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    This president is misguided if he thinks this will work. The last time they tried an "assault weapons" ban in 1994, the Dems lost both houses of CONgress.
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    I think the national mood is much different now than in '94, and sometimes risk is necessary to accomplishment.
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    If the ban would have passed in 94, Lanza's mother wouldn't have been able to purchas assault rifles that later killed innocent children.
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    The average voter now appears to be low information and easily swayed by emotion. No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.
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    Bullsh#t he's bypassing Congress cause it doesn't have a chance, and that's his MO.
    He believes in a country where mob rules.
    He also knows to be goes to the universities in urban areas he will get plenty of good sound bites for the alphabet media to regurgitate to the low information audience.
    I see Joe Biden's in Richmond, at a university convincing stupid people that he is promoting gun safety while the NRA is promoting gun violence.
    What is exactly the other way around.
    Look at any Democrat controlled city with their wrong headed ideas about gun control and compare the murder rate in those cities to any other city or jurisdiction that supports the second Amendment rights of its citizens to keep and bear arms.

    But since Obama can't do anything but campaign and vacation... this is all we'll get until we elect a serious pro American president.
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    @woodtick57 when I was a college aged young man.... Most of the young men who elected to go to college did so out of fear. I never have had that problem.
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    I believe Obama and biden both need removed from office . They are up in arms about guns but sell them to drug.cartels which funnel right back into the United States . Obama openly let United States Citizens get killed and his lazy.ass wasn't worried about them because of the Muslim brotherhood .
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    Wow! could you tie two more disparate issues together in a less connective way? Would you even know what the word disparate means? Can we get you some more crackers for parroting things you cannot comprehend/
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    @woodtick57 I proudly served my country and would do it again but if he sold my ass out to his Muslim brotherhood I.wouldn't hesitate to put one in him from a mile away .
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    @woodtick57 what if your family was the.ones killed because he.turned his.back and dropped security and let our citizens get killed
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    WE DON'T HAVE ASSAULT RIFLES!!! An assault rifle is a selective fire (selective between fully automatic, semi-automatic, and burst fire) rifle that uses an intermediate cartridge and a detachable magazine. It should be distinguished from the US legal term assault weapons.[1] Assault rifles are the standard service rifles in most modern armies. Assault rifles are categorized in terms of using an intermediate cartridge power that is between light machine guns firing full power cartridges, which are intended more for sustained automatic fire in a light support role, and submachine guns, which fire a lower powered pistol cartridge rather than a rifle cartridge. Fully automatic fire refers to an ability for a rifle to fire continuously until the magazine is empty and no rounds remain; "burst-capable" fire refers to an ability of a rifle to fire a small yet fixed multiple number of rounds with but one press of the trigger; in contrast, semi-automatic refers to an ability to fire but one round per press of a trigger. The presence of selective fire modes on assault rifles permits more efficient use of rounds to be fired for specific needs, versus having but a single mode of operation, such as fully automatic, thereby conserving ammunition while maximizing on-target accuracy and effectiveness.
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    Sadly, it seems our rascally public servants - in close cooperation with a complicit legacy media - have successfully marketed the falsehood that civilian semi-automatic guns are exactly the same as military weapons. We are now witnessing the reason for their deliberate misrepresentation. I call that fraud - if not treason.
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    @tiger45638 Since they're asking people to listen to their viewpoints, then contact their representatives if they agree, they really couldn't be more fair. That's government 'by The People' if anything is.
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    @Zazziness I agree and do contact all my state representatives. Those that do not are just allowing the status quo to make up the minds of those that are suppose to represent us.
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    This will be the Democrats biggest downfall since the Vietnam War. They will alienate more than 30% of the Democrats, and more than 80% of Independents, not to mention 99% of Republicans and Libertarians.
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    How is it that the left got so smart ?! They know what's best for all of us,I guess if you're not a democrat you're too stupid to tie you're own shoes! I say that we take all the red states,they can have all the blue states, we build a wall seperating the two, the red states will run the country by the constitution , the blue states can have Obama to run their socialist country, and lets just see how long it takes for the blue states to run outta money and come crawling back wanting us to let them back in!
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    There is no such thing as reasonable gun control by any government. The real purpose of Guns is to protect your family under attack from an enemy in your neighborhood or a government that wants to attack you for beliefs that conflict with its political agenda. Tyranical dictatorial government is emerging in front of our own eyes. Attempting to bypass laws redefine laws redefine law abiding citizens and reclassify them as rascists or whatever they want to to kill you and your family. That is why the 2nd ammendment is there to protect us.
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    Too bad he can't put as much effort into dealing with our budget crisis as he does into trying to convince some into handing over their 2nd amendment rights. And if it were they truly were interested in stopping violence they would be pursuing an avenue that would actually do some good. This approach is not going to do one single thing to deal with the criminal and mental health element that is causing it. But hey it wouldn't be the first time government take the absolutely wrong approach to a problem. So hows that Sudafed behind the pharmacy counter solution working out to deal with the meth problem? It isn't but it does make the personal with a real need look like a addict when they purchase it. Control measures only satisfy idiots.
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    why would he even try to do his actual job instead of disarming us? I mean he can just raise taxes and not cut anything after all. God forbid he actually make cuts and live up to the everyone must sacrifice and contribute and pay their fair share line. Of course your fair share is purely dependant on party lines though.
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    Why is he having a conference in Richmond to talk about Virginia Tech? Why not Blacksburg? I'll tell you why. His gun control measures are strongly opposed by most people living around VT. He would not get a warm reception there.
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    What's with the "Bypasses Congress" line? He hasn't made decrees, does the author of this post think that the President needs congressional approval to talk to the American People?
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    From the World Health Organization:
    >>The latest Murder Statistics for the world:
    >>Murders per 100,000 citizens
    >>El Salvador-69.2
    >>Coted'lvoire- 56.9
    >>US Virgin Islands- 39.2
    >>Saint Kits and Nevis -38.2
    >>Trinidad and Tobago-35.2
    >>South Africa-31.8
    >>Central African Republic-29.3
    >>Puerto Rico-26.2
    >>Saint Lucia-25.2
    >>Dominican Republic-25.0
    >>Saint Vincent and the Grenadines-22.9
    >>Democratic Republic of the Congo-21.7
    >>Equatorial Guinea-20.7
    >>Burkina Faso-18.0
    >>North Korea-15.2
    >>Sierra Leone-14.9
    >>French Guiana-13.3
    >>Papua New Guinea-13.0
    >>Cape Verde-11.6
    >>Costa Rica-10.0
    >>Turks and Caicos Islands-8.7
    >>British Virgin Islands-8.6
    >>Cayman Islands-8.4
    >>Timor-Leste- 6.9
    >>Antigua and Barbuda-6.8
    The United States -4.2

    ALL the countries above America have 100% gun bans
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    Gun control or gun violence.... which is it? Because one is not linked to the other. But they keep spouting both terms together. Besides "Gun Violence" LMAO those darn guns and knives and fists and planes are Sooooo violent ... how about slippery floor about political violence....oh wait that last one is real.
    Here is a novel idea lets take a hard look at "violence". The rest is agenda and or idiot based.
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    Smart move. Take the pressure off him. Let the voters decide. Very smart move.. Now, lets see what the people really want.
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    Indeed, he has charisma. Alluring but potentially dangerous. His ability to draw others into his web will undoubtedly be more effective than fighting with Congress. Nevertheless, his silver tongue does not diminish facts. Careful, America lest ye become the victim of your own demise.
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    Sorry Big O but us free Americans are not ready to surrender to fear and stupidity of disarmament..and any kind of new gun laws just chip away at our rights...So you are only preaching to your choir..The rest of us are not convinced nor will we ever be...Democrats have learned hard over the years that Gun confiscation or laws making it hard on law biding citizens will only cost you votes come election time..Even Democrats will vote against their own interests to stay armed.
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