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    I want to know just how much of MY MONEY was spent doing this useless study? What is next to waste badly needed money on??? If people would get off their sad butts and get a JOB they will not be so likely to be where they are now. Oh but wait! That would mean they would actually have to work and wouldnt be able to draw 'muh check' and lay around and smoke dope and make babies for the rest of us to support!
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    Since the author of the study is a Princeton graduate student, it may be his Master’s thesis. It may not have spent any of your money.
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    @harold_lloyd Its easy to see who I'm angry with. OUR GOVEARNMENT! For wasting so much money on friviolous 'studies' and experiments. Spend my money towards the debt that our suppoedly smart elected officials have blown on this crap and lets try to make this a nation for the people and not for the government clicque.
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    @Dan_Tien Now how foolish are you???? A study done FREE??? Yeah, it was a free study to go to Mars too wasnt it?
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    @Kellso Before you go absolutely postal, a lot of govt funded studies are valuable research, if only you find out what they are doing and get past the headline on fox.

    Do you really think that there are a lot of people who "lay around and smoke dope and make babies for the rest of us to support"?

    I suspect if they could actually be found, FoxPropaganda would be camped on their doorstep, filming their every transgression. Why don't they do that?
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    One item that was not included is the family structure in the black community. Most family units, 2/3rds of them, don't have a father present just multiple baby daddies.

    How much money was this idiot given to do this useless study?
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    What this article leaves out is the word "part" that the study uses to describe the difference. As in "part of the reason". Way to seize on a partial fact to make "news".
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    Its sorta like saying the bullet hole ridden dead man died from too much lead in his system. There are many reasons that can be looked at for the difference (we are looking at people groups and not individuals):- prevalence of single mother families, culture of victim-hood, intelligence gap (measureable and not subjective), crime and history.

    Actually, I totally disagree with the conclusion. A strong, healthy sense of family, as a group, should encourage not hinder the prosperity of the family. But, unlike Uncle Sam, family handouts should be coupled with love and responsibility to the group.
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    As far as studies go, I would like to see a bit more hard data that proves this assertion. It seems a bit disingenuous to me. It makes some pretty broad assumptions, at least in the bit in the article, that are just that, assumptions. I don't see the connection between being well off and giving to relations or charity and not being able to invest or save money. Anyone who is well off knows that to grow that money one must invest, it's a choice they make. If one family would rather support other family members rather than invest to make more money to help MORE family members, they've made a poor economic choice.
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    An update to the article seems to generate more questions.

    "*UPDATE 1/29/13- After writing this post I went looking for statistics to verify that differences in income do not explain differences in wealth between blacks and whites. Take a look at page 41 of this article by Dalton Conley at NYU, which breaks down net wealth by income and race. As you'll see, the median net wealth of white families earning $50,000-$75,000 a year is $140,000; black families in that same income range have a median net wealth of $54,000."

    Let's face it folks, the gap in education between whites and blacks can't possibly create equality in wealth. Stay in school, or stay poor. That's the down side of the American dream!
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    That this articles main goal is to try to sneakily bring in white guilt to make us feel guilty for being successful and have more material wealth then other people is the entire intent of this article.
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    @Thunderchicken that is why people of other countries want to come here. We take for granted all our freedoms until the government tries to take them away. But like I said before this is the place to make your fortune.
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    Too many irresponsible fathers, i agree. Kids that come from a single mother home; have double the chance of incarceration. Agreed.
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    Having "money" (or not having money) is a learning experience passed down from generations. Children learn from their parents/grandparents mistakes about "lending" to relatives/friends. This is often seen when someone wins a lotto. Your "family" and "friends" come out of the every crack (pun) and crevice. Lotto winners want to be a good family member or friend and usually get burned for it. Many sports stars have the same they've hit that lotto with the big sign on bonus. They want to bring their "friends/family" along with them to the promised land.
    Bottom line....never "lend" money to family/friends unless to don't expect it to be repaid, as it most likely will not.
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    Its common sense, if you give your money to family members who are struggling, you aren't going to be able to save as much. I wonder how much money was spent on this "study".
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    It seems to me that most studies have an underlying agenda to strenghten the negative results there in, in stead of reasoning a solution to resolve those negative findings.
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    The yearly Forbes 400 list of the richest Americans found that the net worth of the super-rich has climbed in the last 12 months. The [url=https://personalmoneynetw]income gap[/url] continues to expand, as the middle class recedes.
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    Another difference, blacks are more likely to waste money on material objects with little or no resale value. Two co-workers making the same pay. The white guy will dress like a bum but save up and buy a house. Meanwhile the black guy will waste his money on gold, several pairs of expensive new shoes, a big new car, a wardrobe of new clothes...all the while sleeping on his momma's couch.
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    pretty much that the black families rarely make the right decisions, and hey, when you have taxpayers raising your family why care about consequences?!?!?!?!?
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    Nothing . Just more of the same old ' victimization game ' . Who cares where he graduated from , his opinions carry no more merit than the high school drop-out working at the corner garage.
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    That perhaps black people who succeed support more family members at their own expense. I guess that is now supposed to be a bad thing.
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