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    Cut pay, cut perks, cut benefits and cut out the damn lobbyists!! Only THEN will we get politicians who are in politics for the PEOPLE!!!!
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    Each person in Congress- should be paid $20000.00 Have them stay in their own districts and meet 6 times a year in Washington DC. They do have video conferencing.

    They get 2 terms in office. If One penny is added to their family's account via lobbyists- they are impeached.

    After their terms are over. They are no longer in DC. Gone.
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    We have GOT to get the money out of politics and put everyone running for political office on the same level and let them run on their own merits rather than how much money they have to buy the office!!!
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    Looking for a "simple way to show that Congress is serious about restoring fiscal discipline?" Try passing a budget.
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    10%? Can we gun for 30%? This should be bipartisan. I shouldn't get a throng of people disagreeing with me on this one. The American people deserve better!
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    @Raptor - Don't let these posters convince you that I am partisan. I know ave Loebsack is a Democrat. I support this bill regardless. When politicians come up with good ideas, I support them no matter what side of the aisle that politician is on. We won't get to good governance until people stop being so partisan and one-sided.
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    Every person in congress could get zero pay and benefits and still live like feudal lords on the graft from lobbyists. You need to start right there to do any real reform of congressional corruption.
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    While we're at it, let's end the lifelong salary and benefits. When they're out of a job, they lose their salaries and benefits just like every other American. Otherwise, getting voted out of office really isn't even really threatening.
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    Yeah! Why should police officers, firemen, teachers, garbage men, park rangers, etc., make a living wage??!! Oh and all those soldiers? They are too much of a drain on society. Cut them all down to minimum wage and use the savings to give a tax cut to people who do the important jobs like bankers and oil company CEOs.

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    Aren't you just the witty one? I'm sure you were the queen of the ball on the little yellow bus as the smart and funny one.
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    And cut back on all those sweet benefits they get, too. They can afford to pay their own health insurance. Oh, and make them work 54 weeks a year like the rest of us.
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    We need another option on this poll, too. How about "Name one representative who is in it for the annual salary." Unless we have serious lobbying reform, dropping their annual salary is meaningless.
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    The people who are the employers of these ass clowns should decide yearly if the house, senate, and the president deserve a raise. It is a damm shame that it is automatic. I will stand behind this bill 100%. I was really shocked to see it was a democrat. Watch you back sir you might find a knife stuck in it by your own party.
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    What we need is real reform in the halls of congress.

    Salaries should be a multiple of the median wage, and a small multiple at that.

    Every communication in any medium by any elected person or staff should be public record.

    No pol can vote on a bill unless he/she can certify under oath that they have read and understood it.

    No riders, single issue bills only.

    No elected person, or their staffs, can lobby, or take employment with any organization that the elected person had any role in regulating, for five years after leaving office.

    Think of a few more....
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    Congressional Pay could be ZERO and they'd still walk out of Congress with millions of dollars. We need money out of politics and qualified people in congress with pay commensurate with the job. I say increase their pay to 1 million a year and hang any of them that use their office for personal gain.
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