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    New York Mayor Bloomberg is a Leftist Hypocrite, He is a worthless person to say the least. You see the Video of his thuggish personal guards...armed to the teeth.
    But he doesnt think that YOU should have the right to protect yourself.
    He is an A typical radical socialistic liberal POS!!
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    Yes we know that there are Liberal republicans, Hell John McCain is one of them.
    and Lindsey Grahmm, and several more.
    But whats your point?
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    He's known to be a sexist Pig and he's no republican...he's just a rich a$$ with a lot
    of it and zero class, you can't buy class and he's a prime example of that.
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    For a guy so heavy into gun control it seems he has trouble shooting his mouth and keeping it holestered! Haha
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    Yes, they are sexist. No, they are not "terrible".

    Can we have yes/no choices that don't include modifiers?

    Yes, but we love to slant your answers.
    No, readers must be guided to answer correctly.
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    I cannot say if "i'd do her" is an inappropriate comment till I see the "her" he was talking about and decide for myself. I've been around women discussing men, and I assure you they say things even more outrageous then that, not only that, they say much nastier things about wonen then men would say about any women except an ex girlfriend!
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    @methinks some things cut accross political lines, of course if any of my feminist girlfriends were around you'd see how fast I'd try to sweet talk my way out of it. I'm real brave behind a key board, then again, feminist or not, every guy knows the best thing to do when confronted by a woman is to say sorry, yes dear, and distract her with flowers or some such nonsense. In the battle of the sexs, being a man means always having to say i'm sorry.
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    @PoliticalSpice Ha! Well, my wife and I can say all we want about others, but we just do that. Looky looky is fine, but no touchy touchy!:)
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    the odd thing is that it's not sexist until he answers the question,'he'd do her what?'

    i mean, shoot... he could have been talking about her dishes, but the mic wend dead before he finished speaking.
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    Rude, sexually harrassing. Yes. But sexist?
    Other than that he's heterosexual so that he's only making the comments about women. What if he was bisexual and was saying this about men and women would that make it all OK?
    Sexism is believing that one sex is as a whole either 1. bad or more typically 2. inferior. Nothing he says expresses that.
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    So, they're quoting allegations as facts now? Were these criminal suits? Is so, was he convicted? Were they civil suits seeking money? And the outcome? The point is that allegations are only accusations. Maybe he is sexist, but bringing up comments from 20 years ago like they're news is not appropriate.
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    Apparently Bloomberg is misguided in many aspects of life. It's bad enough he's already a dumbass when it comes to guns and soda, but now he's a sexist too? Gee, NYC sure knows how to pick em'....
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