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    "So what brought about Windemeyer's "shocking" reversal? Dialogue." Did the dialogue include a promise to donate money to Campus Pride?
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    There are no Chick-fil-A restaurants in my area, so I didn't participate in the boycott due to geography. This was a nice story, I hope it's true. I also hope this isn't the last time we read about people with vastly different views and lifestyles coming together in an effort to understand each other. (Yes, I know I sound like Pollyanna at times, but I find it much less stressful to be an optimist.:)
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    You aren't nice to me. I tried to get you to go for lobster and a romp and what did you say? Accused me of Gingerphobia. Tsk.
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    You don't understand guys. The guy is just looking for some action on the side, figures the chickenhawk is a closet case waiting to cum out. He's hoping with him...
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    Now, aren't you glad you didn't go to those demonstrations? I'm sorry to say, but when liberals disagree with someone's opinion, all their talk of tolerance gets thrown out the window, and is immediately replaced with foaming at the mouth hatred.

    Remember all the hate filled comments coming from people about Dan Cattie. They now have to eat a huge slice of humble pie because of what these two "adults" did.

    We can all learn a lesson from this...including you, Dr. Funklestein!
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    You can dislike a persons actions and not hate them, i dislike homosexuality but i do not hate anyone. People tried to make him seem like a hate monger even though his most controversial comment was he supported the traditional values of marriage and the religious sanctimony of it.
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    It may surprise you but I think they both suck.One sells bad food and the other(and I will be deleted for this comment), well use your imagination. LOL
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    I began my boycott of Chik-fil-A in 2010 before it was trendy. It was because we found out that the CEO was donating money to groups which actively work against the rights, freedoms (whatever) of non-heterosexuals, of which I am one. I ate there frequently so essentially I was funding my own oppression. The argument could be made that this is what we're doing by shopping at any corporation. At any rate, I didn't say anything about it until last year. I was never mean or nasty, never wished death on anyone. But it made me mad when people on the other side made it about freedom of expression and tried to reverse who wants to take rights from who. It upset me when people expressed that they couldn't care less about the whole thing. It matters to me. I will continue my boycott because through its actions and the public reaction of supporters, this brand has established itself as the banner of people who will actively stand against my marriage and my family even though they know only one thing about it. If we hold to the first amendment, we all have the right to peacefully express our views and demonstrate those views according to what we endorse, whether your are the CEO of a corporation or an average citizen.
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    They (as in the Gay Rights Group) probably said what they said because the fools realized that their little movement backfired on Chick-Fil-A. They drew in more business as a result of from those remarks. I bet the Left was clamoring after that...
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    I have never liked their food, it tastes like grease. I've never liked their politics because they supported groups that lie. I don't believe they have changed one bit.
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    I don't care, one should serve me over priced chicken and the other is less than 5% of the population clamoring as if they were the put it as polite as possible STFU.....move on please.
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    Money talks, BS walks.
    I can't believe that there aren't more comments on this thread, there were so many months ago.
    Probably too caught up in guns articles to notice.
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