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    Each thing listed here is an inanimate object. I does nothing unless a person operates it. So, go ahead eliminate people, also. Even the liberal idealogs may go crazy and shoot up some place. So be sure to get them.
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    I hit the limit on my mad money with the purchase of a pink Sig was too pretty to leave in the shop!
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    @PoliticalSpice Last time the ban passes prices more than double, but good luck trying to sell one, it was rare!
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    I have no words for this woman's stupidity and hatred of fire arms owners and sports rifles. Not a single weapon on there was an actual assault rifle.
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    Because her definition of an "assault" rifle is based on solely on appearance, not operation. Besides if she had her way no one would own guns, she is an advocate of repealing the 2nd.
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    Department of Justice says it best about "assault weapons" (sic) in its reports at
    assaultweaponsbanof2013 dot blogspot dot com, and I quote:

    1) "...the weapons banned by this legislation were used ONLY RARELY (emphasis added) in crimes...."

    2) "...the fact that the banned weapons and magazines WERE RARELY USED (emphasis added) to commit murders in this country..."

    3) "...the banned guns are used in only A SMALL FRACTION (emphasis added) of gun crimes..."


    5) "Gun control policies, and especially gun bans, are highly controversial crime control measures, and the debates tend to be dominated by ANECDOTES AND EMOTION RATHER THAN EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE" (emphasis added)

    There are many other reports at the web site contradicting the LIES that the gun-grabbers are spreading with the help of the media. THIS is why there is a BAN on Gun Research: Because US Department of Justice WILL NOT COOK ITS BOOKS to accommodate the results that the gun-grabbers want. Download the reports at this web site FREE, IN THEIR ORIGINAL FORM AND COLOR.
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    Of course it would help but her bill will not get passed. The time isn't right and bills like this do not help the dems. Listen to James Carville - "IT'S THE ECONOMY STUPID!". Don't waste time on bills that won't pass and do piss off people whose votes you might need.
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    It didn't do anything to reduce crime or mass killings the first time but you think that it will this time?!......Typical liberal logic at it's finest
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    >>From the World Health Organization:
    >>The latest Murder Statistics for the world:
    >>Murders per 100,000 citizens
    >>El Salvador69.2
    >>Coted'lvoire 56.9
    >>US Virgin Islands 39.2
    >>Saint Kits and Nevis 38.2
    >>Trinidad and Tobago35.2
    >>South Africa31.8
    >>Central African Republic29.3
    >>Puerto Rico26.2
    >>Saint Lucia25.2
    >>Dominican Republic25.0
    >>Saint Vincent and the Grenadines22.9
    >>Democratic Republic of the Congo21.7
    >>Equatorial Guinea20.7
    >>Burkina Faso18.0
    >>North Korea15.2
    >>Sierra Leone14.9
    >>French Guiana13.3
    >>Papua New Guinea13.0
    >>Cape Verde11.6
    >>Costa Rica10.0
    >>Turks and Caicos Islands8.7
    >>British Virgin Islands8.6
    >>Cayman Islands8.4
    >>Timor-Leste 6.9
    >>Antigua and Barbuda6.8
    >>The United States 4.2
    >>ALL the countries above America have 100% gun bans
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    We were talking investments on the other thread. Get the guns on this list. If this passes you are looking at 100 - 300% profits. I cann't do it, my sttate has strict laws, but even if it didn't, my opposition to gun control aside, I don't invest in gambling, alcohol, tobacoo, firearms, etc.
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    @EquinsuOcha And yet pretty much none of them are western democracies. Why don't you compare apples to apples? Hint - you can't because all western democracies with gun control have lower death rates. Why do you conservatives want to turn the US into something like Haiti?
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    I understand full autos and back ground checks..feinstein is a freaking idiot they can't dry up drugs n really think she can dry up weapons..
    Black market really gomna do such complete morons get these positions in
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    she is another edith bunker of politics. a real ding bat. if its not those type of weopons . it would be other type of weopons. a person can do more damage with a deer riffle if they knew what they were doing. a person with a 30 06 and a scope and a silantcer could do alot more damage. so would the government band all deer riffles.
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    this will only effect law abiding citizens,anyone who thinks the armed gangs and other thugs are going to turn in their stolen illegal weapons just because fienstein says so better think again.

    gangs kill every single day and yet nothing has stopped them. it is also common knowledge that the cartels are dealing with street gangs,and hopefully anyone who has their eyes open knows they are not going to obey laws. watch the documentary silver or lead then ask yourself should we disarm citizens when the federal government refuses to stop the flow of these folks into the country.

    we all know tons of dope gets in without problem,nothing has stopped it so the same can be said of guns. the black market for guns will be just like dope only leaving the average citizen with a peashooter up against these thugs.

    in silver or lead if shows these folks and even those here going to the feds for help yet the feds give them the brush off.
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    @Libertyiskey do you like the idea? might work. then i also think putting an all out effort into border security will solve a huge problem that effects the country in a very bad way,it would be a first the feds have ever went at this 100%.
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    we have seen how well these bans work in say Mexico... and half the garble in there like belt fed automatic rifles are already banned you can not own them.... and dirt bags do not care what sen. Fingerstan puts into law they will find a source lets say maybe the black market that supplies the drugs. strait into the US.... there is no logic in this I have an eye on my AR-15 sitting in the corner been waiting for it to fire itself but no luck... the problem is not the gun or any other object or thing it is people... more people die in Automobile related deaths but I do not see lawmakers running out and trying to ban cars or trucks... maybe I was brought up ALL FIRE ARMS ARE DEADLY AND ARE NOT TOYS...... I got my first gun when I was 10....
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    @TBarmy97 Mexico has a complete weapons ban. They've lost 50,000 people in two years. Many of my friends who live in Mexico say it's much higher. I wonder how many of those guns used were guns from Fast & Furious courtesy of Obama.

    @DARSB Every place guns are banned in the world violent crimes go up. I get that these weapons are dangerous and look scary, but the numbers don't lie. Gun control does exactly what the "gun nuts" say it does. It takes guns out of the hands of the good people and leaves them in the hands of the bad. Even when it "dries up their supply" they just switch to hammers and knives. It's the people behind the weapons.
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    The Democrats and their night-club heckler-like constituents want to label as many firearms as possible as "assault weapons"; they want to make children believe that all the firearms they've labeled "assault weapons" are evil when they are in private hands, but good when they are in the hands of the police (who have no duty to protect the individual, according to the Supreme Court's Decision Warren v. District of Columbia).
    Then, in about 10 years, when these boys and girls grow up, many will enlist in the US Army, US Marines, etc. especially IF THE ECONOMY REMAINS THIS BAD. Then we'll tell them that the REAL Assault Weapon they are training with is their best friend. We will ship them off to far away places in the name of dubious causes and ideology in order to kill people they know nothing about in considerable numbers, and be killed or maimed in CONSIDERABLY GREATER NUMBERS than anyone's been killed or maimed in their own neighborhoods, by people who know nothing about them except the b.s. that THEIR ideologues have put in their brains. Are our leaders crazy? To whom does this make sense?
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    I know The government already spends too much money needlessly. they should spend as much as possible on stuff like bans that are against the constitution.
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    banning any type gun is not going to help.the only thing that will help stop mass shooting is better parenting and people paying attention to what their kids and other people are doing around them.i was raised around all different types of guns my whole life and knew better than to touch 1 when i was a kid unless i was with my dad uncle or pappaw shooting them. now that im an adult i have built up quit the arsenal myself and i have never went on a mass and my cuz did by mistake take a shot gun to school once we had been out shooting the day before and left it in the truck and forgot about it til we got to school the next day but it wasnt intential at all scared the hell out of us when we realized what we did though
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    I haven't heard any Democrat proposals YET that would have stopped any school shootings.

    The only ones I think would make a difference are armed police or guards in schools, arming and training teachers, and putting mentally ill people in the background check system - All NRA proposals originally.

    The only reason the NRA didn't mention armed teachers in their news conference was that they felt it would be too controversial - But they DID mention that police officers and guards will not in themselves be the ultimate solution. One or two are just too few of them to cover the whole school. Murphy's law says that when the stuff hits the fan, the guard(s) will be on the other side of the school, in the bathroom, sick, or whatever.
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    After seeing the movie "A Dry White Season" with Donald Southerland, Marlon Brando and Susan Sarandon, I feel more strongly than ever that Americans MUST NOT let their government disarm them. NYC Mayor is already saying he backs the "Assault Weapons Ban" but that "New York's real problem are handguns". And there you have it. The Next Target. These folks are going after the very weapons that are USED LEAST in committing homicides and crime because their use in isolated horrific killings have evoked a visceral, knee-jerk response to them. It makes it easy for the gun-grabbing ghouls to make their case on the back of dead innocents. If they are successful in ramming this idiotic Bill through Congress, there can be no doubt their next target will be THE FIREARMS THAT ARE USED MOST IN CRIMES: Revolvers and semi-automatic pistols. Once THOSE are out of the way, shotguns will be next as they are used most often next to revolvers and semi-auto pistols. It's disarmament by increments. See the web site assaultweaponsbanof2013 dot blogspot dot com for
    actual US Department of Justice Reports that exposes the monstrous lies of the anti-gun lobby and makes it clear WHY there is a ban on federal firearms research.
    The Department of Justice can't be forced to cook their books to come up with statistics that will help the anti-gunners, so the next best thing is to suppress research, and deny access to the truth to Americans. Also check on the web site
    fauxassaultweapons dot blogspot dot com for figures on deaths of children and the major causes thereof.
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    It's just one more excuse for government to control our lives, hammers, believe it or not kill more people than guns. The real issue is mental health, the government has all the data to determine that keeping guns out of convicts and unstable individuals would cut crime in half....but no the government has it's agenda and that agenda is to slowly erode our 2nd amendment rights....
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