree CLP, rifle and pistol magazine manufacturers, etc. Who knows? President Obama may yet pull us out of this recession through firearm and peripheral equipment sales alone! ;o)
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    They had a chance for change, but unfortunatly people decided they wanted four more years of crushing debt, lies, and executive orders that give illegal immigrants legal status and allow them to take jobs from legal residents.
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    I know I am. I can't hire anyone now because of Obamacare. I got a new list of regulations that all cost me money. All of my employees had tax increases. I did too.
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    Everybody wanted to be their own boss. They all wanted that small business. They all fell for that cock and bull from banks and lenders and credit card companies about the American dream being one's own business.

    50% of new businesses fail in their first year and 80% fail within five years. 80%!! And most fail deeply in debt.

    It's not the economy's fault that people are so shortsighted. They rush headlong into an idea without considering the failure points. How many pizza restaurants can a community possibly sustain... especially when competing with the leaders in the market? Are people really spending enough money on herbal teas to support a store in a high end shopping center? How much is running this business going to cost in overhead, taxes, inventory, employees and still be able to pay yourself a living?

    If it ain't there, it ain't there and you're asking for trouble if you put on blinders and think you'll be the next Bill Gates, when in fact you'll be standing in bankruptcy court explaining to a judge how nobody wanted to buy your fudge.
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    tamales corn and chips are doing well in the cart business.all cash and carry.

    guy loads down 150 bags of chips,50 corns and a few 100 tamales on his cart has 30 or more working for him loaded down with all the above. add in all have cell phones that one call has more delivered . those guys are doing great right out in the open and no one touches them.

    300 bux every few hours x however many employees he has running under the table.then add buying it with an ebt.
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    Some people just aren't just don't know what to do. If you don't have what people want or cater to people. Who's going to come to your business. I see nice stores around here. But, everyone goes to Walmart. Step your game up and stop crying. A great business mine would still make money during a recession.
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    Of course they are. Obama HATES business, both large and small. Those evil private businesses take the sweat and toil of workers and profit from them. He will tax and regulate them all into oblivion if he can. Then the government can take care of all the workers like they need to be taken care of. That will show the evil businesses that we don't need their kind. Only the government can provide for everyone in a fair and equal way.
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