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    @Vance1 Except I'm not an Obama person as any true progressive/liberal who posts here will tell you. I don't even like Obama. But it's not an either or situation. I don't have to like Obama to DETEST IDIOTS like this guy.
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    what exactly is a true progressive in America?
    and how does one get taught to be a true progressive?
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    Wow! a fool who believes dinosaurs roamed the Earth with god created humans...

    no intelligence test for getting that office, I guess...
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    Hey, no laughing here. I have a family story of a great-great (etc) grandfather who once fought a T-Rex (I think his full name was Thomas Rex) ;-)
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    How can we still be stuck on this, 4 years on? If the President is a socialist, he's a lousy one. Sure, he gave man-birth to universal healthcare, but stopped short of a proper, single-payed system. And sure, he wants the more well-off folks of the grand ole US of A to pay a little more in taxes. But really? Is this socialism? No. Socialism would be single-payer healthcare, food stamps galore, 70%+ taxes on the rich and 20#- on the poor, end to all subsidies, etc.

    Of course, he may have some socialist-ish policies, but not all of them are, and the ones that are are usually hopelessly under-engineered. For example, I agree with some Republican principles, but I am not therefore a Republican, nor am I a conservative.
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    Well said, very in line w/ my thoughts as well, despite being called a 'winger', 'leftist', or 'socialist' on these boards.
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    @AceLuby I feel ya, amigo. Oh, for the early days of Politix when us centrists and leftists and rightists outnumbered the far-far-rightwing folks...
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    @CanadianIndy I remember those days... under a different user name and when it was still under the 'topix' name.
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    @CanadianIndy Parks and Rec (before the show was even an idea) because at the time I was volunteering w/ the local park and rec dept... Had to be like 4-5 years back now.
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    There's probably a good reason why he's no longer a doctor. Believing Evolution and Big Bang theory is "straight from the pits of hell" leaves one to wonder what type of medicine this guy actually practiced.
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    Do you agree with Broun on this? YES I DO!!
    Obama's best pal was a card carrying Communist, and the Ultra Liberal Media wouldnt report on it!!! The liberals adore the Obama for his Marxist Ideals...Period
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    Some more of Paul Broun's great pronouncements.b The genius of the man's great critical thinking and in readable analysis is what must attack you


    Congressman Paul Broun (R-Ga.) said last week that evolution and the Big Bang
    are "lies straight from the pit of Hell." Since the economic future of the United States depends on our tradition of technological innovation, Representative Broun's views are not in the national interest

    I understand your Funding NPR and Planned Parenthood is “Unconstitutional”: Broun once offered a truly astounding critique of federal funding for National Public Radio (NPR) and Planned Parenthood, saying that it’s simply unconstitutional to give them money.[4/6/2011]

    Federal Employees Don’t Have Real Jobs: During an appearance on a radio job, he shrugged off the firing of 250,000 public employees that would’ve resulted from failing to hike the debt ceiling. He said they should get a “real job.” Does Broun not realize he is one?[6/7/2011]

    The Civil War Was A “War Of Yankee Aggression,” Which Is Just Like Health Reform:This one just has to be seen to be believed.[3/18/2010]
    We Should Repeal The 16th And 17th Amendments To Stop The “Socializing” Of America: Putting aside the fact that “socializing” simply means gathering with others and communicating, Broun was under the impression that allowing Americans to freely elect their Senators and allowing those Senators to levy an income tax will have us heading down the road to the Soviet Union.[7/2010]

    The Federal Government Will Be Calling You Every Day To Make Sure You Eat Your Vegetables: Apparently this was supposed to be one of the effects of Obama’s health care overhauls. And no, Broun was not kidding.[9/2010]

    Really funny
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    Its people like this demented right-wing Congressmen that will keep the liberals winning for years to come.
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    The morons who believe this stuff donot think they are being divisive, they actually think it is true. Funny thing is most want to keep their guns, yet say mentally ill people shouldn't be allowed to own firearms!
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    Non Science believers like Obama? the man gutting NASA. Last time I checked- they were pretty science oriented.
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    @drpeeper - last time I checked, since im a constituent of this idiot, is he said branches of science came from the pits of hell. That my friend are comments saved for church service, not our congressional leaders. So where are the science oriented ones?
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    @kirbstomp1 Not branches of science, but theories. It's America and his opinion. Try again. Democrats better kick out Mark Pryor from the senate then too
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    @drpeeper - good kick him out to. Everything in science is a theory. Gravity is a theory. You obviously do not understand the definition of scientific theory.
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    @kirbstomp1 There is also Newton's Law of Gravity which is different than theory. A theory starts as one or more hypotheses, untested ideas about why something happens-theories are often revised to include the new evidence in their explanation. there is a difference between a scientific theory and a philosophical theory.

    Go back to school. Preferably not public.
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    There must be a lot of kooks in your district. Broun stated that the sciences of embryology, evolution, and the Big Bang are "lies straight from the Pit of Hell ... lies to try to keep me and all the folks who are taught that from understanding that they need a savior. What a nut. I have to remember to put him on my list of the other GOP MENSA members.
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    @PNWest - I know he said that. I wrote him for that ignorant statement. He makes a fool of our state, but I guess he was voted in by a bunch of idiots. He's also on the house science committee, which I have no idea how...
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    It's all in the packaging. It's a lot like buying a can with a picture of juicy, delicious-looking almonds on the outside, then finding it half-full of dried-up, salty, old nuts when you open it.
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    Agreed with him....

    Adopted at the Seventh
    (Special) Session of
    the Supreme Soviet
    of the USSR,
    Ninth Convocation,
    On October 7, 1977

    Novosti Press Agency Publishing House
    Moscow, 1985

    {This pretty much looks like the USSR Constitution....}
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    It's still true that government collapsed 20 years ago around the time of the Berlin Wall coming down.
    This guy is a little lax in his history knowledge.
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    @Fishbone345 It is still a socialist doctrine that President Hussein Obama holds to....most progressive liberals hold to....
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    @Fishbone345 yes and now we are headed, in that same direction. all that is left to do, is finish destory the freedom of religion, and the right to bear arms. and it is getting, sooo close now.
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    @Knightmare Well, the other side is contributing just as much. As a Libertarian I sit and watch both sides hurl us toward tyranny. As one of the two sides, people point out the other sides flaws and ignore their own house in disarray. Likely it's comforting to do so. My vantage point is a sad an scary existence watching them both do harm.
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    .... Says the same man who doesn't believe in a division between church and state. Broun states that evolution and the Big Bang theory are "lies from Hell".

    Broun has no idea what our rights to privacy are, nor does he have a clue about promoting the public welfare.

    He makes decisions on global warming, woman, abortion and crime based on what he believes the Bible tells him, and he has the nerve to criticize a constitutional scholar like Obama on the constitution? LOL! He's so far over his head, he's going to need five ladders to go along with his soapbox!
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    Not enough choices for me to vote. But when it comes to the principle of disarming the People of the United States, I would say that Democratic Lawmakers like Senators Feinstein and Schumer; other apparatchiks like Mayor Mike "the Nanny" Bloomberg and George "One Man Show" Soros, and Executive Branch CEOs, President Obama and VP Biden have MORE IN COMMON with people like Fidel Castro Ruz and other autocratic leaders than they do with the Founders. The Founders would NEVER propose legislation restricting types of firearms The People of the United States could have because it DILUTES the strength of the 2nd Amendment. See the web site
    assaultweaponsbanof2013 dot blogspot dot com for ACTUAL US Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics Reports you may view and even DOWNLOAD FREE. They disclose the Big Lie that the American People are being fed. This is WHY there is a Ban on Firearms Research: It doesn't support the aims and goals of the anti-gun Left.
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    Welcome to the United Soviet Socialist States, except just like the former Soviet Union, the states are all dominated by the Socialist central government. Despite 30 fully Republican governed states, the lunatic fringe from the left has taken over. He is right about Obama.
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    The people who should be really ashamed are the creatures that elected this thing into office. It gives every appearance having traveled no further away from its state than Washington and with somewhat less than know knowledge about Russia.
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