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    @armed_liberal I'm from Illinois and the dems gerrymander all the time. They did it for the Jackson Jr congreASSional seat.
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    The republicans can not win in fair national elections. They lost the popular vote in 5 of the last 6 Presidential elections and only control the house of representatives because of GOP gerrymandering. There were about 1.4 million more votes for democratic house candidates than republican ones. House districts should be decided impartially - neither the democrats or republicans should be able to draw maps that favor their parties. The GOP will never go along with that though because the American people disagree with them on almost all major issues. Presidential elections should be decided strictly on total popular vote. One man, one vote. Also all legal voters should have equal access to voting places. In Florida people in minority districts had to stand in line up to 9 hours to cast their votes. This did not happen in affluent GOP leaning districts. This is disgraceful and unAmerican but I doubt that you'll see any conservatives condemning this practice.
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    Well, I live in a state, PA, where our electoral votes are decided by people who live in Philly and Pittsburgh, both of which are Dem strongholds. If we change it so the candidates win the votes based on the individual congressional districts, that will more closely represent the popular vote.

    If this were the case in 2000, Gore may have won and Florida wouldn't have been an issue.
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    @methinks It would be OK to do this IF 1) ALL states were required to do it and 2) ALL congressional districts were drawn non partially. You and I both know that 1) The GOP only wants to split electoral votes in Blue states and 2) The GOP has gerrymandered many congressional districts. The GOP does not want elections decided by the majority of voters.
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    If those two cities decide your elections then the majority live in those two states.
    In 08 the rural people here in IN went bat crap crazy over Obama winning. They argued that basically all of the people who voted for him lived in Indy, Gary, and Ft Wayne. They obviously didn't understand that 1.5 million people living closer together are still more people then 1 million spread out around farm towns in IN.
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    @PNWest I agree. ALL states should have it this way. Either that, or just go w/ the popular vote, then there wouldn't need to be any gerrymandering at all.

    As for the GOP, they want fair elections, hence the push for voter ID. I completely agree with that. If you need ID to do everything else in life, then voting should be included. This protects those who can vote legally.
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    @methinks Except something like 10% of legal voters don't have IDs. Find a way to get legal IDs to 99% or more of legal voters and I'd be OK with it. The BUSH (GW Moron) administration studied voter fraud and didn't find much of a problem.

    The disenfranchisement of 10% of the voting population is. Voter ID is a solution to a non existant problem. Just another conservative ploy to keep people from voting because they can't win on the issues.
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    Geeze, you would think this is something new and that Democrats never ever even thought of doing it or ever did it, give me a break, this is just SOP in politics, strange, it's perfectly fine if a Dem. does it but God forbid a Repub. do the same, then everyone gets all het up and the press gets all bent out of shape.
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    The Democrats have been using gerrymandering to their advantage for years, and they will continue to do so whenever and wherever they can. The author of this dishonest hit piece knows this, but hopes the younger readers here do not. The hypocrisy of the Democrats knows no bounds.
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    Some states have bipartisan panels to do the redistricting. It works pretty well. If anyone was truly concerned with the will of the people, they would support that approach.
    Any other rule change is an obvious attempt to win despite the will of the people.

    The sad fact is that the Republican platform is so disadvantageous to most of America that this is their only chance to prevail.
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    Sorry, but democrats have a conscience. The GOP are so underhanded, they met on 1-20-09 and agreed to say "NO" to everything he wanted just to try to make Obama look bad. Soon after, the GOP were voting against their own ideas and bills! All it did is make the GOP look bad however, with Obama's approval rating barely being affected at a current 53% approval and congress GOP at 6%!

    Besides, what the republicans are doing is trying to legalize the government's ability to choose the government, rather than the people voting. And with the GOP being bought and paid for by corporations, we'd literally become the next fascist dictatorship like what Mussollini had!

    Let me illustrate the difference between the two parties to you. Whenever there is a vote to eliminate money from electioneering, the GOP vote it down while the deme vote it up - on almost party lines. Also, it was republican SCOTUS that allowed "citizens United" to pass, allowing foriegn countries to influence our nations choices (I hope you weren't so naive to think China wasn't putting tons of money into the coffers for Romney).

    And now, there is a movement to rid us of the electoral college and choose our president by popular vote. Where do you think the GOP will be on this? It probably depends on how many more paperless voting machines they can sell, right?

    Just consider this: if this re-apportionment is so important for the citizens, why are they only considering doing this in blue states and not red states like Texas? Because the blue in Texas doesn't deserve a say, but the red in Wisconsin does? If you want to be part of this chicanery, defending it, then you have as little morality as they do, and being warned about "Citizens United", you would have to either be daft or a traitor to allow this trend to continue.

    So which is it? Are you going to call for the GOP to do the RIGHT thing, or are you going to put blinders on, let us go down the path of total government rule, while saying with paranoia that the dems were thinking of doing the same despite what you can see before you being totally the opposite!
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    @Jimiracle Please provide the link that proves this fairy tale of yours, if you can that is. Sorry, DNC talking points do not count.
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    If you got to cheat and surpress votes to try and win and you still lose by a wide margin then I guess the only thing you can do is try and cheat like punks
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    @Politicskid I thought you were no longer going to stalk me? But anyway jerrymandering isn't the same as openly cheating and surpressing votes and passing racist sexiest laws
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    All elections are rigged. This is just more of the same. The interesting thing is that people still allow them selves to be duped by the power parties. Suckers...Backing a professional politician or their party based on rhetoric and media sound bites. I truly believe if people voted based on results, not a single incumbent politician would be re-elected.
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    Well DUH!
    Florida 2000, Ohio and Diebold 2004.
    Presidential elections should be decided on popular vote. Electronic voting machines should be absolutely illegal.
    Always strikes me a "odd," how we always feel that we (United States) should monitor elections in emerging nations, but when it comes to outsiders monitoring ours, we get out the tar and feathers. What do we have to hide? C O R R U P T I O N !(aka, gerrymandering).
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    Mimi either you're fibbing or you just got caught in a whale of a lie. Registered Dems can't vote in Republican Primaries. Are you saying you didn't vote in the Primary?
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    No, I went to switch my voter registration from Dem to Republican and they will not do it. So, basically I am 'identified' as a Dem. What does the Primary have to do with it? I don't're confused.
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    @mimi57 I'm not confused at all and any long time voter knows you can't vote across party lines in primaries.
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    @jessejaymes Under Ohio Election Law, you can only change your political party at a Primary Election only. I did not know that and was not informed of it.
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    @mimi57 the first time you told the story, you said you were told there was no reason to change it, not that you couldn't...which was it?
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    I am an Ohioan. When I went to the Board of Elections to change from being a
    registered Dem. to a Republican I was told that there was no reason for me to change it, that all that counted was how I voted. It also happened to a friend of mine. So, I am a still registered as a Dem., but vote Republican, but am on the
    books as a registered Democrat. I never checked into it, but if this is the case
    and they are going by what you were registered as years ago, then that is not
    right. I am a Republican, not a Democrat. It should be recorded as such. I will
    once again try to change it, that seems somewhat dishonest to me.
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    This is the Ohio Voting website : S/elections/Voters.aspx

    It looks like you don't declare party affiliation when you register from what I read. It says:

    Do I declare my political party affiliation when I register?

    No. Under Ohio election law, you declare your political party affiliation by requesting the ballot of a political party in a partisan primary election.

    If you do not desire to affiliate with a political party in Ohio, you are considered to be an unaffiliated voter. An unaffiliated voter does not vote the ballot of a political party in a primary election. However, an unaffiliated voter may vote the Official Questions & Issues Ballot, if there is one for the voter's precinct at the election.

    I don't live in Ohio so I don't know much more. Good luck!
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    Sounds strange to me too, perhaps one of the government workers, so well paid as it is, just didn't feel like fetching the form and recording the change. Really, that's all it would take and I have to wonder if the count of both parties is connected to some sort of remuneration. It would definitely cut down on Republican politicians calling you. Perhaps that was the idea.
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    @Tralee I should have , and will pursue the fact that I changed party's twelve years ago. If they have me as being an "identified Democrat", that is just wrong.
    I never gave it a lot of thought, as I thought it only mattered as to who you actually
    voted for...apparently I'm a Democrat. That's sure news to me! There is so much
    fraud anymore it's disgusting.
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    I thought this was old news. Weren't they discovered disenfranchising voters over the past several elections, and wasnt that presented to the courts?
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    @mimi57 Ah, no, that's a Teapartista myth - and one that alleged vote fraud, an entirely separate thing.
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    Speaking of voting in 2016, I wonder who they will choose to succeed Obama? The way things seem to be going, it just may be too late no matter who the hell we elect! The Wall Street Guru's will put whoever they want in office and we shall celebrate in the streets once that winner is announced. We will boast of our accomplishment that we indeed did have a say in the legitimate Democratic elective process, though that will prove to be but a contrived anomaly once the votes are tallied! This voting process in America is fixed, period! Whether you vote Democrat or Republican we will have elected another Dictator in 2016! Our only means of survival is to invade the Wall Street cronies, the CIA thugs and Capitol Hill itself and with Military force! We must somehow, remove these con men and only then will we have a chance to elect honest and patriotic Government Officials! This is our last chance before it will prove to be impossible for we won't be able to undo what is about to happen in America, for they are trying to take away our guns and our right to assemble my friends. If you aren't allowed to assemble, then you can't plan a strategy for your defense and if you had your weapons taken away you won't be able to fight! But who would have the guts to ever pursue such an undertaking, for our country seems have to been downgraded to a society that is comprised of a majority that seems to be all but yellow belly, gutless wimps. Enjoy your chicken wings, your cold beverage and the slaw you bought with your food stamp cards and relax, burn one and watch the tube or surf the newly owned net for porn and don't worry about a thing! Duh ..
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    Republicans rigging elections? Let's look at the last two presidential elections in depth and just see who was "rigging" the vote. I guarantee you it wasn't the GOP. There isn't a so called journalist in the main stream media who would lift a finger to investigate that.
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    All of our representatives and senators have districts that don't even make sense -- Dems & Repubs. All get their 2 cents worth of people who are more likely to vote for them and keep them in office for a hundred years or so. It's all so rigged that it's laughable, only it's not funny. So the above question should include Repubicans AND Democrats.
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    Can the Republican posters here not read any facts or just the ones that prove them wrong and/or make their party look bad?
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    Funny how this educated, and I take it another democrat, never mentioned Acorn. I guess this guy is trying to bump up his book sales. Once again it's just one guy's opinion.
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    They already rigged two elections so this should come to no surprise. 2000 election was stolen from Gore by Bush because of the Supreme Court. And the 2004 election was stolen from Kerry because of voting machines in Ohio.
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