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    Because of President Obama and the national news media. President Obama divided this country to get elected and divided it even further for his re-election. He divided us racially, religiously, economically, and he even compromised the security of this nation to get re-elected. The MSM laps it all up like little schoolchildren eating ice cream. They will not question his views on anything unless they don't think he is left enough on something like homosexual marriage. There ya go.
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    if you had paid attention, this was also done in the Bush administration. why do you not balme him for the same actions?
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    Apparantly, he is that powerful. Obama can go back in time and affect the presidency vbefore he evenb attained the oofice...

    or the sheeple are totally full of shit...too close to call...
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    @woodtick57 How did Bush divide this country along racial and religious lines? Did he also have an adoring media who never questioned what he did?
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    @woodtick57 Liberals are the ones that are full of it. The first 4 years of Obama's term was nothing but blame Bush. Have you forgotten that?
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    @DarthSidious Yup. In order to become a successful politician on any level of government a candidate must first be a person of extremely poor character. Politicians are simply a necessary evil that we must tolerate, but nothing more than that.
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    @TheJimmy Well anyone who measures their happiness level on who gets into office seriously needs to have their head examined also.
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    A combination of racism from whites, racism from minorities against anything white, the political right being tied in with every neocon war mongering cause and the left's ignorance that their leaders are doing the same things to which they criticize the right.

    We're screwed.
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    @jessejaymes I wish people would stop confusing constitutionalism with ring wing extremism. I would be more of a Lincoln republican myself.
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    edia makes people do things and speak out? or is it really media feeding uninformed [people words to parrot? in which case it is the parrot's responsibility for the words they regurgitate without understanding them...
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    have you efver googled a clip of the Daily Show? half their schtick is just playing tapes of the right wing media contradicting themselves from one broadcast to the next...
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    do the same what? make fun of the idiocy of the far right wing media?

    why doesn't the right wing media put up clip after clip of the left wing media contradictiong themselves? if it is out htere they would have found it.....right? or are they too stupid to use the internet?

    so basically, you are saying the far right is toostupid to use a tool a third grader can master, or there really is no contradiction in this"supposedly" left wing media...

    Can we have aPOLITIX pollon which we all think is reality on this very clear issue?
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    The dumbing down of America. Poor education. Religion. Race, social issues. All things the ultra rich use to promote polarization of America while they take EVERYTHING. Stupid people snarling and fighting over meaningless things while the rich devour the country.
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    @woodtick57 Before I say anything I'm an agnostic in practice. In recent times I've developed a lot more respect for religion than I had in the past. Once you separate the religion from those who abuse the religion it's just a bunch of people exercising their freedom to believe whatever they want to believe. Allowing evil elites to play religions against each other is the real problem. No religion actually advocates all the evils they've had attached to them. Those who say Islam is an exception, they literally mirror the attitudes and sentiments Christians had centuries prior. It seems more like a cycle to me.
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    What part of a religion decreeing that those who do not believe as they do are doomed to hell or should be killed is not inherently divisive?
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    @woodtick57 The part where you assume all religions and those who believe in those religions feel that way. I'm just saying, I'd like them to respect my right to not believe, but how can I say that if I don't respect their right to believe? The whole sentiment is lined with hypocrisy to which I have been guilty of myself in the past.
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    @woodtick57 I'm Jewish by blood and I can say I personally believe that the Muslim hatred of us has everything to do with us occupying land they lived on, turning areas where they live into giant outdoor prisons, and killing somewhere between 1 to 2 Million of them over the course of the last 60 to 70 years. What if somebody did that in your state? Now do they hate Christianity, or do they hate a bunch of Christians going over there and setting up bases, telling them how to live, killing their children, destroying their infrastructure and exploiting them, or do they hate Christians for their lack of belief?
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    For the past 12 years there has been a lack of leadership in the Oval Office as well as any strong uniting leaders in Congress.
    Another problem are ppl like Rush, Beck, Piers Morgan, who have created the great divide that exists in our country all to MAKE MONEY. The fools that listen to idiots like these don't realize the more controversial they are, the more outrageous they get, the more ppl listen which translates to more money.
    Personally, I don't want to listen to one person preach for hours on end how the other side is the devil. I, obviously unlike the millions who follow these clowns and the majority of posters here, make my decision on any given topic only after researching both sides. I don't just take a side on taxes bc Rush told me to or be anti gun bc Piers said so. I have actually changed my position bc of talking to ppl like
    @JesseJaymes right here on this board.
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    @OhWiseOne yeah go on. As I stated above Ido not like those iidiots. I guess I have to spell it out for you though: I DO NOT LIKE ANY OF THOSE PUNDITS WHETHER ON THE RIGHT OR THE LEFT!!!!
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    Because our government has been taken over by a NWO agenda, with it's own set of rule and rights. George and Barry are nothing but puppets of that order. They're put there to divide us, then they can conquer us.
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    @woodtick57 Type it in a Google search. Do your own research, look at their objectives and see if it's happening. Be honest & objective if you can. Your a big boy, do it.
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    Really? Isn't it painfully obvious? 24 hour news, especially the likes of Fox and MSNBC whose sole goal is to get their viewers worked up and 'hate' the other side for anything they do. People running to get 'news' that agrees with their viewpoint so they can feel superior to anyone who isn't on their 'side' and be told so by their 'news' source.
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    The nation has become more divided over the last twenty years or so.

    I think a lot of it is the division between the progressives and the Luddites.

    Things are changing fast, and the pace of change is accelerating.
    It's disconcerting to many people, and they don't like it a bit.
    A common reaction among the Luddites is to try and return to an age that
    exists only in their imaginations.

    Nobody is going to change them, and it's silly to try. They simply cannot be reasoned with on a rational basis.
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    Cannot believe no one else picked up on this analogy. It so describes where the nations political system is going. Be interesting to see where the top
    labds, won't it?
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    I think the country has become so polarized because every time anyone disagrees with any Obama policy they are called a racist. Even Obama has taken to that explanation as to why some people to not agree with him, they don't like him personally (according to Obama that is, but that is just part of his Narcissistic Personality Disorder) and that translates into they are a racist. Since when has an honest disagreement on policy, i.e: left vs right, been a harbinger of incipient racism? Only since Obama was elected and his, oh so touchy and and spoiling for a fight worshipers, have seen any disagreement with their new God and Master as racism, or as the dislike of (here they offer a delicate little shudder of distaste at the vulgar people who actually have the temerity to disagree) a black man being president.
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    Of course, because who would believe that the republicans would agree to vote "NO" on everything the day Obama was swore in? It's all Obama's fault that the GOP swore to hurt Obama regardless of what was good for America! It is all Obama's fault that the senate GOP filibustered about 200 bills, 5x more than any other senate and more than all senates for the past thirty years combined!

    And Obama is just being paranoid about racism while people call him the "n" word and say blacks only vote for him because he's black (yet it is ridiculous to think whites voted for Romney because he was white - because whites are too good to vote that way, but the blacks? Well, that's another story, right?).

    Yeah, it's all Obama's fault that the GOP are biased against him, deciding on the very first day of his presidency before he had even done anything to say no to everything he wanted! It's all Obama's fault that the GOP are such childish sore losers!

    Hear the GOP admit this was the plan on Frontline!
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    @Jimiracle PBS? That's your unbiased source for anything? Why not just go to the Huffington Post or MSNBC? Sorry, anything they say is simply opinion, not really based on all the facts or even the truth.
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    Yeah, cuz hearing GOP members who were there admitting what happened is just some sort of "liberal bias"!


    That's how brainwashed propaganda can make you. You better lay off the Fox News for a while; it's really affecting your logic.

    THIS is why you're so biased.
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    To think that Fox News is to blame for everything is a liberals view that they cannot stomach the truth as not presented in most liberal news agencies unless of course you are a liberal then all is well except Fox news.
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    One night last week I watched Sean Hannity and then I watched Rachel Maddow just to see what they were doing these days since I had seen neither in quite some time. It is my opinion that people literally have to be stuck on stupid to watch either Fox or MSNBC with the singular exception of Joe Scarborough.
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    @jessejaymes I agee both have such political views that are either pro liberal or pro conservative neither one tells the truth problem is there are many more stations like CBS or NBC that are just liberal. We need some news media that is totally unbiased one way or the other.
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    @tiger45638 that's not going to happen. Sensationalism sells. Middle of the road rational does not sell in America these days. It's a TMZ society. They want outrage, titillation and dead people to talk about. Kim Khardashian's big ass is more important than Politicians stealing us blind to most these days.
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    @jessejaymes Something we wholeheartedly agree on. Fox and MSNBC are for the mouthbreathers that just want to have their opinion shouted at them by someone on TV to feel justified. It's a sick obsession.
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    it is the people that have polarized this country, not the politicians.

    personally i believe the introduction of huge members of the populace that were never into the political arena previously, via the constant media coverage, regardless of their education of the issues has led to this polarization...
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    I go along with what you are saying, but I might add that I believe the huge number of (so called) minority voters that seemed to come out of nowhere may be to blame.
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    @Thegrif Wow! Never thought I'd see someone blame MINORITIES for polarizing politics. That's a new low.
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    @Thegrif - minority voters didn't come out of nowhere. They came in direct response to the hundreds of millions of dollars being spent by conservative super PACs like Rove and the Koch brothers who were tying to buy elections for Republicans, and in response to GOP-dominated state committees who gerrymandered districts to favor their candidates, and in response to the many idiotic comments from ultra-conservative candidates.
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    @MongoAPillager - you see it your way. I'm still laughing a bit at Rove's appoplexy and near speechlessness when the realization hit him that his hundreds of millions bought him nothing.
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    I believe President Obama to be MORE polarizing than George Bush. I'm an Independent Voter. I VOTED FOR President Obama. This political theatre and opportunistic and shameless use of ISOLATED TRAGEDIES to attempt to abrogate the rights of the American People has CURED ME, AND OTHERS PERMANENTLY of ever again voting for a Democrat. I am one of those immigrant, naturalized citizens, who served in the US Army before I was a citizen, and became a citizen 41 years ago.
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    Obama is a horrible President! He villifies and puts down Conservative Americans every chance he gets. Obama is self richeous! He does not even try to pretend he is the Conservative Americans President. He would be happy if all Republicans and Libertarians disappeared. He is NOT my President!!!
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    Obama is FAR more polarizing than George Bush. He is racist, anti-success, and labels anyone who disagrees with him as the enemy, to be defeated. His ego knows no bounds. He actually believes the Liberal left that deifies him - he thinks he is the second coming of Christ. In fact, he is nothing but the devil incarnate.
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