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    Well that's a plus. Instead of breathing it we can drink it and hasten the process. I don't drink so maybe I won't be one of the ones who are subjected to "thinning the herd". Heh.
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    @Knightmare LOL well you do know that the AMA says caffeine is the second most addictive drug there is behind nicotine, right? I gave up smoking but I love my cappuccino.
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    Well, penicillin was made from mold so we can only hope that technology will produce an inexpensive full bodied, fragrant red wine one a these days from polluted air or flatulence or whatever.
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    The system isn't very efficient, solar cells do it better.
    CO2 does cause global warming, but technical advances will be able to get it under control.
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    yeah - this stuff has me fascinated. i get about 22M BTU per cord of burning hemlock, and have almost completed a small wood mill fed from a local stream. all dead wood, of course. love to hear stories of booze conversion.
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    Climate Change....LOL reminds me of that so called hope and change
    I hope that I have a little change left inside my pockets!
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    It would be ironic if in the future our energy needs lead us to take too much CO2 out of the atmosphere and then we get global cooling.
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    And for those of you who don't drink alcohol, there is bottled water from "purified" sewage.
    It just gets better and better, doesn't it!?
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    I still blow off the climate change wackos, but a machine sitting in my backyard, turning CO2 into yummy, refreshing alcohol. Now that is an invention that would mankind move forward. ;)
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    "Effects on Humans: Formic acid is dangerously irritating to the skin, eyes, and mucous membranes and may also be toxic to the kidneys." With time and money, we hope to convert it into something that is toxic to the liver as well.
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    Mmmmmm...liver toxins...with a hoppy start and a malty finish with undertones of citrus and woodsmoke...
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    The Government can dump billions into projects that produce no results, but given time and the thought of profiting the private sector can actually make advancements.
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    Carbon dioxide bad for the environment? Huh.... I guess we where lied to in school when they told us that it was great for plants...
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    Sometimes the elementary school level introducvion to science doesn't really cover all of the aspects of a scientific area. Would you be surprised to learn that plants also absorb CO2 and release O2? did you get that far in your studies?
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    if they can find away to use it good on them. i have helped build waste water treatment plants that recycle everything,solids go to farmers and the liquid is clean water.
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    Not in Cali, is it clean water...

    i hail your work at recycling our most prescious resource. Seriously. That is one of the most important scientific efforts we can undertake for the future of the human species. Thank you for your work in this field..

    But, sadly, your fellow californians didn't 'feel' so good about recycled water that is actually cleaner than what they get from their taps so it was pumped into wells to keep sea water from creeping into the aquifers they are sucking so dry the ocean is seeping into them...

    People are funny, huh? not rational, but funny. One could die laughing....
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    @woodtick57 all we did was build it, the science guys did the rest.

    when those guys get done the water is clean, they even drink it.
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    From what I have read, they actually do not drink it. they should, as it is cleaner than water they could get from their well. but the idea that it is recycled prevents logical thinking and they mandate that the water be used for other purposes, like keeping sea water from entering into aquifers pumped dry from a society thqat uses more water than they can produce.....
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    I have a way to use all that carbon dioxide in the air. PLANT A FRIGGIN TREE!. Maybe an apple tree you could make some apple wine if that's what floats your boat and gets your vote.
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