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    I'm pretty much pro anything that keeps cops & firefighters happy and dedicated.

    Beats hell out of a vigilante with a garden hose.
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    You know I agree with you but this wasn't a cop. It was support. Let get real here. Twice the national average? Nope.
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    ... just another example of government waste! No dumbass cop or firefighter is worth $90,000 in overtime! Hell, if you want to actually pay someone that's earning their pay ... try paying our damn soldiers in combat who are being shot at everyday!
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    I have to say I'm disappointed in your calling firefighters and cops dumb asses.... remember that when one of them saves your life. I do think that if $90,000 was given in overtime, more personnel could be utilized. Just watch the insults.
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    1)Next time your house is on fire just put it out yourself then. When your car gets stolen, well you are out of luck because cops are useless to you.

    2)You do realize Chicago doesn't have authority over the armed forces pay don't you? No? Oh well color me surprised.

    3) Yes, lets pay soldiers more.

    4) If you don't think cops and firefighters risk their life everyday then go ask a 1st grader to explain it to you.

    And those are " just the facts" mate.
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    I support tripling military pay for combat assignment. And I don't mean stinking clerks sitting behind a fence with 2,000 soldiers around them. I mean COMBAT troops. But when you hit 90,000 in overtime for a non field operative in LE I think it's time to hire another person. You can fund another person top to bottom for 90 grand a year and if you can't you're bsing someone.
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    90,000.00??????? crimany. talk about waste. but it is chicago after all. alot of us in Illinois would like to get rid of Cook county. Illinois is corrupt. and it is embarassing. cannot wait to move so I can quit trying to explain why our governors keep ending up in jail. so maybe this much in overtime is not such a suprise. but it is infuriating because governor quinn is trying to pretty much take my husbands retirement, charge double for health care and make him work till he is 109. all so he does not have to quit his pork barrel spending. The courts have shot him down every time but he is still appealing. he is a moron, does not see anything that he is doing wrong and is a big part of the problem. and does not care to be part of the solution.
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    when we bid on certain construction projects, some of the specs require a police officer to be there for traffic control. we have to hire them. they are off-duty on overtime pay and we pay that to the city/county /state...

    how much of the police earning overtime is not paid for with taxes?
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    I know at one time in Los Angeles the police working overtime were making in excess of 60.00 an hour. I don't know about today but that seems a bit excessive for traffic control.
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    In Woody's defense on hiring OT Police, some jurisdictions have that as a requirement because of their insurance policies. The next county over had a situation where there was a fire at a house beside the road. A volunteer fireman was directing traffic and there was a minor collision. Because of the circumstances the vol fireman was held liable in damages, not the county, not the fire department. Outside the city limit the policy was that Sheriff Department was to handle traffic. So now all traffic is stopped at the scene until a LEO arrives to direct. Now I don't know that for fact but it's second hand.
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    That's the right question, but I'm not so sure of the answer. Don't forget that a new employee costs a lot more than just another salary.
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    The obligation of a government is to meet the needs the people demand be met in the most efficient way possible. If cost accounting shows that paying overtime is cheaper than hiring new people, then whatever it looks like to you, it's the correct strategy
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    @harold_lloyd I guarantee that OT for these people is AT LEAST time-and-a-half. Based on this, they could hire a person at regular wage, and save money if this is a regular practice. I agree, it's very poor management.
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    I still maintain that without knowing all the details, you just can't be in a position to know whether it's smart management or not.
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    Police, Fire & EMS deserve all earned overtime pay. Other city workers overtime should be monitored. Remember this is Washington DC OHH I mean Chicago!
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    There's a BIG PROBLEM all over the USA with the salaries, fringe benefits etc. of "Public Employees". In New Mexico, it has reached OUTRAGEOUS dimensions. A public employee here CAN RETIRE, collect a HUGE chunk of his or her salary, and COME BACK the next day as the "employee of a temporary employee" agency, and collect their ENTIRE RETIREMENT CHECK and OFTEN THEIR NEW LARGER PAYCHECK. With Police, it's even worse. They can retire after 22 years in Albuquerque collecting 90% of their pay, come back a couple of months later, and collect their retirement, AND THEIR NEW check and sign-up bonus for signing up with the Albuquerque P.D. The Albuquerque P.D. is currently under investigation by the FBI for civil rights' violation resulting in MANY DEATHS of unarmed, mentally-disabled people, and other breaches of law from murdering a wife and trying to make it look like suicide; to organized racketeering such as drug-dealing and auto-insurance fraud concerning falsely stolen vehicles (1 Lieutenant, 2 Sergeants and numerous patrol officers involved); to raping 13 and 14 year old girls, one of whom was a niece of the raping officer. It's hard to tell the good guys from the bad guys in Albuquerque-especially because so many of the bad guys wear uniforms!
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    These people can literally hire more people; I know money sounds great and it is how ever it over tax their bodies to work around the clock. I wonder how well can they perform their dutys, it's a matter of life and death to the victims in a fire or robber ext. not trying to rain on any ones parade I'm just thinking safety first.
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    What do you expect in the most corrupt city, in the most corrupt state in the union? After all, this is home to Obama, the most corrupt public employee of all.
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    Well Chicago has the most of everything including apparently the overtime is dont helping.. Perhaps they are paying overtime to the wrong people.. Fire their asses lol
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    It is not unusual to work 75 hours a week, which is probably what this person worked.

    My guess is that they were on 12 or 24 hour shifts.

    They earned their money. Let them keep it.
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    @Republican5001 we are talking unions, so yes, that is up in the air as to them actually "working"
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    Don't you just hate unions? Why on earth do they have any say whatsoever over how much tax payers pay public employees. Get rid of these public unions. They are bankrupting our states.
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    I see no problem with this. You can 1 guy $90,000 or 10 guys $9,000. Still got to be paid. Especially anything relating to public safety or protection. Often times we do not pay them for what they do, but what they may have to do.

    And that is protecting us from ourselves.
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