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    Restrictions are required to protect the innocent from exploitation. Nothing can grow for free, growth always comes at the expense of something or someone else. Those others require an entity to look out for their interests. Economic growth must take place in an environment in balance, or that growth will not be sustainable for long.
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    All I seem to get out of this is hopefully we never have any mass power outages! The 'New Power Class' are so "tied" to their electronic gadgets that they'll walk into traffic while "communicating". More 'power' to 'em. Just hope they understand that they will have to clean up my bumper when I run over 'em.....LOL.
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    Good point. And besides, once there's complete economic collapse intellectuals will be rendered completely helpless and worthless.
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    @TheJimmy Thanks to the "helpless and worthless" intellectuals who saved as much knowledge as possible after the collapse of civilization that lead to the Dark Ages of Europe, we didn't have to rediscover everything that was learned before then, including those "Gospels" that some people seem to value.
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    @TheJimmy And then you can round them up and kill them just like Mao did with the cultural revolution.
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    clerisy - Educated people considered as a group; the literati.

    The more our world is based on technology and science, the more the well educated will have influence.

    It's not about Obama or liberals, it's about an increasingly technical world.
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    Yes, and it would be wise if we considered the fact the we are using technology and fossil fuels to exceed the carrying capacity of the earth.
    That's not going to last forever, and the adjustment will be harsh.
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    @harold_lloyd Right, it is estimated that humans are demanding the equivalent of 1 1/2 Earths in terms of resource exploitation and the rate at which it can absorb and process pollution. This can not continue indefinitely. Either we find ways to live sustainably or we are doomed. That is unless the almighty can change the laws of physics!
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    Well, doomed is a little strong. Lets' say instead that our culture and civilization are in peril, but I'm beginning to think humans will be here after the roaches are gone.
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    Looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, must be a duck. Socialism is socialism no matter how you paint it. Democrat ideologies mirror those of communism.
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    The internet is becoming a toilet where anyone and everyone who thinks himself a "writer" deposits sh*t and the public doesn't consider flushing before it takes a look in the bowl.
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    The article has valid points and does resemble my opinion. I think we've forgotten that advances need to be built on a solid base. Should the base crumble the whole tower comes down.
    A comment I saw above is just a little naive. Made a point that learned knowledge is what brought us out of the dark ages which, yes, was helpful, but was also accessible.The points made about a power grid collpse were dead on the money. Should such an event occur, available knowledge will disappear in short order and entire segments of our society will simply die. Plain and simple.
    Knowledge that is kept and saved nowadays has lost much of its base. As an example, NASA and JPL send techs to the Smithsonian and other museums to try and figure out just what the heck we did to make the moon flights possible. All the technology available today and they don't know how to do something we did with far less knowledge. And that info doesn't seem to have made the transition into the electronic world.That is a real problem and is occurring across most of our society in just about any avenue that you want to look.
    If you take the political translations of the article out of the discussion you'll find that someone has pointed out a real crisis in the making.
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    Yes, and a VERY DANGEROUS 'New Power Class' with a strain of the fact-suppressing, paternalistic, do as I say autocrat in their DNA. See the web site
    assaultweaponsbanof2013 blogspot dot com for THE TRUTH according to the US Department of Justice's Bureau of Justice Statistics. You will learn WHY there is a ban on Firearms Research- it's because it DOES NOT support the Administration's Agenda.
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    Does Obama and Co. Represent the 'New Power Class'?

    Power class? NO!
    He has entitled the LOW CLASS Welfare people, Obama people are those people who intend to get something for nothing.
    They are the low class socialists!!
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    Back when I was a child the ultra rich and religion both tried to keep people under their thumb with a single Phrase "Money is the root of evil". The translation for that by the Church was "give us your money and we'll make it not evil but good, you can't do that". The ultra rich on the other hand said give us your money and we'll give you jobs and make your life easier. Neither has come to pass.

    I see we have a new catch phrase. We "not so money oriented" as long as we can be plactaed by our computers, our video games, our movies, our guns and yes our religion. The message remains the same. The rich get the money and the rest of us are just one massive power outage away from realizing that what we "like" is still in the hands of the rich.

    I once read the words of someone who's name is long forgotten but who said "money isn't everything but it's way ahead of whatever is in second place.".
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    i see obama as trying to bring us down to the level of low producing countries, forced wealth distribution didn't work as planned so bringing us down to their level seems to be his way.
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    Wow! Does this mean there will be more than 1% relevance!
    Heaven forbid we abandon our Plutocracy and join the community of free world nation's!
    Shudder ))))))))))
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    This experiment has been a miserable failure everywhere it has been tried. Give people equal opportunities. Some will rise sky high some will rise a little some will not take advantage at all. So be it. Determining winners and losers requires a huge ego, first of all. Then it requires a persecution complex. Not good qualities for a leader of a nation.
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    "regulate everything from how people live to what industries will be allowed to grow, or die."

    Can someone please give me one administration that didn't do this? This sounds a lot like how Romney was railing on Obama for 'killing coal' and 'picking winners and losers' pointing to solyndra, but in the very same speech says he wants to give more tax breaks to coal and less investment for clean energy. Um... that's still picking winners and losers, just picking different winners and losers.
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    Obama is an effective communicator. I will give him that. Obama is essentially organization the non-white, non-traditional American groups that could start a business or get a real job if their lives depended on it. Since they can't, they conclude that they are being discriminated against, turn to Obama and the socialists for help and become gimmedatars. Obama, in turn, punishes the successful class, something his supporters cannot ever become because <insert excuse here> and he uses that money to feed the welfare rolls so these people can go out and buy trinkets and toys that they identify with as socialists, typically Apple products.

    Obama's followers (excluding the retirees scared of losing SS, homosexuals, non-religious, and angry white women) are not hard working Americans because they believe making money is a bad thing, making money is the cause of the world's problems, and making money is unamerican. That is why Occupy was so effective in demonizing the successful class in this country. 1% wasn't just the top 1% of wealth ownership.$250,000 in assets or more is roughly 35-40% of the country. Interesting Obama chose that number. And with each successful socialist presidency America has, that $250k will get lowered. In 5 years, it'll be $200k, and in 10,$175k when all of the sudden in 2024,$100k or more are "rich". Forgot $100k won't buy a cardboard box behind a homeless shelter in NYC.

    The New Power Class will become the Cadres whom beat down protesters who want lower taxes, pro-business laws, and less government interference in their lives.
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    I really need to use Word when typing out the long ones. I always screw something up!:)

    "Obama is essentially ORGANIZING the non-white, non-traditional American groups that could not start a business or get a real job if their lives depended on it."
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    I acknowledge that if your feet smell and your nose were built upside down...nothing more... Nothing less
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    So, I think what he is saying is that America has decided it does not need to create anything of any real value anymore. We will sell ourselves as creating "virtual value" for the world, vs. any real tangible value. Pretty slippery slope if you ask me. When the world decides it doesn't need virtual, only something of real value, we are screwed. But then, with the re-election of Obama, the country is screwed already.
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    We used to create all kinds of things. Remember? The automobile, the airplane, name it, we made it.

    But once something becomes an "empire" it goes to hell. It happens with every business. Facebook is a recent example. It's on its way down the drain because it lost sight of the needs of its consumers. Happens all the time.

    There seems to be a model in business that insists on more, more, more at all costs. Yet, there is always a ceiling. No matter how big the business gets it will hit the top eventually and then there is no place to go but down. You can lay off employees, you can outsource to other countries, you can use cheap materials, but you can't keep going up forever.

    If businesses would take up a productive, yet meaningful business model, and learn to be content you would see the economy turn around and our country would become much more prosperous. But, as long as we have this idea that there is an unending road to riches, then we'll be on a slippery slope and we'll accomplish nothing of real value.
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