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    PROFILE race, ethnicity, nationality, culture, mannerisms, hairstyle, etc., etc. But, no, the TSA will handle your genitals and ignore everything about you except what they see as you board the plane. They need to listen to EL AL who seems to get it right, and quit being hung up on political correctness.
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    "Sending Bomb-Sniffing Dogs to the Wrong Airports"

    The TSA is a joke, and this proves it, the people they hire are thugs and degenerates and the only thing they are good at is strip searching somebody's grand ma or makeing snide remarks about someones arse. Fire them all.
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    @Fishbone345 That's so true! Remember,'be the person your dog thinks you are'. How much better would the world be then?(:
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    @mimi57 I'm a sucker for animals. I try to be all hard and manly and then my stupid cat comes and hops in my lap and I'm talking like a 2 year old. Heh.
    We don't have a big enough house yet for the dog we want, but when we move one will be coming home with us. My lady loves Mastiff's.:)
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    @Fishbone345 I love Mastiff's too, make sure you have a lot of room. I don't have to tell you they are huge, some in excess of 200 pounds! I have a Pit bull,
    he's a year old and I rescued him when he was 4 mos.. He is the sweetest dog
    I have ever had. He was in a bad area, and almost got hit by a car, we were going
    to take him to our local animal shelter, but I've rescued many other dogs and found them good homes. I was concerned about him being a Pit, due to the bad
    reputation they have, he's a's not the dog, it's the people who train them!
    I also have a 16 yr.old Chow, who is falling a lot and having other problems, so,
    it probably won't be long for him, and it will kill me! I've also had a doberman and
    a German shepherd, a Golden retriever, and I have a long haired Chihuahua too.
    Three cats and a Finch, that I inherited after my mom passed away two years ago. I'm not big on keeping birds in cages and feel they should be free in their own habitat, but I couldn't release him here. He has narrowly escaped the cats a few times!(:
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    The TSA has been a clusterfu...a real disaster since its' inception. It was done as a reaction to the events of the day, but it never had a real plan. It is worse than nothing because it gives people a false sense of security and not much else. TSA workers' morale sucks because of lack of leadership and an effective means to accomplish the mission.

    The people on the scanners miss all manner of contraband, and the dogs can't find a bomb reliably.

    Port security is almost nonexistent.

    We should just retire the TSA and hire a bunch of Israelis.
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    Even though I like to be groped and prodded, it's time to jump into the 21st century on this security. TSA has had better than 10 years to iron their problems and all they have done is wrinkle their clothes more!
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    @Denizen_Kate It's so nice to known for being a deviant! Worked on it for most of my life....and it shows, don't it? ;-)
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    @MongoAPillager Was TSA around during 9/11? Remember the glaring failures that happened by the private companies?
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    @cleverusername ok i remember now,the TSA was when we stared grouping 95 year old paraplegic jewish grandmothers and their 1 year old grandchildren because pre-TSA inspectors totally ignored this demographic
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    @MongoAPillager what are you talking about?You said how about privatization and I said that was done and failed. You didn't seem to remember that so I refreshed your memory.
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    My first thought was to scrap it, but then I thought about it longer and decided that TSA should be allowed to profile. Who are the most likely subjects to cause a problem or disturbance? We have FBI profilers for murderers and other violent criminals so why not hire profilers for the TSA and stop those people who fit the profiles for disturbances. Granted you will never stop every single instance of someone trying to harm others but we can actually make things safer rather than assaulting Grandma in the wheelchair or making 6 year old girls cry because an agent wants to be an a-hole. Give them the tools to do their jobs and stop being politically correct about it all.
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    First of all TSA should try and achieve some credibility. Hiring people so obese that they can barely stand is not credible for a "security situations". Patting down 14 year old blond girls is hardly credible. While it might more fun for some than to pat down the Middle Easterner behind her with the beard and Turban it's not what they are there for. Every airport in the world "profiles" their passengers (including a few I have been through that profiles American passports assuming they're carrying drugs. We saw an American get busted in Kuala Lumpur for Pot.) Profiling is not against the Constitution.

    Upon flying into LAX in the middle of the night we had to walk past dogs. Why are you walking past dogs COMING IN? If you're a terrorist and you managed to get ON the plane in the other country, that plane is not disembarking at LAX. And what are you looking for? Drugs? Really? While TRILLIONS of dollar come across that southern border we're paying a handler and for a dog's training to catch tourist smuggling in what they can carry on their body? From Germany? And you didn't even check my bag or any other bag I could notice? Oh wait. I was scanned and my bags check by guys with UZI's and dogs at the other end. Why would need to check me coming off the plane? On a nonstop flight? You suppose Superman flew up and smashed a window and handed me ten pounds of cocaine while in flight and nobody noticed?

    The TSA is dysfunctional, overpaid, underachieving, poorly managed agency. And most of the TSA agents I have seen look almost exactly like those same obese people sitting in the post office.
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    Disolve the TSA....and look into investigating some of them....

    When you have the need to go poking around little girls, elderly, disabled that have absolutely nothing to do with terrorists or terrorism there is a big problem....
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    Dismantle the TSA All together and have airports and shipping security done by private companies that are held Responsible for their actions to be fired and replaced when they fail to function...
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