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    Between the lines of this report.....approx another 50-75,000 people fell off the count due to exhaustion of their UI benefits. "Real" unemployment is somewhere above 14%(and I'm being "real" generous there).
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    "Steady hiring continues"? That's what those reporting take from this lack luster report? Headliners on the deck of the Titanic "Steady progress towards America continues despite slight decline in buoyancy".
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    @Knightmare That's how the liberal left leaning main stream media spins the dismal news of higher unemployment, remember how they squealed when unemployment under Bush hit 5%?
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    Unemployment rate slightly higher at 7.9 percent?
    If they werent lying for the Corrupted OHbama admin
    it would actually be 10.5 %
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    The headline after the main headline is the kicker....unemployment rose still....if your pumping blood into the patient but the patient is still bleeding....the new blood won't make much of a difference until you close up the wounds....the wounds being too much spending and not enought revenue....
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    Both of which are due to too few jobs... too many people on welfare and UE, not enough people paying taxes. The only way to get out of this mess is to increase employment and it's plainly obvious that the private sector can't do it.
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    @AceLuby At this point the private sector can't do it but neither can the American people afford higher taxes in order to create government jobs....
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    @AceLuby the private sector could do fine if he would quit choking us to death. The biggest thing preventing hiring is Obamacare. The cheapest plan will cost $20,000 for a family of four according to the IRS.
    How can government create jobs? By hiring more government employees? Where does the money come from to pay them? Taxes. If everyone worked for the government how could you tax them enough to cover the salaries? And paying MORE taxes hurts job growth not help it. Every dollar I pay in taxes is a dollar I can't pay my employee.
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    @NTBFW - "The cheapest plan will cost $20,000 for a family of four " Does that mean an individual would pay $5,000 for that plan? If so, that's quite a bit less than I'm paying now.
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    Smoke and mirrors folks.. I work for Lockheed which recieved millions of dollars from our government this year to buy out anyone with 25+ yrs @$1000 per year of service to retire, still got full pension just an incentive.
    Now the government is counting the people replacing the retirees as jobs they creacted!!!!
    ( paying someone to quit a job and draw SS and hiring someone to do the same job is NOT creating a job!!)
    But it looks good on paper !
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    If we are adding more jobs. Why are we adding more people on food stamps- with record Black,Minority and female and teen unemployment rates?

    Add 157000 Jobs- lose 200000 brilliant- But hey the recovery is here !~ lol
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    The Bureau of Labor Statistics released jobs numbers for January Friday showing that nonfarm payroll employment increased by 157,000 and the unemployment rate rose to 7.9 percent.

    Number of people not in the labor force. 89 million, up from 80.5 million when President Obama took office.

    This means that there are currently 8.5 million more Americans not in the labor force than just four years ago.
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    @drpeeper All I have to do is to LOL, with you! You see, otherwise I 'd cry... Btw, aren't many of those/these new jobs part time?
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    @GmanGSW Yes, remember from 2000-2008 those were burger flipper jobs. Funny you never hear that term any more.
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    What's to be encouraged about? Over half the workforce has quit looking for work and that has not changed. This higher unemployment rate reflects more people out of work not more people coming back into the job market. If all those who had just quit looking were added we'd have an unemployment rate of 14% or higher. Let's see, our economy is contracting despite the fed. printing millions of dollars to pump into the economy, inflation is up, a simple whole chicken now cost twice what it did a few years ago, the "Jobs Committee" is now disbanded and never did meet since they were formed and the unemployment rate is climbing, taxes are climbing and Obamacare isn't even completely here yet and while we created approx. 150,000 jobs, twice that amount of people are out of work. Please, give me the reviled unemployment rate under George Bush, HE averaged around 5% or less for 8 years and the press was on his back the whole time for how HIGH it was and how is showed how stupid he was and that he was a failure. Hmmm, what do they say now? Crickets. As to Obamacare, only the left of America would be dumb enough to sign on for a program that they paid for for 4 years BEFORE it was implemented. How about we buy homes and cars that way, pay the payments for 4 or 5 years and THEN get the 4 or 5 yr. old car or move in to the house? Dumb of what?
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    The question should read " if you think the new jobs numbers are an indication your kind of meat is improving, is it possible you had enough Kool Aid already ? "
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    This isn't a great report. 157,000 jobs is just keeping up with population growth so we did not go backwards but we are not getting enough people back to work to make a dent in the unemployment problem.

    President Hussein Obama is focusing of course on his "number one priorities" of immigration and gun rights. It looks like his campaign statements about the economy being the most important were hollow?
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    @NTBFW Saying a lie over and over doesn't make it true. The govt can, and does, create jobs. Those people spend money in the economy, that added demand of private goods and services means that either people will need to be hired to fill that demand, or companies will be created to try to take a share of the market. Not only is the govt creating jobs directly, it does so indirectly through the demand created by the people working in the govt created job.
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    @AceLuby In order for government to create jobs they need to raise taxes....government jobs unless for the basics are essentially temporary....look at the USPS....Social Security....government jobs are unsustainable....
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    The number should include all unemployed who want to work and this who work part time and want to work full time. Not hard to calculate, just hire Google.
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    Like some others have noticed- smoke and mirrors. They have only changed how the data is disseminated to the public. In order to understand how the employment statistics con is being engineered, it is important to understand the difference between “Adjusted” and “Unadjusted” numbers.

    Labor Department data is “seasonally adjusted”, using a series of statistical assumptions including something called “Trend Cycle Analysis”. Trend Cycle Analysis is, basically, a sham, but a sham put together in a very complex and confusing manner.

    This is why in February of 2013,“adjusted” first week unemployment rate was reported at 366,000 – a 5000 person drop from the week before. A seeming improvement in the trend. But, unadjusted numbers came in at 386,176 – a 16,000 person spike from the week before. When one examines real unemployment numbers, he finds that the divergence between the adjusted and unadjusted statistics is growing larger with each passing quarter. That is to say, the contradiction is becoming so blatant between the hard numbers and the Labor Department’s fantasy numbers that one must question whether or not the government is lying to us outright about the state of the economy.

    Quick Notes About the Unemployment Rate

    In the last year, those "not" in the labor force rose by 1,095,000
    Over the course of the last year, the number of people employed rose by 1,714,000
    In the last year the number of unemployed fell from 12,748,000 to 12,322,000 (a drop of 426,000)
    Long-Term unemployment (27 weeks and over) was 4,708,000 a decline of 58,000
    Percentage of long-term unemployment is 38.1%. Once someone loses a job it is still very difficult to find another.

    Here is the BLS description of Who is Counted as Unemployed? Persons are classified as unemployed if they do not have a job, have actively looked for work in the prior 4 weeks, and are currently available for work.

    Passive methods of job search do not have the potential to result in a job offer and therefore do not qualify as active job search methods. Examples of passive methods include attending a job training program or course, or merely reading about job openings that are posted in newspapers or on the Internet.

    But ironically, if you have a part time money supplemental like selling some items on ebay, the DOL looks at that as self employment.

    Of course if you are not on unemployment the local employment office will not check on you so you will be off the rolls unless you actively interface with the department on job searches or applications. Then theirs those who just suck it and go on early SSI as they can't get substantial employment.

    Also effecting unemployment is the increasing automation in not only factory jobs but service jobs as well.

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    You can create 500000 new jobs but if they are low paying jobs is that really helping? Companies are not wanting to pay a wage that inables people to keep what they already have not alone grow, save, buy a new car ect. Things that grow the economy and create more jobs. Myself I haven't had a cost of living raise in 3 years but my cost goes up every year. Not that I'm buying new things but property taxes go up,insurance increases,energy prices climbing, cost of food, things that people need to survive keep going up but wages aren't. Fix this problem and you'll fix the economy
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    These jobs reports only tell the half the story, which is lying by omission.
    There were 157,000 new jobs, and 367,000 new unemployment claims, explain, how is that a net jobs gained?
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