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    in a country without the 2nd ammendment, you would aready have been thrown in a ditch by your government. it is because of the 2nd ammendment that our country has been free of tyrannical rule. smarter than Jefferson? puuleeeeeese!!!!!
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    You think so? People in Britain, Canada, Switzerland,... criticize their government while having very strict gun laws. Yet they are getting rounded up. The government with the baddest military on the planet isn't afraid of you Rambo types.
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    obviously.......YOU never raised your right hand and put your butt on the line to defend your country and FREEDOM. don't know many veterans that would voluntarily give up their 2nd ammendment rights for a pinch of 'safety'. if you believe differently, you are naive.
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    Chris, being an attorney it is surprizing you never mentioned the only way to legally get rid of Second Amendment: Amend the Constitution. Otherwise you are just spouting emotional babble that has no basis in reason and good sense.

    What must have happened is you went to sleep and woke up in some country other than the USA. Go to sleep again and see if you can wake-up in a more sound presence of mind.
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    He makes some good points though I still have the same hesitation about bans -- I don't think they work. If enough mainstream citizens want a product (like an AR-15, for instance) and the government bans it, the ban is unenforceable. The trade goes to the black market where it is handled by organized crime -- and why should we want to funnel more money into their hands?
    I agree registration and background checks are essential and reasonable to ask of folks. But bans? Not so sure it's a good idea.
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    Good post, well thought out and balanced. The issue I have is that if the Second Amendment goes away, there will be nothing
    left to protect us from an all out ban.
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    Totally agree, it's why banning drugs hasn't worked. Background checks, registration, and mandatory waits seem like common sense though...
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    @AceLuby - Exactly right. The last time we banned a popular recreational drug (alcohol) we ended up with organized crime and income taxes.
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    says it all about this person,seems people like this need to find another country like china to live in. i am sure though this will be said over and over so the sheeple will follow the piper as the gov does will all things they want to take away from the people,then things like this prove some do not care about the people as in "We The People"
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    The fact is, America was designed by Geniuses, and of late run by Idiots, especially Lawyers that occupy both the WH and the Congress. -- Forget what they say, look what they do.....
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    @S-N-A-F-U all need to do that. we have seen time and time again their words never match their actions.
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    No I don't agree, but I respect his right to speak his mind. Now who I like to hear more from on this issue are law enforcement. And whether they want their family members to own weapons. BTW in Virginia you have always been allowed to carry a weapon on your person visible, concealed carry is the new wave.
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    Kentucky has open carry without a license also. People do it all the time. I prefer concealed simply because I keep mine in my purse. :)
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    Carrying concealed in Va. isn't real new. I got my first permit in Va. about 20 years ago. Before that I carried openly. But, I much prefer concealed. Some law enforcement organizations are already speaking out. There have been several in the news lately opposing further restrictions.
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    @Medicinebow Wow didn'r realize it was that long ago. I have heard a few Sherrifs speak in favor on TV but not enough. The people need to hear from people who carry and use weapons, who see the damage caused by guns but also probably know more honestly than any the times gun owners prevent violence without ever having to use a gun
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    @kathyparsell I'd have to say it is medium-sized. It says my last name and US Army on the side. It has a special inside pocket for my Beretta. :)
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    Cool Chris as long as you regulate all those people who participate in abortion of innocent children. Shouldn't they be regulated also?
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    Innocent children are getting pregnant? I'm shocked!!! Or are you just talking about a clump of cells with the intellect of a garden snail?
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    @NormalFlora if the Mars rover is able to find even a few clumps of living cells, or even dead ones for that matter, clinging to a rock what would the head lines be? "LIFE FOUND ON MARS" So it's either life or its not, now the question, as you have pointed out, of when it's considered a person is another one all together. Sticky situation isn't. At what point is it a lump of cells and at what point is it a child.
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    @SavageMazx "now the question, as you have pointed out, of when it's considered a person is another one all together"
    And it's an intensely personal question with only subjective answers. That means the only person who can answer it is the woman, her doctor and her friends and family. In private. It is not the business of strangers who don't know her or her circumstances, to impose their subjective answer on her by force.
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    Oh pardon me, I didn't realize that "men" are so smart they already know the answer and can dictate their will to the rest of us who actually have a faith or believe in a higher being other than ourselves or the goverment. I figured since this LLSBA, was imposing his will on gunowners, then one is to assume he would be more than willing to defend all innocent people. Guess that's not the case with progressives, sorta of a pick and chose your what you stand for or against even though they contradict each other.
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    Breaking News!
    They (CNN) just reported that cops are responding to a middle school shooting in Atlanta!
    This gun control debate isn't going to subside like in the past, not at this rate.
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    @Keyjo I have plenty of time. I will not stop this fight. Again it happened in a gun free zone by a minor that was in illegal possession of a firearm. Enforce some of the 9000 existing laws.
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    @Keyjo I live near Atl...don't get involved much in Gun Control debates through my FB groups...but I sure had some words for someone who said "I don't give a shit about the 2nd Amendment! It needs to be changed. They change laws all the time."
    Ummmmm, hello?! Not like this is some willy-nilly odd law on the books here! Some people just grate on me!
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    Exactly. And this is such an emotionally charged issue. If we could sit back and take some time for rational discussion, intelligent offering of solutions..........
    Solutions that consider the entire spectrum of the problem. If every gun in America, the world, was confiscated and destroyed, killers would still find a way to kill, maybe even in more tragic numbers. Airliners are hijacked with box-cutters, federal buildings blown up with fertilizer. Both mass killings were greater tolls than any school or mall shooting.
    But every time there is another shooting, the scab is ripped off and the bleeding starts over.
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    The government was not set up to keep you up or to tell you how big a drink you can have ,what kind of bread to eat or what insurance company to go with that's Why we have the second amendment! When government get out of control. With to much control.
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    This guy was a senior aid to Chucky the clown Schumer, what other opinion would he have? You know what they say about opinions everyboby has one, but the most idiotic opinion's seem to get the most attention!
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    PART 2 (sorry...I was cut off by the site)

    This statement you made here amazes me the most:
    “Let's not have a self-protection argument as it was never the Framers intent. It's absurd to believe, as some wing nuts do, that if the principal and teachers were armed the Newtown, Conn., elementary school massacre wouldn't have happened. The first victim was heavily armed and now she's dead. More guns are not the answer to the problem of violence in our nation.”

    I promise you sir, if there was just ONE GUN in that elementary school, lives would have been saved that day. 169% Guaranteed. The lessons learned from that tragedy is that the police or trained individuals with weapons need to be on-site, in all schools, while school is in session. It should have been the lesson learned after Columbine yet “gun grab” seems to be the answer that is allowed to be part of the discussion, but arming teachers is not.
    Now, Mr. Hahn...I do understand where you are coming from.“This is the 21st century, we don’t need guns anymore because we are all civilized, except those who go out and shoot up movie theaters and schools full of children.” Well sir that is EXACTLY why guns not only need to be legal, but their ownership must be made mandatory. I argue that not only every able-bodied man and woman not only own one revolver, one semi-automatic handgun, one shotgun, and one assault rifle, such as a AR15 or Mini-14, but be required to be licensed and proficient with each on the above list. And if a person wants another weapon (outside of old antiques) he or she must qualify on that weapon as well. I also contend that such persons be ready to assist the National Guard in disasters or other needs of the LOCAL government in their areas.

    Big Pharma should be the suspect at Sandy Hook, not Bushmaster. They have much more to do with Sandy Hook and other shootings. Guns keep America free. It is literally one of the last rights we have left. The Patriot Act and NDAA have turned millions of Americans into de facto criminals.
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    No. Why isn't Obama taking care of the crime wave and mass amount of murders in the cities like Chicago. Why is time being wasted on such malarkey as the mythical "assault rifle" guise, ruse, whatever you want to call it? The crime and murder in the cities are rampant and needs to be attacked head on. The current laws need to be ENFORCED and fast and hard. Why are those liberals going after the hunter the country . rural, or city average law abiding citizens? Because it is not about justice this is about CONTROL. Anyone remember when crime and criminals ran rampant in South Florida and Reagen sent thousands in an all-out assault and it made a actual huge difference?. Where is Obama now? Worrying about taking away law abiding citizens rights while gangs murders and criminals are ruining the cities and more. The response is...lets take away rights from law abiding citizens..
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    Ronald Reagen Radio Address to the Nation on Law Enforcement and Crime July 7, 1984

    My fellow Americans:

    I'd like to talk with you today about a subject that's been a priority since this administration's first day in office—fighting crime in America.

    When we came to office, crime was taking the lives of over 23,000 Americans a year. It touched a third of American homes and resulted in about $10 billion a year in financial losses. Yet, just as America has regained her economic strength and international prestige in the last few years, so, too, the crime problem in America has shown improvement for the first time in many years.

    In recent speeches in Hartford, Connecticut, and San Antonio, Texas, I've pointed out that the 7-percent decrease in crime reported for last year is the sharpest decrease in the history of the crime statistics, and it marks the first time the serious crime index has shown a decline 2 years in a row. Of course we still have a long way to go; but this statistic does demonstrate that our efforts and those of State and local governments are finally having an impact on crime.

    At the State level, for example, numerous legislatures have passed tough new sentencing laws. And here at the Federal level, we've taken several critically important steps.
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    @cleverusername First, from our first day in office, the Attorney General and I have emphasized the importance of appointing to the Federal bench, including the Supreme Court, judges determined to uphold the rights of society and the innocent victims as well as the rights of the accused.

    Second, we've launched an all-out assault on the illicit drug trade—that fever swamp of career criminals in America. Taking our cue from the success of our South Florida Task Force, we've brought aboard more than 1,200 new investigators and prosecutors and established 12 regional task forces throughout the United States to crack down on the big money drug traffickers.
    The results of that effort have been encouraging. The drug task forces have initiated 620 cases; they've indicted more than 2,600 individuals; and 143 of these indictments have been under the "Drug Kingpin" law, which carries a maximum penalty of life imprisonment without the possibility of parole.

    Third, we've launched a full-scale offensive on the home ground of career criminals—organized crime itself. Organized crime arrests have nearly tripled, and confiscation of their assets is also sharply up. Our new commission on organized crime has brought much needed public attention to this problem, and as soon as it receives subpoena power, it will do even more.

    Believe me, we in the administration have been trying to speak up for you, the millions of Americans who are fed up with crime, fed up with fear in our streets and neighborhoods, fed up with lenient judges, fed up with a criminal justice system that too often treats criminals better than it does their victims.

    Too many Americans have had to suffer the effects of crime while too many of our leaders have stuck to the old, discredited, liberal illusions about crime—illusions that refuse to hold criminals responsible for their actions.
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    @cleverusername For example, I wonder how many of you know that the major part of our legislative initiative against crime remains right where it's remained for the last 3 years, dead in the water in the House of Representatives. Now, our crime package includes bills calling for bail reform, tougher sentencing, justice assistance to States and localities, improvement in the exclusionary rule and the insanity defense, and major reforms affecting drug trafficking, prison crowding, capital punishment, and forfeiture. All of these reforms are badly needed and constitutionally sound. In fact, our core crime package has already passed the Senate once by a vote of 91 to 1. But in the House of Representatives, the liberal leadership keeps it bottled up in committee.

    I told a group of Texas lawyers yesterday, we're not about to quit on our crime bill. We're going to do what we've done in the past. We're going out to the heartland, and we're taking our case to you, the people. And so, I'm asking for your help today. Please send a message to the House leadership. Tell them to stop kowtowing to the special interests and start listening to you, the American people.

    Americans want this anticrime legislation, and they want it now. And if those of you listening will lend a hand, we can get it now. Please tell your elected representatives you expect full and fair representation, and that means getting this bill out of committee and onto the floor of the House for a vote.

    We've made real progress against crime in the last few years. Together, we can keep up the good work.

    Until next week, thanks for listening, and God bless you.
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    @cleverusername in fairness here is what Reagen did after his presidency. At that time it was debated that he was well into losing his good senses.

    President Ronald Reagan will forever be remembered fondly by Second Amendment supporters, many of who are among the American conservatives who consider Reagan a poster child of modern conservatism. But words and actions of Reagan, the 40th President of the United States, left behind a mixed record on gun rights.

    His presidential administration did not bring about any new gun control laws of significance. However, in his post-presidency, Reagan cast his support to a pair of critical gun control measures in the 1990s: 1993’s Brady Bill and 1994’s Assault Weapons Ban.
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    @cleverusername I think that there can be good combination of both. Enforcing laws we already and sensible regulation. IE high capacity magazines I would say any over 15.
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    What a dumb azz..gurss tje trst og adm is worthless too huh. If this idiot rrally thinks the shooting wouldn't have happened or will stop any future shootings ....I've got some ocean front property ln kansas I need to sell them
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    I think this article was made just to incite anger. It's probably one of the worst opinionated anti-gun pieces I have read. I was going to argue the article, but I'm not going to give the author that much credence.
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    WHAT A DUMBASS!!! The ONLY thing that keeps our corrupt political system from becoming a complete dictatorship is the second amendment! What about all the cases of gun controlled areas having a much higher death rate by guns and the places with little to no gun control having the lowest in the nation? What about all the Department of Justice studies that show gun control does not and can not work? You are a sheep, and should be ashamed of yourself for saying that any part of the Constitution is void, without the second you wouldn't have the first to say such ignorant things.
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    This guy is a real fruitcake. You can't make this stuff up. He is way off the fringe. South Dakota has the right idea...they just authorized teachers to have guns in the classroom. Like so many other Liberal Loons, including Obama, he could care less about the Constitution. Luckily that until Obama pulls a coup, which he is nutty enough that he might actually try, it is really a tall order to amend the constitution.
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