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    This is too funny. the base line of the story goes... these moochers are getting their food stamps on the first of the month and eating all the food up ( or more likely selling their stamps for cigarettes in beer money)... so the government answer is to just give them a few stamps here and there to get them through the month.....

    Here's my plan:

    day 1 I would tell them you have 90 days of food stamps left. after that you will either get a job or you will be hungry.

    Now if you enforce that, every 1 of those people would get a job.
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    Or maybe the amount is just too little? I found a benefit calculator. Assuming the assistance is for a senior on Social Security with $950 in monthly income and $200 in monthly medical expenses the total for stamp benefit is $19.
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    @MadAmerican The reality is many of these people have children to get more food stamps and benefits. The kids do deserve better, some are even homeless.
    If I could not afford to give my children a half way decent life, I would put them up
    for adoption, to someone who could give them a decent home, and an opportunity to know the difference between a life of poverty and misery, and one
    of a sense of stability and personal responsibility, not to mention an education so
    they will not be the next ones standing in the welfare lines. If you *really* love your
    child , you do what is best for them, and not what will get you a couple more hundred dollars in food stamps and an apt. w/ more bedrooms, etc..
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    I think it would be helpful to teach people how to budget their food stamps. I know in my town, people use them to buy a bunch of name brand junk food and soda. I don't even see how they make actual meals from those buggies full of junk.
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    Agree. Educating people on how to make food last longer by buying staples like pasta, rice, potatoes, onions, and protiens like bean, eggs, tuna and chicken. Impressing the need to buy veggies and fruit and teaching simple recipes/cooking skills, would make stamps go further then filling up the food cart with soda, chips, candy.

    Beyond that there is only so
    much govt can do. Its stupid to waste money to spread out food stamp distribution because people don't know how to care for and budget themselves. Teach em the skills, something that need not be a seperate program. Maybe just let em sit in on classes. Learning stuff like this should be taught to teens graduating high school. That and basic economic literacy are essential skills in contemporary soceity.
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    @culinary People do that in my town too. Or they buy buggies full of soda and sell it for cash. They can get creative.
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    Hey!!! I've got an idea!!! Why don't they grow their own food!!! My grandparents grew their own food up till in their 80's!!! Grow and can!!! SAVE MONEY!!!

    Oh!!! I forgot!!! We are living in the sheeple age were we depend on the government to feed & cloth us!!! Where people would rather feed themselves and their children JUNK food and GMO's!!! No wonder our life expectancy is steadily declining!!! Unlike like my grand parents, this generation would be happy to see 65!!!
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    You must be blind!!! We have land that should be used exactly for 'welfare dependent' to grow their food!!!! This land is bought and paid for by the tax payer!!! And millions are spent every year keeping this land "presentable"!!! Does tax payer funded "parks" ring a bell? Why don't we turn these money pits into something that would actually benefit somebody!!!

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    @Malitia_Man I have been saying this for a while. I couldn't agree more people in low income areas need a place to be able to grow their own food to reduce the cost that taxpayers have to pay,
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    Although itd cost money to get their names on the card I think if it could be effective at deterring and stopping fraud it'd be worth it and ultimately cost effective.
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    @Food4thoughts Id have no problems with them requiring vendors to check ID for stuff like this, but I agree it would be a problem with people not checking ID.
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    Watch it. They lay it out there for entrapment purposes on comments. On the other hand that may be the root cause for the need for extra food.
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    Well there could be some merit to the idea but the fact that a congress person is wanting to teach people how NOT to spend is ironically sad and laughable all at the same time....
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    Need tougher laws to stop the abuse and young able bodied people need to learn to become self-sufficient. The need to enforce a requirement to get an education in order to obtain a good job needs to be in place. There ought not be any excuses for young person w/o a High School Diploma to go back an earn their education and become a better role model for their child. The need to register with Job Search should be strongly enforced.

    There is an alarming number of senior citizens obeying the rules going hungry and they are the ones who get hurt.

    The major problem is that food stamp abuse is occurring among people who can work and sad to say but the truth, single parents who have children from different fathers/mothers (mostly mothers, to be honest) to reap the benefits; one night standers.

    Last but not least, enforce Drug Testing.
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    Just more proof of how stupid bleeding heart welfare programs are when it comes to handing out tax payer dollars. There should be no food stamps that can be traded for drugs, alcohol, cigarretes, gambling, etc. Make these able bodied people stand in food bank lines and just watch how many will all of a sudden no longer need free food. They take that lump sum of food stamp cash and use it for things it is not meant for.
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    There are plenty of other places besides Idaho where people are blowing their food stamps as fast as they get them. If you watch these people and what they get you will see what they load their carts up on. JUNK FOOD(soda, chips, little debbies(cant say ho ho's and twinkies now), pre made meals. That is a huge reason why they are running out of food along with careless spending and not budgeting. Maybe if the government would put a limit to what kind of food these people can buy that would require people to actually cook food it would help.
    An BTW I do get 285.00 a month in FS bnefits for 4 people(myself and my 3 kids) and I have no problems making them last all month and I do not buy junk food and actually cook food and budget. so if these idiots are blowing their wads on crap and running out of food before the end of the month then it should be TS for them.
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    Sorry, in no way was I implying I meant you. I just have seen so much abuse of the
    system...I guess I may be getting cynical.
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    its cool but i will say i know the type of people you are talking about, the ones who are total leeches sucking the system dry, the ones who can work but wont, the ones who have kid after kid just to get more money and then sit and complain just days into the month after they get their stamps and have them blown they dont know what they will do the rest of the month for food, the ones who think everything should be handed to them on a silver platter, and I will say its a crock of crap how they are.
    I work and am a single mother who applied for that little bit of help for my family and am very grateful for what I do get. I know a girl who is on full welfare gets all her bills paid over 1200 a month in food stamps and is one of these abusers she just had another baby(making 5) at 23 and thinks she should have everything given to her and doesnt even take care of those kids, its all they are to her is a pay day. Now in my opinion people like that should have their kids taken from them and also be court ordered to have tubals and vasectomies and made to fend for themselves.
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    @Sassychick I agree, and commend you for stepping up and trying to make it.
    I know it's difficult, as I was a young mom and raising kids alone is no picnic. At
    least you appreciate what you have and I'm sure will not make a 'career' out of
    the assistance you are getting. I never begrudge people of a 'hand up', my problem is with the type you have described. I've seen it all too many times.
    My best to you and your kids and I know you will make a better life for them and
    yourself. Good Luck (:
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    They don't teach budgeting on any sort of a practical level in public schools, do they? "Story problems" in arithmetic classes don't get the job done.
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    @Denizen_Kate I agree. They need to teach these high school kids how to manage a bank account, make a budget and put back savings for emergencies. I would have loved to have had a class like that, especially as a senior. Some parents aren't the best role models for management of money so kids would benefit from something like that, I think.
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    They should require that 'budget training' for any and all elected officials on both the state and federal levels and force them remain within their budget.
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    S@Denizen_Kate actually the school my son attends teaches a "consumer science class" that teaches them life skills like budgeting and balancing check book, what the difference between 401k plans are and even how to invest in stocks and bonds....I was pleasantly surprised, now if the will only teach him to make his bed and pick up his laundry.....
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    How about just educating them properly and end the cycle then those deserving and needy will have it in the future and the taxpayer will not continuously be asked to give more of what they have worked for to those unwilling to help them selves and more than willing to take from those who have earned what they have
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    They should just give them their food stamps each week and they can go to the grocery store each week. Of course many people wouldn't like this because then every week would be the first of the month.
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    I find it interesting that the national perception of welfare recipients is that of an obese, urban, crack family. And the approach is to find a way to prohibit purchase of fast food and to drug test all welfare cheats.
    The respectful, thoughtful consideration detailed in this story is the approach we should have for all Americans receiving assistance.
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    Rather than limiting the amount of food someone is able to purchase at one time, they should ban the ability of food stamp recipients to purchase expensive prepared and "junk" foods, thus extending their ability to eat throughout the month. Teaching people to actually cook, rather than how to throw something in the microwave, would be a start. People would be healthier, and have better, tastier meals.
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    Issue cards, limit what can be purchased with the cards to staples and where products can be purchased with the cards. Cards should be limited as to where they can be redeemed, Pick Quiks are ok, casinos are not. Require identification to match the food stamp card and require vendors to verifiy, everyone with a food stamp card should be issued a government photo id if they don't already have one, ie driver's liscense. Our computers are sophisticated enough to require entry of a photo id number before funds can be accessed. Then we'll see how much of a black market there is for milk.
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    Requiring a photo ID may stop some but it still can be by passed...all the food stamp card holder has to do is agree with someone they are selling the food stamp card amount too to go buy what ever food the buyer wants they go outside and exchange the food for cash they agreed too, to stop that you need Cops or investigators at every grocery store in the USA watching for it.
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    @MouseD The black market has always been able to get around the rules. And the scenario you propose would certainly work. My proposal would limit what could be purchased with the food stamps. The limited commodity choices, could limit their value on the black market.
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    It will hurt the kids. The way it is now the parent spends half there food card on food and give the pin to someone in Exchange for meth or pills. At least the kids get some food. If you distribute it evenly through the month the parent will only get the pills. The pills are more important than the kids. I knew someone that said (while laughing),"my kids get free lunch at school." His wife finally wised up and left him.
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