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    They lost a ratings booster when Glenn Beck started his own network. I hardly ever bother tuning in to Fox anymore. Besides, they are only marginally better than the networks that slant the other way. Especially on gun topics. Just that I've noticed.
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    Technology again....Glenn Beck decided to go it alone and seems to be doing well....yes....that was a big chunk of their would be nice if they could get Tucker Carlson his own show....
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    @Knightmare they and the other networks are well behind the tech curve. Someday real soon they will all find themselves left in the dust. Media is changing and they may all be to big to adapt quickly enough.
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    I think it might be good that they slipped a little, it will give them a little motivation to become more factual ,more aggressive and set a standard thats even harder to keep up with.
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    Fox needs a dry clean and press. What was cutting edge now is just commonplace. I am guessing Hannity will be the first to go. I am glad Dick Morris is gone. He was never right about anything ever. Bill O and Greta are fine. As a Conservative- I'd love to see a liberal 1 hour show hosted by a big name.
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    !'s still # 1 on cable networks, I don't see the problem.??...Just the ones the
    Libs want to invent. People will still want to know the truth and it's the only Conservative News Channel, except for Conservative Radio. People get tired of
    baby pablum and want real food, and it will never happen on mainstream news,
    they just take what they choose and disregard the rest. Go Fox News!# 1...
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    What they failed to tell you in this Glee full release from MSNBC is that while their ratings what up 11 percent... where they started from was so abysmal it's like the transformation of a maggot into a garbage fly.

    As for why Fox's ratings are the lowest they've been in 12 years... who knows but their ratings are still better and have consistently been better in every time slot then the other cable news networks. what this story really is heralding is a slight drop in the enormous and continuous popularity of the Fox News Channel.
    Is really quite pathetic on behalf of MSNBC
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    Fox has become a bit liberal recently. Remember Ailes supports gun control and Fox commentators support amnesty for illegal immigrants. They are starting to lose their way. Hopefully they come home before they become MSNBC. That's a long fall, and one I'm inclined to believe is impossible, but hopefully it doesn't happen.
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    Wait, is this another conservative outlet that I'm criticizing? Where is Keyjo, PNWest, Zazziness? They say I never ever criticize conservative entities. Hmm...
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    @Neo_NtheMatrix - You're criticizing a conservative entity for not being conservative enough, Neo. Do you not see the contradiction?
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    @Denizen_Kate From what I have read from that poster, he fails to see a lot of contradictions in what he posts.
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    Nah, that's not it. I've gone this far and not seen the reason posted either. Although I've seen some pretty funny attempts including people saying glenn beck is stealing their audience. I'll share with you the reason it's dropping.
    Most of the people who watch fox are losers. They're generally not very smart either. For a few years by identifying themselves with the gop and by extension fox they felt like winners. Like they finally beat those smarty mcknowitalls like the teachers who held them back a year, the people who went to college or just the neighbor who points out to them that roasting marshmallows over a campfire that has a burning tire in it might be bad for them. Well, it was all well and good for a few years. Then Obama came a long. Now most of these simple folks had to face a simple reality, they just got beat. Even with the recruiting drive they held out their little tea party rallys by attracting the kkk guys who were on the fence before they still failed. So they held their breath and for four years they bided their time. Never at a loss to repeat whatever slogan or story or fabrication they were being fed about the evil liberal black guy who reminded them daily of the little mixed race baby their girlfriend had or possibly daughter had was not only smarter than they were but far more successful than they'd ever hope to become. All for the promise that in four years they'll be able to put that smarmy lil bstrd in his place and be the winners again in the game of us vs them. Well, with 4 years of promises it turns out they're still losers. Something that watching fox reminds them of. So now fox are losing as well. This time it's what really counts, ratings and money. Politics be damned, pandering to a crowd and fleecing the rubes for all the cash they can get is what they're built on. A business model MSNBC has learned to follow as closely as they can.
    So even a room full of dumb people have to have some that aren't as dumb as the rest. They changed the channel.
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    I am right here, Neo! I don't recall ever saying that you "never ever criticize conservative entities (sic)." But I'll give you a big thumbs up, just because.(applause, applause.)
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    Umm, people don't want to hear the truth, or at least both sides of the story?
    They want to hear the side that makes them feel warm and fuzzy inside.
    To be honest, lately, after some of the oops (screw ups) FOX has had lately, I have wondered a few times if they aren't tuckin their tails and giving in.
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    So right!!! That's the same reason all the other controlled media is loosing theirs also!!!

    "Those who are without question, are bound to become sheep"...
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    You are soooo right !!! Its like dealing w kindergarden kids all the time. If peolple don't see things there way. They jump up and down and try making up lies when all else fails.
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    Fox is conservative,we all know it's conservative, I watch it because i am fiscally conservative so why do people have a problem with fox news,if you are not conservative or if you are one of lifes leeches, you are not going to like fox so don't turn it on. We won't miss you. There is a conservative side of the tracks and a freeloader side of the tracks, so we need to all stay where we best suit our own life style.
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    Pro-Constitution Americans are more concerned with surviving the Socialist Obama regime than in watching TV news. I quit paying for TV years ago when it looked like the recession was going to stick around a it has. I've got the ole' antenna, and supplement with Netflix for 8 or 9 bucks a month. If I want news, I get on the web..FOX News has a web presence too, ya' know!
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    This headline is a little misleading, who woulda thought that? LOL - in reality Fox is still the number 1 cable show, as seen in this quote from Politico:

    "Fox News, meanwhile, had nine of the 10 top programs in January — Maddow’s show was the only non-Fox News program to enter the top 10, in the last slot, as the Huffington Post pointed out."
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    The trick is fading, the people that watch Fox News are tired of losing every argument because the information they get from Fox News is nothing but misinformation and propaganda. They wonder why super liberal Obama hasn't done any of the things Fox News predicted and now that Obama cannot be elected again they will have to demonize someone else.
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    after seeing all the rigged elections and the chump remain in the white house even after liberal channels said he was going to lose is very disappointing. and the fact that over half the country is a bunch of free loaders kinda makes you wanna tune out from watching this country go to hell.
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    Most people I know that watched Fox during the election have just turned off the news alltogether. The fact that Obama was elected again was just too much to fathom. Everything he has done has made this country weaker. People elected a pop sensation without much thought to what is happening behind the curtain. For those of us that produce, all we can do his hold on to hope that this can be corrected in 4 long years. My fear is that a whole generation of small business owners will say "screw it" and close shop, retire. Move their cash to safer places. This will be the next great recession.
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    I don't care what you say, Fox New's worst looking female reporters and commentators look better than MSNBC's best looking female personel on any day. I mean good Lord, just looks at that beast Rachel Madcow. Every time I look at that "woman" I feel like my eyeballs have been raped. Yeck.
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    Hopefully, true conservatives saw the light to what they did to Dr. Paul , the neo-cons they truly are, and Murdoch capitulating with other brits on the 2nd amendment.
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    I imagine that viewership reached a peak as the election got closer. Now that it is past, people have found other things to do.
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    I am still loyal to the channel, but after this election, I had to take a break from all of it. I still tune in and will do so more as my disgust with this Leftist President takes away more of our Rights and spends our money like a drunken sailor.
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    When you have liberal media and the President calling you out and all the other news channels riding his belief it's no wonder people think your done. But I will continue to watch I think any anybody that watch'es can make up their own mind and are qualified to decide to change the channel or not.
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    Because people are getting tired of Rupert Murdoch and Fox pushing their right wing propaganda for news, people are smart enough to recognize the bias in their reporting and the fools they as ankers,and tired of Rupert Murdoch
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    Increased Access to the internet

    More college educated people who know how to use the scientific method, look up dependable references, ability to recognize crap even if its wrapped in pretty paper

    Less church controlled people

    The right has run out of fear tactic talk points and they have nothing left to talk about.(abortion, guns, gays, killing the christan god....blah blah)
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