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    Why not guns for Christmas ? I have given and received lots of guns for Christmas. I got my first deer rifle when I was 7.
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    Nearly all of my guns are gifts from my husband. He knows the way to my heart...and it's not with jewelry!
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    @AnnieO - You lucky little honey, you. That is my favorite cal for general use. I don't own any military type semi-auto assault rifles. Don't have a need for them. But I'd like the freedom to own one if I ever get a hankering for it.
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    @Rocker Oh, he bought me an AR pistol and an AR rifle. We shoot for fun and I've used them for a few coyotes. I highly recommend them, they are great. I don't "need" a lot of things but they are bought and paid for and not used for illegal purposes so I'll be keeping mine!
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    Lame? The best Christmas gift dad ever gave me was his prized Weatherby .300 mag rifle. It's still my best gun. I gave all three of my sons .22 cal rifles for Christmas when they turned 10 years old, and my daughter received a.38 cal pistol for her purse on her last B-day.
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    My fifth Christmas present was my great grand father 410 single shot, a gift that has been passed down to the eldest child for several generations. I can think of few gifts i have ever received in my life near as good as that.
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    she's not a girl who misses much... yeah...

    Mother Superior jumps a gun...
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    Funeral bells ring...are you listenin'?

    in the playground, blood is glistenin'...

    our children mowed down...

    by crazy gun owners.....

    walkin' through a winter nightmare land....
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    ... our children mowed down... by crazy gun owners..... walkin' through a winter nightmare land....

    Yeh,.......and do you really believe that the guns used to do that were obtained legally, and the person that did it went through a background check?
    "Crazy Gun Owners"?
    You might want to consider rephrasing that statement to crazy people who obtain guns ilegally, and then use them to commit their crimes.
    Do you believe that most gun related crimes are acted out buy crazy gun owners, that went through a background check, and the three day waiting period?
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    @woodtick57 Sandyhook he killed his mom then stole her guns. So they where not obtained legally.
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    @woodtick57 You're right, I guess I wasnt thinking. Lanza legally obtained those weopons through inheritance due to his mothers recent death.
    Good call.
    I hadnt thought about it that way.
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    darn shame gov is always trying to control something. it is not the gov business who has what. heck they arm drug cartels have open borders then want to disarm and control citizens. must want us to look like mexico with all those helpless victims.
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    It's a trick question. Federal law ALREADY requires all buyers of all guns from all dealers in all states, including all gun-shows, to pass a background check. The tiny fraction of guns traded between private citizens (not licensed dealers) is insignificant, and the federal government has NO jurisdiction over private citizens.

    If (as some claim) there are a huge number of guns being sold by private citizens (not licensed), then it's ONLY because the federal government is choosing to NOT enforce existing law (27 CFR 478.41) that requires all who are engaged in selling firearms to be licensed.

    This is merely a surreptitious ploy to subject all private citizens to federal administrative jurisdiction. Don't fall for it.
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    so this year will be the year of ammo and weapons. so be it. 300 rds of .223 - sure. a box of .308 - you bet. colt ar - on the way. the internet is a great way to buy.
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    if you did that with a'd be required to change the title of ownership...why should a gun be any different?
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    @woodtick57 Because a gun can only be comparable to a car once the government infringes on it and says so. Why should I have to pay extra taxes on something I'm recieving from a trusted friend or family member? What difference would it make if I our anyone else in question already owns 20 of them to begin with?
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    and again, how is that different from a car? or even the kayaks I have to legally register in my state?
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    @AlexMIA Cars also require registration which as far as guns go can be a tool for disarmament, no way. Driving is a priveledge the right to bare arms is an inailienable right!
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    Did Adam Lanza have a background check?
    I wonder if his mother had one when she bought all of the guns that he used.
    I kind of doubt it, because if she had, and they knew that she had a mentally ill son at home she probably would not have been able to purchase all of those guns, and make them available to her son.
    My point is, is that most gun related crimes do not involve people that obtained those guns legally, and went through background checks in order to obtain the gun used.
    Obama can do his best in his attempt to take away our second amendment right to bare arms, but that still will not take any guns off the streets from bad people that will use them.
    pretty certain that tommorows morning news will have a story about another shooting / murder yet again. And I doubt the person that did it, went through a background check!
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    Why do you "doubt that Mrs. Lanza was subjected to a background check? Exactly how would "they know that she had a mentally ill son at home"? Who are "they"? And exactly what constitutes "mentally ill", and who decides? Holmes, Laughner, and Cho, all passed background checks. None of them were certified mentally ill - though perhaps they were.
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    who plans on hiring all those who will lose their jobs do to this? this will cost a lot of jobs and its being overlooked. some business may shutdown. oh well we have so many other great job openings for those who lose theirs do to gun grabbers.
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    We have seen in the past that most gun ownere feel no responsibility ot follow laws on ownership of weapons or responsibility of such...

    no surprise there...

    no wonder so many criminals get stolen weapons when gin owners seem so reckless obout their usage and responsibility...
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    @woodtick57 i don't know ,i heard there may be 80,000,000 gun owners and i don't read about that many crimes done .
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    @woodtick57 Have you been effected by any lawabiding gun owners with relation to a crime commited to you or someone in your family? If you have please enlighten us so we can sympathize with you, otherwise you're post are meeningless,opininated, propaganda.
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    By Bruce Springsteen...

    2nd 'mendment's comin' to town...

    2nd 'mendments comin'to town...

    " been good? Santa gonna bring you a nice 9 mm for X-Mas?"

    Whoa---oo--o-oh..! 2nd 'mendments comin' to town!
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    "Silencer night.........

    holy bodies night........

    allllllll is calm...

    allll is constitutionally protected by some archaic amendement...
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    Well freedom of speech and a right to a fair and speedy trial are all protected by some archaic amendment so i reckon we can get rid of them right,.
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    @Arumizy when has the 2nd amendment ever stopped tyranny from the US gov;'t over it's citizens? when haven't the people with guns not actually HELPED the governement execute such tyranny over its citizens? who are hte guns actually helping? seems they have only helped the gov't in its tyranny, but never prevented it....

    why should we keep this useless law?
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    Give a gun as a christmas present? One way to put somebody in the hospital before the festivities are over. My kids never got any kind of gun as a present. They are tools not toys.
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    I've noticed the gun-grabbers and their regular practice of name-calling have reared their autocratic heads at this thread as well. Just because you don't approve of something doesn't mean there is something wrong with it. If you are a Christian, Bible reader, you know that Jesus allegedly said that every man should have TWO (2) SWORDS. Swords were "the guns" of their day. He didn't voice any objection to which time of the year swords should be purchased on, and the only objection to buying a sword would have been on the Sabbath, which forbade touching money or conducting business. This fascistic "believe as I believe or I'll call you names" doesn't reflect well at all for the left. But then when your arguments are based only on emotion rather than empirical evidence, what else can you do? "When you can't answer a man's arguments you can always call him vile names".
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    All my guns, except my AR, was gifts from my dad. Whether it be birthday, Christmas, or just hey I bought you something. Someday I plan on passing them down to my kids someday. I shouldn't have to go through a dealer to gift them. I'll probably just tell them that the guns are theirs but if a cop asks about them to say that I loaned the guns to them. Then I'll leave the guns to them in my will. Wait a minute....if guns are left in a will, will they still have to get a background check? Dang...probably shouldn't give the libs any ideas.
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