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    Yes...yes it was. Where's Perry?

    HOWEVER, to be fair she did not seek the attention she got. She received a 2am phone call from McCain' handlers looking for a woman to be VP to bait the angry white woman vote...and of course angry white women weren't stupid enough to be fooled. When she got back after the election, she realized that her own state hated her, as did her Statehouse and the Alaskan GOP didn't like her much either. Her successor has done 10,000% more progress than she ever made.

    She just wasn't a fit for Governor, or even VP. McCain was worse. A smarter Sarah Palin would have said "F that plan" and hung up the phone on McCain's handler.
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    @RobertJHarsh The woman is an idiot politically but like every good gold digger she instinctively knew that it was the road to riches. I can't blame her for taking the opportunity to become wealthy. They offered it and every gold digger knows that their looks won't last forever. She grabbed the brass ring and made it pay off.
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    At least Fox is keeping part of the political comedy team. Karl Rove is back on the team. Let's hope they sign Dick Morris up again he was always good for more laughs in depth analysis and on target projections
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    Yeah. Some people are just lucky I guess. Not many people can go from being a community organizer to serving 144 days in the U.S. Senate to President.
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    @OhWiseOne They forget that. the 1/4 Senator Obama. It;'s OK. Palin is an easy target. She is not of the elite class that runs DC. While we had TRUE freak idiots like Van Jones & Anita Dunn in positions of power- until they were exposed.
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    @drpeeper Don't YOU forget Gov Palin didn't ffinish her first and only term while President Obama is starting his 2nd.
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    Obama quit his first Senate term after 46 months--21 of them seeking another job. He's president- Sarah is not. Hold ALL your leaders accountable
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    I cannot express my true thoughts about Sarah Palin or the GOP, I would be deleted from the board. She was even to dumb for Fox and thats being kind.
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    "I hired Sarah Palin because she was hot and got ratings."
    Preach it brother! That's the only reason I paid attention to her too. When she started talking it was all Mute button.
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    The leftists on here simply don't like Sarah because they are unhappy a conservative has filled the role as the most successful female politician.
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    Just another bad comedy dropped from the line-up.
    But it highlights both how relevant FOX is to the Republican party and just how irrelevant both Sarah and the Tea Party have become.
    With the big shake up in the party, with all their young more progressive bucks (Jindal, Christie, Huntsman) and a couple of old pack leaders (Gingrich, Powell) weighing in lately, lamenting about the party's poor and poorer showing recently, about the reforms necessary for G.O.P. survival, it's in line to distance themselves from these extremists.
    Sarah's appeal has faded except to the fringe which the Republican leadership is eager to send packing like a toothless freeloader into the night.
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    You know what could have helped her retain some relevance in american politics? Not quitting her job as governor of the largest state in the union so she could go cash in on the new found right wing celebrity status she got for being a ditz. Of course, the way she was going it could have ended with her in prison or booted out of office for ethics violations. But hell, her supporters are nothing if not short on attention span and selective on memory anyway.
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    The Urban Dictionary defines Palin as: An applicant lacking even basic job skills
    Someone supremely un-self-aware or lacking any relative sense of what he/she does or doesn't know.
    Example used in a sentence: HR sent me another Palin for the marketing manager job.
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    So FOX News drops Sarah Palin and hires Dennis Kookcinich? I guess they're going after the leftists conspiracy nuts instead of their traditional conservative audience. Good luck on that one, Roger.
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    I like Sarah Palin as a person. It's THAT VOICE that just makes me cringe. I have the same reaction when someone scrapes their fingernails against a chalkboard!
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    I really enjoy her segments. If I was her and that is what the boss actually said I would sue that person and Fox news( who I really enjoy ) for every thing they have. I believe that is sexual hurrasment. What are the ACLU. Where are the all the women's organizations. If this has been a liberal female all hell would be breaking loose.
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