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    That might backfire, they'd get the munchies and start ordering even more pretzels and hot wings, and drink even more beer to wash it down :)
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    @Real4WheelDrv When we, as a soceity, lose the ability to laugh about our differences, the shooting won't be far behind...
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    @PoliticalSpice Unfortunately with every day that goes by it becomes more and more likely, and not just here but everywhere. Humans as a whole seem to be getting meaner etc. I'm not one that believes the Earth has a consciousness but I don't think it's a stretch to say that it's a living thing capable of defending itself...maybe it's triggering something in us so that we wipe each other out and stop hurting it.
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    When the Los Angeles Lakers won a title there were riots. Not by any fans in Staples. They were afraid to go outside and holed up for a few hours. It was Mexican gangs that all live nearby the Arena and like idiots Staples had put monster big screen TV's outside the arena. Great plan there. Staples is right off the freeway and 300 yards away starts a massive barrio of mostly illegals and their gang banging kids. Security tended to keep them away from Staples until of course about a thousand of them all came "to watch the clinching game on the big screens". What happened next was predictable. Invite gangstas to your party and they will ruin it. Every damn time.
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    Yeah, Staples was a bad area.....don't ever make a wrong turn, unlock your doors or stop for anything! Last time I went there it was The Fabulous Forum.....during the "showtime" that was fun!
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    @stepped_in_it The forum was in Inglewood, again, right off a freeway. There was some bad boys in that area as well but they weren't as violence prone back then as they are now. They tended to prey on each other more than anyone else. I love the Forum. A couple of years the wife and i had "Senate Seats". 21st row, slightly off center. Got those seats for 11,000.00 a year each and they were for every single event in the year. More than 220 events. We would go the Laker games we wanted to see, go the concerts we wanted to see and sell off the seats through broker scalpers (which was totally legal) for everything else including the Ice Hockey Kings and it never cost us a dime for those seats. Once we got a call from a broker who offered us 2,000 a seat for a NBA finals game. We said no,went to the game. We'd already made our money back the previous year so no way was I worried. Then staples opened. Same exact seats would be 23,000.00 each per year and ONLY for Laker games. Right. See ya.
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    Not so much...

    But when the Twins won the series, well boy, there were some pretty fiesty tuna-noodle hotdish suppers in the basements of some of the more progressive Lutheran churches, donchya know.....yah.
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    I don't understand rioting after your team wins. When the Saints won the Super Bowl for the first an most likely only time my city of New Orleans didn't riot, we partied. Sure maybe 3 people died but that's an average night down there unfortunately..
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    For San Fran.....serve fruit smoothies and (legalized) marijuana. I have seen many "beercules" and violent alcohol related fights in my lifetime to realize that excessive drinking, no matter what type alcohol, leads to some sort of violence 50% of the time (or so). Has anyone, EVER, seen a (purely nature) pot smoker ever....ever get violent? How about one that OD'd?
    And, by the way, what stops the purchase of excessive alcohol at the local grocery/liquor store? Not a darn thing!
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    @Real4WheelDrv They were on (pure) MJ? Or was there a little alcohol involved or something "laced" in the pot? I haven't smoked pot in a long time (and sometimes do miss it), but, back in "the" day when smoking just weed we were more hungry and social than when other things were involved...
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    @stepped_in_it knowing how they used to be there was more than likely beer too, but I know of at least once when there was no beer around.
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    yeah, me too..but those guys would have fought an oak tree sober of they thought one of its leaves fell the wrong way...
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    lol right, I constantly hear sports analyst say that every city is a "great sports town" until something bad happens Somewhere along the line there was a disconnect between a fan cheering for a team and getting caught up in mob mentality. Much as I would love to see my Tigers or Lions win it wouldn't ever see me actually AT the events, especially if they were hosted in Detroit...and I honestly feel bad for feeling that way.
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    In my younger days I've been in various states of inebriated and high. But I don't recall maliciously engaging in deliberate law breaking, riots, vandalism, or destructive nature. I mean, that is what it is, breaking the law with an intent.
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    The city is desperate to keep a lid on drunken game day shenanigans
    Good because these idiots set fires and act like complete fools
    Over a dam game..Give us all a break
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    The citizens have a right to riot in the streets if the want to. They have the right to get sloppy as drunk as long as they don't driver. They have right to bop their buddies balcony on the street corner but it is iilleagel to smoke.
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    Perhaps the problem isn't the bars....

    Perhaps the problem is the people...

    And that factor is 10 fold with being the homo or gay capital of the universe...
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    yes, they are known as the worst of the rioters...reorganizing peoples lawn furniture in a Feng Shui style...adding a splash of color to one's storfront display....the fiends...the fiends....
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    as you can see from the picture, we ALL know who causes the chaos and violence, yet the liberal lovey dovey crowd has made it impossible to narrow down on these criminals without fear of prosecution from "racial discrimination" lawsuits!
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