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    It was kind of the same way with the counter culture of the '60s too. The real people had more important things to do than whine. They had to earn a living.
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    @methinks Amen. Those 20 year old dolts burning the flag- spitting on soldiers- hating the country- are now our principals- professors-congressmen and political advisors and advocates. Bill Ayres is the perfect example.
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    @methinks There are exceptions. But, this is what I would call "The Worst Generation".

    Their Parents made it through the depression, Fought WW2 & Built the Country in the 50's Boom. What did they do?
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    Exactly what's wrong with challenging the status quo if you find problems with it?
    What about Occupy protesters who do have jobs and are earning a living and still find the time to protest because they rather use their free time doing that than watching reality tv? You're painting the whole movement with too broad of a brush just like people do with the tea party movement.
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    I don't know Neo . . . seems like this article is saying that the OWS crowd are the very children of the Tea Party crowd. Hmmmm . . . .
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    @Denizen_Kate thats like saying back in the old days that white youngsters who's parents own slaves but that they themselves fight for blacks freedom are bad or hypocrites. just because they may have certain characteristics does not mean that they don't deserve or should not be in the fight for the cause. In fact it was these (not essentially white youngsters) white people that the blacks even had a hope. And this its because of these rich-ish sons of or whatever you want to call them are aiding to our voice and may even lead to change
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    @Asdwee2 - Hi. You must be new here. I'm always pulling Neo's chain. It's all in fun. He's very good humored. No harm was intended.
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    @Denizen_Kate no worries buddy, i just wanted to voice something and thought, hey what i want to say kinda fits into a rebuttal for that post, even if it was an intendedly good humored one :)
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    Before everyone gets into a full frontal Zuccotti frenzy, this study did not actually survey the people in Zuccotti Park, and it found that a quarter of the OWS people it did survey had incomes of $15,000 a year or less.

    You may now carry on with your agenda imposition activities.
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    OWS was never about being rich. This is a great example of how the media likes to report and portray things.

    Seemingly, it would be assumed that ALL OWS participants are, "poor, unemployed, pot smoking-hippies" that have no clue how the "real world" works.

    To anyone that was actually a part of the movement or even took the time to participate in one of the General Assemblies, you would have seen that the group was made up of diverse, intelligent individuals that were just sick and tried or the "same ol' same ol'. All different cultures, views, and ideas, melding together towards a common goal.
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    Which is probably the reason why Bill Ayers likes Obama so much... he recognizes the same criminal attributes he himself has
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    They're the ones who are best positioned to see what's going on and to understand the implications.

    They want the rest of us to understand that unrestrained capitalism will destroy our socisty.
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    Liberal mostly white college kids understand capitalism? LOL Probably 80% of them will be lucky to spell it.

    Of course when I was young and dumb I thought I understood everything too.
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    "...when I was young and dumb I thought I understood everything..."

    I see not much has changed.

    And yes, they understand capitalism. They know that 'unfettered capitalism' inevitably results in a continuing concentration of wealth, and influence because of that wealth.

    A plutocracy, if you will.

    May I recommend...
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    @harold_lloyd I notice one of the richest men in the world George Soros was not mentioned on that page. Wonder why?

    So tell me oh wise one.

    How are the wealthy 'concentrating' the wealth?
    How does that benefit them?
    How does that harm the rest of the country?
    Do you believe there is a finite amount of 'wealth' in the US?
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    @Canoochee How about this... you show me one society that flourished where the poor were ultra poor and the rich are ultra rich and I'll answer your questions as to what societal benefits and harms there are from wealth concentration.
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    @AceLuby So I need to educate you before you feel qualified to answer my questions which were not posed to you but to harold?

    This would be the fourth time I have had to bring you up to speed. Try to keep up will ya?
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    Manhattan has a mean income of $120k and a median income of $65k, is it really that surprising that 1/3rd of the OWS had household incomes greater than $100k? Manhattan is also 54% white, not far off the 62% represented in OWS...

    These statistics don't show anything except that OWS matches fairly closely to the area that they are occurring. Drawing any kinds of conclusions from this very simplistic study is frankly stupid.
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    @ AceLuby At first blush, your numbers are relevant. However, here are some errant assumptions. First, this is Occupy New York, not just Manhattan. Second, they did not specify whether the Occupiers live in NY as opposed to Hoboken NJ, Yonkers NY, or any other location. It's very true that 100k is not much in NYC, but once you step outside of the city for a few miles, it actually is well above the median, which is where my guess is that these people emit from.
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    @Hireman You have no idea where these people are from, neither does the writer of this article, that's my point. You're just guessing and making assumptions as to where these people are from and denying that the most obvious case is the most probable, that the people there most likely live in or around that area.
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    @AceLuby You're right, I have no idea, like you. However, I'm very familiar with the NY market, hence my assumptions.
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    The real question here should be DOES IT MATTER??? Why should we color the message by who the messenger is? OWS may have had some difficulty at first, but the message eventually came out, and the message is valid: Why aren't we holding the banks to the promises they made when we bailed them out? Why are we allowing them to keep the bailout money instead of loaning it to deserving individuals and small businesses, which was part of the terms of the bailout agreement?
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    @NormalFlora I don't really know if OWS message is clear. I still don't know what that message was. I really want to. But it just became very cloudy overtime.
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    a bunch of freeloading mommas boys that have been nurtured by liberal hippie teachers to acting this way and not working.
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    In Virginia I saw many (not all) setting around with iPads, iPhones, and North Face camping gear. All products created by and in many cases for the so called 1%.
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    It doesn't surprise me at all. FINALLY the educated youth of america is putting their focus on the rich raping and looting America and destroying the middle class. OWS is the future/present middle class that is most severely being affected. Good for them. It's time that someone besides the rednecks supporting their own demise by the rich took a stand.
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    A great many of the OWS crowd in my neck of the woods were homeless people who took advantage of the opportunity to camp in nice public spaces. I know that only liberal media is biased, but couldn't "highly educated young adults" who are characterized as "children of the elite" also be characterized as "highly educated. intelligent and idealistic young adults who recognize and oppose corporate greed and corruption"?
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    Are you surprised by these findings about the Occupy Movement? no, that's who we said they were when it started,that wasn,t in the media's script at the time
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    I've never understood why The Tea Party hated the OWS folks so much. Both were discontent with government. Both wanted strong changes. Maybe The Tea Party mainly resented the youthful health of the OWS folks.
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    I don't know that a family income of 100k in the greater NYC qualifies as anywhere near rich...
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    Of course not.
    I didn't go to Woodstock.
    I t'were a po' boy bursting me arse I couldn't just pickup and go to a party.
    BTW If you REALLY wanted to party you did NOT go off with the Hippies (Few party items) you congregated with the frats & sors, THAT is where the HUGE supplies of "Stuff" was stockpiled and consumed.
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    No surprise. Rich people can decide to take a few months to not work and sit around complaining. How else did they have several cases go to the supreme court? The average person could never get a case to the supreme court unless an attorney decided to start a guaranteed winnable class action suit.

    My curiosity would be whether they were standing up for their own rights, or for everyone's. Truth is, nobody was protesting 10 years ago when it was Blacks and Hispanics (and poor whites) being arrested on every corner for everything that white/wealthy/wealthy white people could get away with. Now that the economy has gone south, affecting everyone, people all of a sudden care about restricting government power and preserving "civil rights" like abortion and machine gun ownership.
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