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    Neo laughing at the question because neo thinks it obvious Obama is number one. :) Actually I put him in top ten or so, after FDR, TheodreRossevelt, Lincoln, Jefferson, and a few others...note Neo,'three of these pickec by me are repubs...
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    Getting a big Laugh with Neo over recent GOP "leaders". With what the competition has been recently Obama's performance hasn't been that bad and compared to the competition looks tolerable.
    Neo are you giggling over GW's still searching for weapons of mass destruction, so sad wasn't it that he and his team were sleeping at the wheel, failing totally to pick up 9-11 warnings. More recently we've had;
    Mitt: Where are my tax returns Romney. Did I pay 47%??... no that's how many losers I'm feeding with my taxes.
    John, where am I? i picked her? McCain. I wonder if the voices in her head are as annoying as she is to listen to,,,,BENGAZZI Bengazzzi where was it? oh Behgazzi
    Bob, Mr ED Dole,
    Geo. H.W. Bush.. VP picking (Dan Quayle) skills rivaled only by McCain, read my lips..
    Poor Ronnie zzzzzz at the wheel for last 3 years, Iran Contra fiasco.
    Tricky Dickie, help the paranoids are after me.

    Neo I'll accept a BJ in the Oval Office - a fair exchange for a thriving the economy and surplus we handed you.
    Poor Jimmy we'll leave him with his impure thoughts.
    Is Obama in the top ten, compared to recent competition? To be determined
    taking into account:
    Rand Paul wants him to resign because Beyonce lip sync'd,
    Fox is freaking out now that Benghazzi is fading,
    Market at 6 yr high, unemployment falling, job creation & housing starts way up. as are percent of students graduating from high school,( teen age preg are down)
    Out Of Iraq, soon Afgan... no Texas swagger, but if you're AlQaeda keep looking up he's not afraid to pull the trigger.
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    It's very good to see you happy again. I'm sure that is because you voted for Obama as being the best President of all time.
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    IMHO...Barack Husssein Obama is a liberal, progressive racist. And, as such, is the most divisive president to ever sit in the Oval Office. He has divided our nation by every racial, ethnic, sexual, religious description he could think of. We are now the weakest we have been on the foreign stage since Jimmy Carter. We stand leaderless and embarassed before the world.
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    Mary Mary quite contrary, how Does, your political garden grow?
    Obama sales with fairy tales and all his little dwarfs at a hail
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    @marine1 And fgs don't cal them midgets. I think the porn industry is the only one that still does. Until the ACLU comes along of course and makes them change all the packaging and promotional info. ;-)
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    LOL. Boy, I tell you what. Politix is batting a 1000 today. First They ask if the 2nd ammendment is still relevent. Then They ask if Barry is the greatest president of all time. Boy. This is better than watching Animal House for good laughs. Thanks.LMAO!
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    @Jack-Black See what I mean? You just proved my statement with your own hot air.
    "I disagree with you and your sheep buddies, so I dont know how to post?"
    Huh? Where did I say anything about you not knowing how to post? Talk about grabbing something out of thin air.
    Here, I'll slow it down so its not so difficult..
    "The fact you have no idea how I post proves you don't read beyond your own hot air."
    You don't realize that I'm not Liberal. You just assuming I am and lumping me in with them proves you don't read what I post here. Likely due to the fact that you don't read beyond what you write.
    Did you understand that time? I tried to make it simple, sorry I couldn't do better.
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    Way to early to tell. Some are wildly popular during their presidency but look diminished later, like Reagan when we discovered he was asleep at the wheel through his second term. Others leave office with low ratings, like Harry Truman, but look far better in retrospect. Even Nixon wasn't as evil as he seemed in 1974. We can evaluate Obama in 2030 or so.
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    @PoliticalSpice Most intelligent? Come on man... He's one of the best speakers for sure. If he were so intelligent he would realize the harm he's doing. He's either absolutely unintelligent or absolutely corrupt.
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    @AndrewEvans Your putting a lot on @RoyFloyd. He just posted an opinion, he's not harming anyone. Corrupt? You saying obama bribed him to write that?
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    @PoliticalSpice Isn't that a cop out of a reply... I'm saying that the full scope of Obama's legacy and his ignorance to his own actions are either evil or idiocy on Obama's part.
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    @AndrewEvans I wrote most intelligent about the post, not Obama. As to his legacy @RoyFloyd is right, we won't know that for quiet some time. What people think now of his policies will change when the period is looked bsack on from history. Are you really to self absorbed with your own political line to understand that happens with every president?

    As to my immediate response we disagree. I am not thrilled with obama. Agree he renewed the patriot act. Angry he didn't go single payer or at least public option on health care, angry he didn't launch a full scale wpa type jobs program and build national high speed rail. But he did prevent a recession from turning into a depression, save a million jobs with aid to detroit and implement the largest health care expandion since LBJ enacted medicade. Not to mention wind down the war and get bin laden.
    Now I know you support free market economics, but you really don't know what that means unless you lived in a third world coutry. We haven't had that type of system her since theodre roosevelt was president. And I, for one, am very pleased it is gone...
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    It depends on the definition of great. If we are talking magnitude, then he's comparable eg, greatest natural disaster, greatest plague, etc.
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    No president was ever handed a bigger mess. No one.
    It's amazing how republicans create these historical messes (Nixon and Bush) and then they denigrate the person cleaning up their crap (Carter and Obama).
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    No I would say Reagan got a much worse mess. Just like the next pres will get a hell of a mess.
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    I can see by the post's that any positive reply's are just from die hard liberals......all is looking objectivity. Most of these liberals don't even know what Obama's policies are.
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    I think the man had the opportunity to set a new political standard that could have gone untouched for years but chose to lower those standards instead?
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    Do you leave room for the fact that he tried reaching out some in the first term with nothing but promises to make him a one term president followed by intentional obstruction to acheive that goal?
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    @PoliticalSpice I think that his reach was intentionally superficial and with underlyinhg focus that he new would return the results he got.
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    @PoliticalSpice Had obama followed more in bill clinton style politics he would have gain much more for all
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    @marine1 Well perhaps, but clinton had a rare gigt for politics, it doesn't come natuarlly to some. I think obama tried sincerely, but was not willing to break his campaign promise on health care, and repubs felt just as strongly that they would do everything they could to stop it...
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    @PoliticalSpice I wonder if they would let you and me have a stab at it? We may not accomplish a lot but i would think we couldn't make it worse???:}
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    @PoliticalSpice The fact that you're lumping him and JFK in there with those names is laughable, but that's just my opinion. BTW are you reffering to Thomas Jefferson or Clinton?
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    @AlexMIA I was messing with you. It's kinda hard to miss how you feel about Obama. We know you love him...

    Thomas Jefferson, clinto was a good politician, he did a lot, but nothing of historic proportions that will shape the future, and he is to largely share blame with Bush for the economic collapse, because it was clinton who repealed glass seagull.

    The presidents I refered to all did something of hidtoric value that shaped the nation far beyond their terms...
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    @PoliticalSpice LOL Spice! Shy are you trying to provoke me? You know Jefferson is among the top for me? He was way ahead of his time, he was so ashamed of slavery that he wanted to free his slaves but since the were seen as equity he could not due to his personal debts. So rather than have them possibley end up with a worse owner, he had no choice but to keep them. As I understand he treated them very well.
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    Right now, it's hard to say.
    But G.W. Bush was the worst and Reagan is second, possibly third worst. Obama would really have to try hard to come in anywhere as bad as Bush or Reagan.
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    Lmao, lol.......
    OMG, seriously? Please.
    Obama ain't even close.
    Mr. Double-Down? Really? Lmao.
    You guys got to stop getting your Topics from Obama personally.
    I know he has said he believes he is in the top 4 of Presidents.
    Please stop getting your topics from Obama.
    Lol, oh I get it, you guys were just kidding, right?
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    The worst... but like the inspiration for this stupid story stated " you get a different answer from a white person"

    How ridiculous are these people.
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    "MRCTV's Dan Joseph caught up with Obama's most ardent fans last Monday in DC,"

    The fact that any politician has "fans" is rather disturbing and even cult-like.
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    They missed one choice. They should have included: "By far the worst of all time, past, present, and future." He will go down in history as the worst, most divisive president in the history of the country.
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    Abe Lincoln was an unpopular President during his tenure but after he died and the right-wingers died, he became one of most liked and respected Presidents..

    Union mothers disliked him because their sons were being killed and the South despised him because he was trying to end slavery. His subordinates thought of him as a story telling buffoon.
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