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    Just more propaganda, anything the liberal media can do to make the white male look like a disgruntled,jealous racist and loseing his grip on everything, is just not believeable. Nothing positive in the news about any white male anymore and even moreso if a conservative white male. Just remember who made this country what it is.
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    thank you for proving my point in the post above yours. it is always easier when others provide the proof for you...
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    I think the article already has this question pegged. Where in the civilian world do women, even black and Hispanic get equal pay as men, especially white men. Also the chance of advancement, the same thing. These women work hard, do their jobs and are rewarded appropriately with pay and advancement. Maybe I should have given the military a try, but only as an officer. I graduated with a male friend from college with the same degree, but I had better grades. We began working at the same place at the same time with the same job. He made more money than me straight out of the gate. He was also promoted a few times, me never. I was as good or better than him. That is why I quit and went back to college to further my degree.
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    Well duh! There not being shot at everyday out on the field of battle or having their arms, legs, etc. blown off either. Thanks to this study we might have never known the obvious huh? Wonder how much taxpayer dollars were wasted on studying this BS!
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    @Fishbone345 @Fishbone345 He's quite serious...and don't call him Shirley.:)

    Seriously though, government has proven to be incapable of leading through bipartisan cooperation...any change in that is about as likely as our friendly neighborhood polar bear schilling for Dr. Pepper.
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    The increased likelihood of dying because of the US being involved in a war almost all the time affects satisfaction? Who knew?
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    @woodtick57 My point was more about mathematics.
    Minorities are called so because of quantity not quality and women aren't in combat roles right now.
    It's logical to assume more white men dying equates to poor job satisfaction.
    Being treated as equals is a good thing, no doubt about it.
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    or it could be what the story stated and they are dissatisfied because they lost the advantage they used to have...
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    @woodtick57 that is someone's theory in the story. I'd lean towards reality myself. I don't think every white male is not satisfied because they are either a racist or misogynist.
    When I was in, I saw a lot of people getting burned out because of extensive deployments.
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    wwell, of course this is true! I'll give the following reasons to support this as a member of the CF for 3 long years.

    #1) Woman, are respected and held equally in high esteem, this is somewhat new for them, no offense.
    #2) Men who were once valued for their strength and high combat prowess are not held to this degree anymore. This is the tecnhical age.
    #3) Woman, are often treated with favoritism, they are often the only females around and are not expected to perform to our levels physically.
    #4) I meet some woman who base their joining on the CF to meet guys. Men treat woman preferably whether they realize it or not.
    #5) Woman don't have to change anything physically about themselves. We have to cut our hair and shave our faces. Woman don't have to worry about that, woman can go home after a long day of training or work and look exactly how they did coming out coming in. Us, who had long hair or neatly trimmed beards which is somewhat a double standard and raises alot of ethical debates.
    ( long hair not hygienic than why can woman? Beards can't fit gas mask? Make a different size. Helmet can't fit with long hair ? Make a different size. Why subjugate the males but not the women? More double standards.)
    Finally , this is off topic, but i believe women and men should not do physical training situations together. I found in boot camp many of us fit guys had to sit back and wait for us , and as a result alot of us did not manage to improve our physical conditional. This kind of, ended up making a large part of boot camp reasonless.
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    This is selection bias: women who enter the military are by nature highly motivated, determined individuals. They have probably thought more deeply about what they are doing and why they are doing it. The male sample is more heterogeneous.
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    From my life's experience, and service in the US Army I believe this. Women mature faster than men. And because of the thickness of their brains' Corpus Callosum (as has been found in VERY MANY GAY MEN during the many autopsies performed during the HIV Epidemic) they tend to be able to MULTI-TASK more efficiently than most straight men. Another EXCELLENT argument for leaving gays be in the US Military. They are also more practical and realistic than men and most didn't go in the Armed Forces with false or unrealistic expectations. I want to add that I don't think the US Armed Forces are doing enough to prevent and punish rapes. I think that anyone raping a fellow soldier ought to do at least 20-30 years at Leavenworth or some other maximum security federal correctional institution. That would send a clear message to anyone even contemplating this type of outrageous, callous, cruel, and heinous act against a fellow soldier, REGARDLESS OF GENDER OR SEXUAL PREFERENCE.
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    I think that women who are happy with military life are just finding something they cannot find in civilian life. And, I believe it is the opportunity to excel in an adventurous job. I think that women have the same "need to succeed" that men have. I am encouraging my granddaughers to attend college and seek a good education, but if one chooses to enter the military, I will be just as proud of her as I will the ones who become doctors, lawyers, or Indian Chiefs.
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    I feel women are good for the military! I know a few men who whined about going to war and I was like "What the hell did you join for?".

    I worked with a female veteran and she was like "Bring It Own".
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    As a retired veteran I could have told you that. I was a drill sergeant for two years and do you know who bitched and cried the most? Young men!! It was embarrassing that these spoiled morons couldn't cowboy up in basic training yet the women continued to shine with honors. Just like in high school-girls did better in everything. If you read my article about women in combat positions I gave them a thumbs up. The so called "men" in the military today need to grab their balls and cowboy up and take on the world!
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    Perhaps because in the military, they get equal pay and benefits to their male counterparts. This includes, but not limited to, superior medical benefits.
    Heck, I just might re-enlist myself.
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    I once knew a woman who was originally from Colombia, who said that her years in the US Air Force were the happiest of her life. She was stationed in the Azores as a radar operator, had regular hours, good pay, respect, never had to worry about what to wear each day, and had plenty of free time.
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