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    This judge needs to go back and do some scientific research, there are some good medical uses for marijuana.
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    He was probably too busy sifting through the thousands upon thousands of death by marijuana over dose medical reports...
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    @Len_in_NY2 you don't have to like it, you just have to abide by it. And like everyone craming the "federal gun legislation" down my throat will be law of the land, this too is law of the land. Supersedes any and all "state" laws.

    Never know, maybe the sheriffs that won't enforce any new gun legislation that contradicts the 2nd amendment, won't enforce this law too. Doubt it, but maybe.

    Onus of proof always lies within the person making the claim.
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    @Republican5001 There are hundreds of thousands of anecdotal reports of how marijuana has been useful to patients in their treatment from both patients and their caregivers. You can read quite a few of them here in this thread. To claim there is no medical use for marijuana takes a very heavy set of blinders.
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    I thought that odd, "worse than heroin and meth." Heroin and meth alter your brain permanently. From what I've read over the years pot does not. Big difference. I've known many addicts never have I come across a marijuana addict. Interesting.
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    Sounds like something written by the fine folks who design ad campaigns for the pharma companies doesn't it?
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    Generally alcohol is rated slightly above nicotine and slightly below opium on the potential addiction scale. Marijuana is rated as roughly the same as caffeine.
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    It's easy to say there's not enough evidence when you BAN anyone from doing the research to provide that evidence.

    What's ironic is that there are about a dozen people alive today who receive 200 joints a month from the govt for medical purposes. Not only that, but they have federal permission to literally smoke wherever they want, including in their car.
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    Once again there are none so blind as those who will not see. The judge's decision was not based on medical evidence. It was based on what law enforcement wants to protect its authority, budget and easy access to funds by way of the RICO Act. The government makes quite well on this fiasco and is in no mood to give up its authoritive and financial access.
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    In a court a judge is the first one to tell you to shut up if you're not a lawyer. Judges are NOT doctors,"Judge- shut the *&%$ up!"
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    Too true. Try walking into a courtroom with a sound, supreme court verified defense and no lawyer, and watch how quickly you are silenced under threat of harsh sentencing.
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    It shouldn't matter if marijuana has medicinal benefits. It is NOT as destructive as alcohol in drinking form for Christ sake. To classify Pot as a schedule one drug with heroin, meth, cocaine, Angel Dust, Peyote, Loratabs, Xanax, Rupees, and a hundred others is nothing more that stupidity.

    This ruling is akin to saying that goats often butt children so we'll classify sheep as grizzly bears. It has no relevance to being a schedule one drug. There has never been, in the history of the world, a single documented case of death by overdose of smoking pot.
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    It does have medical uses and modern generations would not have access to it where it not for our ancient ancestors who started using it for medicinal and religious reasons thousands of years ago. Anyway, these are establishment idiots who just can't get it through their heads that we would considerably reduce violence in our country, and abroad if we decriminalized all drugs. Legalize them and see the Drug Cartels fade away. The same goes for other idiotic things that are now illegal, like prostitution, for example. In Germany, it has been legal for many, many years. Prostitutes are government-inspected and pay taxes. Many work in "Eros Centers"/"Arabella Houses" where they and their clients are safe and protected. Germany is a world economic POWERHOUSE, and their crime rates are much, much lower than ours. I don't know much about German drug laws, but I remember seeing young men openly selling Hashish in downtown Kaiserslautern and other cities like Mainz, Frankfurt, Wiesbaden, Wurzburg, etc., in view of Polizei and no one getting arrested. So their drug laws must be much more relaxed. It is true that Germany has been fairly homogenous demographics-wise for a long time, but that has been changing with the migration of foreign workers from Northern and Equatorial Africa and the Middle East.
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    I say if it's "victimless", like prostitution and drug use, then legalize and tax it. Instead of spending BILLIONS of dollars, we could probably eliminate the National Debt by taxing it...
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    The feds have a great deal of money and careers invested in keeping grass illegal. Imagine the prisons having to release thousands of those busted for pot possession once it was legalized.
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    Imagine losing all of that lobbyist $$$ from the sectors who profit as a result of prohibition? Pharma, alcohol, textiles, big oil, your aforementioned private prison builders, DEA and other LEOs, food corps such as Monsanto.
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    @Len_in_NY2 It should probably surprise no one that one of the biggest lobbying efforts in the country is by the unions that represent law enforcement and corrections officers...
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    "federal experts".....HMMM....wond er if the term oxymoron can be equated here?
    This is just another ruling by the federal courts that is ignoring the will of it's people! It's a blatant disregard to "of the people, by the people and FOR the people". To compare marijuana to heroin and then say it's worth than meth is asinine! You know, sometimes judges have to visit a crime scene to better "judge" the crime! Wonder if these (so-called) judges would like to compare these drugs to better judge their "crimes"! What a day they smoke day they shoot heroin.....third day they smoke meth. On the fourth day, if they are still alive, they can then judge the culpability of those 3 "criminals".
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    Put it to national vote and let us decided if its as dangerous as heroin or meth, cause everyone knows the truth an personally speaking I'd rather smoke or eat pot for my medical problems instead of the half dozen opiates the doctor prescribes ( which I refuse to take an constantly in pain).
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    It doesn't matter; nobody has the right to tell me i can't smoke weed when caffeine is proven to be more dangerous. The judges make 6 figures a year for being lazy sitting behind a bench and extorting money from peaceful, hardworking citizens. They don't want the money to go to the state in taxes because then it would be accounted for and not going to their pockets. /end argument.
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    Alcohol companies don't want legal pot - it is competition. Local police don't want legal pot - it is far easier to arrest passive pot smokers than violent criminals. Judges don't want legal pot - job security. Jails and prisons don't want legal pot - job security and easy to handle passive prisoners. Drug companies don't want legal pot - competition from non-patentable medicines. Drug cartels don't want legal weed - bug profits $$$. Regular people do want legal marijuana. End result - Of course marijuana is illegal. Any questions? Remember Money talks and bullsh!t walks - "Ozzie" Myers
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    @PNWest "bullsh!t walks" want to contest this statement. Don't know 'bout you city folk's BS, but here in the country, our BS stays were the bull plops it! ;-)
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    @stepped_in_it Ozzie Myers was a PA Congressman back in the 1970's. He got caught on video accepting a $50,000 bribe when he made that famous quote while stuffing the cash in his pockets. It made for very good TV. He got 3 years for the performance but no Emmy.
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    My knee jerk is that these judges are uninformed. But they must only deal with the evidence before them. I guess the medical and scientific community, along with us pro marijuana advocates need to go back to the drawing board. Perhaps a different approach altogether.
    Since it remains classified as equal to H and worse than meth, perhaps we simply need to prove that it is harmless and therefore should be legal for recreational use.
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    Marijuana Has No Medical Use, Federal Court Rules
    Hell we knew this all along.
    This was just another attempt by liberals to get pot legalized
    Smoking pot is just another bad practice...End of story
    Liberals need to stop buying pot, and then drug cartels will sease to operate in our country.
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    Eventually it will be legal across the board in most states and on the federal level. This is a country of drug addicts and we even elect them to be presidents. Scary thought but real.
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    @Vance1 You don't NEED it but it makes it easier for some. Now you will state they are faking it and don;'t need it and just want to get buzzed?
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    All drugs, pharmaceuticals,'natural' drugs, have side effects. It's just a matter of to
    what degree. It's all in weighing the pro's and cons of the drug. Pot has been used
    for a long time, mainly to get 'high' and if it relieves pain or not is subjective. It may be that pot makes a person high, therefore they are not feeling pain. Alcohol may
    take the pain away also, but it has many health risks if one becomes dependent .
    Many people self medicate, especially those with psychiatric problems and will
    try any drug to try to eliminate the feelings of their illness, psychotropic drugs can
    have serious side effects.The side effects from pot are, depression, higher risk of
    lung cancer, heart attacks and increase in car accidents while driving impaired.
    No drug is 100% safe, whether it is 'grown' or made in a lab, and often we don't
    know the full effects until the damage is done. I think everyone lives with a certain
    amount of pain, but I feel safer using FDA approved pain relievers and only when
    I have to. I'm waiting for the comments...LOL
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    "...higher risk of lung cancer."
    Actually, no on that one though you are right that it does raise blood pressure for about an hour after smoked. Some scientists ran a study looking for lung cancer as a result of marijuana smoking, fully expecting they would find a link. They were stunned when they found none. Since then, subsequent studies have hinted its possible the cannabinoids in marijuana may actually kill cancer cells. They need to do heaps more research but one thing they did conclude -- there does not seem to be a link between smoking marijuana and lung cancer.
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    Sounds like you work for the feds, your just spewing the same lies. Do a search for Sativa medicines of the 1930's and you'll see it was used in many forms. Cannabis does not make you depressed it makes you happy and it has been proven not to cause lung cancer in fact it slows the growth of tumors. It does not lead to heart attacks (how insane) and studies have also been done in states with MMJ showing less accidents because most driving under the influence of Cannabis are safer drivers but it is not recommended. One thing we can agree on is everything you put in your body even food has side effects but cannabis side effects do not deem it necessary to be illegal! Also check out MMJ states have seen Teen Marijuana use go down because you need an ID.
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    @Bhonze "It does not lead to heart attacks (how insane)..."
    Actually, she's right that it does raise blood pressure for about an hour after use and in a patient who is vulnerable to heart attacks, that might be a concern because it could lead to a heart attack. But you are right to say "marijuana can cause heart attacks" is misleadingly broad.
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    @Gtiallday I have attended medical psychiatric seminars and it costs literally
    hundreds of millions of dollars to get a drug approved, any drug. Once there is
    a class action lawsuit, they are taken off the market, as we have seen over and over again on drug recalls...Every drug has side effects. It is a matter of if the
    benefits of the drug outweigh the side effects of the drug. Period.
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    If they think there's been no study on maijuana's effects, then order one! I know for sure that it does! When my step-daughter was dying of cancer, my husband allowed her to smoke pot. The result was that the hospice nurse was able to significantly reduce the narcotics being pumped into her body by a pump machine through a central line. She was able to spend over two weeks interacting with friends and family. She even went out one night with her friends without being drugged up like the narcotics were doing. Before they resorted to pot, she would start to say something and fall asleep mid word. After, she was practically normal. She only layed down almost 3 days before she died. She did that when she found out my 10 year old son( her step-brother) died. When she found out, she layed down and never got back up. Nobody told her, she guessed. My husband must mot have been able to wipe the look of grief off his face. My son and i were at St. Jude's in Memphis. Though going through so much, my son was doing well. we were about to go home the next week. His death shocked everyone, incuding his doctors! Turns out it was a pulmonary embolism. There was no way to expect that in a ten year old. My daughter, step but we didn't consider the kids step and neither did the kids, and husband had gone to Hot Springs where they were from and all her family was there and her closest friends. Her brother went with them. My older son stayed with me to help pack up to go home and to spend Christmas together in Memphis. 3 more minutes and my son would have died on Christmas eve. we say it was Christmas eve because it was by the time we got to see him after he died. My daughter died the evening after Christmas. My husband called right when we got home from my son's visitation. After his funeral, we had to go to Hot Springs and make the arrangements and do it all over again. She was buried beside her mother who had died when she was little.(of the same disease I have now. Didn't know it until my pregnancy with our 7 year old daughter brought it to the surface, SLE lupus)
    To me her weeks before she died is clear proof! They are together now! They loved each other so much! She was 17. They are who conspired to get my husband and me together. It worked!
    Also, how can the justices refute the clear evidence that marijuana can stop and reverse glaucoma if caught in time? No other drug can. It's already been proven!
    Legalizing marijuana would help both my son, husband and me. My son has the same disease as his younger brother did. He never fully recovered from his bone marrow transplant. He is so skinny you would think he was from a starving country. He also is in pain most of the time. He does not want to take narcotic pain meds and doesn't want to do something illegal. Both my son's doctor at home and my doctor have both asked if we had tried marijuana to ease our symptoms. No, I'm like my son, it's illegal. It would help my son be able to eat and gain weight he badly needs. He is 22 now and has to go to the junior girls department to find plain looking jeans in a size 0. All the drugs they gave him caused avascular necrosis in his joints. very painful. It may sound absurd, but I have begged my son to use marijuana. He doesn't get drug tested.
    My husband has the beginning stages of glaucoma where he works they do randome drug tests. No way for him. I could cut out narcotic pain medicine for the most part. It would give me so much more quality time with my beautiful daughter and allow me to do house work I am currently unable to do.
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    I know for a fact it has medical use. I have rheumatoid arthritis. Marijuana is a mild anti-inflammatory, which helps, and a distraction which helps, too. It lets me use Vicodin only on the really, really bad days. Most other times, marijuana is just the sedative I need to get a decent sleep. And, unlike Vicodin, it does not have immediate and unpleasant side effects nor can I overdose on it.
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    Yeah, but pharma has control of your Vicodin.....not your pot! Maybe we are going about this all wrong. We need to convince big pharma they can "control" pot, they will then convince the Feds to legalize it, then we can grow our own pot! Viola, mission accomplished....lmao
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    @stepped_in_it They know they can't control it, though. If it took a complex lab procedure to produce marijuana, it would be legal today. But because it grows wild, if given the chance, those with monetary incentive to keep it illegal for their own profit will continue to put the effort in.
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    @Zazziness Exactly what I've been saying as to why it's not legalized. I hear all these stories of how it's difficult to grow, but, in my day I grew many 6' plants strong enough that you'd forget you're smoking a doob after your 2nd hit. LOL They call it weed for no other reason's really a weed!
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    Scan the obituaries and tell me how many people died from ODing on cannabis. Now tell me how many OD'd on any other drug (that means alcohol too). Tell me which has more. I guarantee you there will be fewer cannabis ODs than any other OD.

    It's as bad as heroin or meth? Cut me a freaking break.
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    Good for the court. We need to keep these folks on Percocet and Oxycotin which has so many valuable medical uses. Maybe it is just me but why is an opiate such as heroin bad and when the doctor prescribes it in the form of a pill its now a necessary medical medication?
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