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    Huzzah for El Presidente! Close down more jobs...i mean Coal powered plants! Make more mandates! Go around the elected reps of the people even more so. After all, its not like they say no this is not good for the US and you do it anyways ( Executive Dream Act anyone)
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    @sevenSecrets No one said pollution is a myth, we are saying that we want any changes to go through congress and approved by our elected officials who are actually charged with passing these kinds of laws instead of having Obama mandate things and go around congress. Next time read, comprehend and come up with something better then telling someone to go to Beijing to see pollution, expecially when they say nothing about there not being man made pollution.
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    @Arumizy China had a factory fire that went unnoticed for three hours because no-one could see it in the toxic sludge called air. The problem with air is that it rotates around the earth.
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    @Center That's good for them, that still doesn't mean El Presidente should mandate through awesome powers that go through our elected officials who are there to actually make the laws and regulations.
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    @Arumizy I was actually responding to the person who brought up China (my mistake) but the supreme court already ruled that this is legal. I don't want Obama to try on his own until republicans say no to something reasonable. I know the country and by proxy, the world is screwed and my grandchildren will be the ones screwed. The military and our massive infrastructure of government vehicles can be more efficient as they use 25% of US oil.
    This argument of global warming is like paying down the deficits and debt with only rich people paying more only. It is a start, but never enough and even if the US was better at emissions, our own are a small amount versus the world. If China continues to have air you can chew, that will hurt our grandchildren. I honestly think there is no hope. Maybe I should become republican with that attitude and have nothing but fear and hatred.
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    For the wacko Tree Huggers, the means justifies the ends, of course they would loudly object should this tactic be used for something they didn't like. It is an abuse of power to constantly ruled by "Executive Order". But, just wait and see, Obama will by-pass congress and try to install his version of Cap and Trade and a huge carbon tax while lowering or ending the gasoline tax. Barbara Boxer put it well, in a speech she gave she said "There doesn't have to be a bill.....the EPA has the authority......under the Clean Air Act" to do whatever they want without any congressional approval at all. So, all of us will be footing the bill for nebulous "Climate Change" expenses that may or may not do much but line the coffers of selected "Green Energy" friends and supporters of Obama, not just one Solyendra fiasco, but many many of them all paid for with increased taxes and the increased cost of the goods we buy. All of you who voted for Obama, be sure to send him a "Thank You" card for allowing you to spend increasingly higher costs for heating and cooling your home, increasingly higher costs for even the lowly and once very inexpensive chicken for dinner. The "Rich" are just the tip of the iceberg for Obama and his tax hungry administration and they no longer needed to circumspect in their goals.
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    Would like to know what "good ideas go to die". If the "ideas" from the Sierra club involve that we all use tree bark as undies and to wipe our behinds.....let them have it! If the "ideas" are just curb it w/o a better solution, kiss my tree bark undies! Though I want a greener environment, it will require better "ideas" than what is coming out these tree bark wearing, pine needle chewing dumdums!
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    I'm all for a cleaner environment, but an even bigger issue is our executive orders only apply to OUR territory, the rest of the world will continue clearcutting, strip mining, over fishing etc...the world that WE depend on for a huge percentage of our what have we really gained. Start working on some practical SCIENCE instead of just saying well we have to stop these things". Or, since I'm dreaming big anyway, use the clout you have to encourage development of SPACE technology, if we can get resources from out THERE, there will be less of a need to destroy what's down HERE.
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    Should the President circumvent Congress on climate change issues?why don,t we just declare Obama King and get this farce of free country behind us,,what do you want to bet these wack job orgs. had some one whisper in their ear about the executive order idea,
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    Oh geez sounds like the good idea fairy is back. What lil the u.s does want make any differnce when rest of world not trying.sounds like a lot got screwed when paid for there higher education
    ..need to ask for refund
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    @sevenSecrets .. Pollution ? You do understand the debate is about Climate change right? The Hoax is That Man has Anything to do with Climate Change... Do you actually still Believe that after all the evidence it's a hoax? Really... I find it amazing that so many still Believe after it being proven that it's a scam...
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    @Quantummist it is a scam that people don't want to look at the scientific evidence that climate change is not real...whether it is caused by us or not. I don't think I want to lecture someone who only sees dollars lost in restoring and changing our ways for tthe only known rock in the universe that supports our existence.
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    todays envirowhackos used to be commies but when the bottom fell out of c'm they switched colors from red to green...theyre all about killing capitalism...they consider the const toilet paper & want to rule by me where in the const prezs have the right to issue executive orders...a prez is an executor of laws made by congress...the const says only congress shall make laws for the us
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    These phony environmental groups want Obama to by-pass congress, which is the only legitimate group in our 3 branches of govt to make laws -- and is NOT Obama's purview! EPA is working beyond their parameters in putting in new regulatory concepts that also have subverted Congressional over-sight and approval, which is effecting our economy and employment prospects.

    The constitution is the only instruments that has elevated this nation over all others in its history. This Constitutional Republic don't need self-aggrandized ersatz experts on the scene that think they are smarter than our founders.....
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    The best way for Barack Obama to make progress on climate change is to publicly criticize the whole idea of global warming, call it pseudo-science and laughable. Then all of the people who now criticize it would have to choose between agreeing with a President that they consider the Anti-Christ, or changing sides and demanding action on global warming just to spite him.
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    I knew it wouldn't take lobbyist groups to jump on the Executive action option once it was mentioned. Executive action is for emergency use only and can be reversed by congress and the Supreme Court.
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    You are correct, the problem is that it takes time to finally reach the Supreme Court and much damage and needless expense can occur while we wait for justice to finally set things right.
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    I know, but the Supreme Court has been known to halt an order or verdict until they have heard the case.
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    "Translation for Dummies" - If executive power is used to expand, contrary to the lawfully elected legislative representatives, can't it also be used to restrict? Will liberals remember their nearsightedness when Bush X dismisses the EPA?
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    Well said, the left are myopic when it comes to these Draconian executive orders that Obama is throwing around, they do seem to think they will always be in power. They don't seem to benefit from history, the pendulum swings so far left and then makes a very rapid swing to the right to correct all the mistakes made in the usual over reach of the far left. Or, in easy words to grasp, what goes around, comes around.
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    Remember an executive order means that we must be a military state. Article 6 section 2 of the constitution states that the president cannot make executive decisions unless we are under martial law....when we are under martial law the constitution is set aside....wake up people we have no rights as American sheep
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    Congress, the "place where good ideas go to die", boy he hit the nail on the head on that one.
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    Sure, if there were any good ideas going to congress or through them. If anything the last four years have shown that intelligence and good ideas do not emerge from Obama or his lackies.
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    Worth Noting in the discussion at hand....

    Tonopah Solar Company

    The Solar thing just got a little more interesting!

    The Tonopah Solar company in Harry Reid's Nevada
    is getting a $737 million loan from Obama's DOE.

    The project will produce a 110 megawatt power system
    and employs 45 permanent workers.

    That's costing us just $16 million per job.

    One of the investment partners in this endeavor is Pacific
    Corporate Group (PCG).

    The PCG executive director is Ron Pelosi who is the brother
    to Nancy's husband.

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    This is not about climate control, this is about people control via regulations and taxes. This president and his cronies have continually harped on global warming disregarding the facts. One glaring example is the IPCCs current temperature predictions are based on climate models that have consistently failed to reflect actual measured temperature increases other then the massaged, misrepresented crap the big science bureaus constantly try to pawn on the public.
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