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    Another faux situation to be outraged about. Liberals see racism everywhere. I'm waiting for Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton to file a federal lawsuit claiming snow is prejudice because it is always white when it falls. This society is coming off its hinges.
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    Omg racism want go away till they stop trying to play. That card...95 % of people black or white dont think about it until someone trying to play happens on both sides.grow up n be adults u suppose to be and tjat would take care of a lot...jus saying
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    People need to toughen up. It seems that everyone gets offended over some little thing all the time. Of course racism exists. But the majority don't mean to be. And I'm to the point that accusing me of racism is a racist statement and I will let you know it quick. If you try to follow the political correctness rules you wind up not being able to disagree with anyone. There are lots of reasons to not like some one. No reason to worry about why race they are. I don't like liberals. They come in all varieties I don't discriminate.
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    @thatgirl If you are attempting to post" no lo compredere". That is true, I won't understand until you give the context of "oxymoron."
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    Wow. This is a big part of the problem. People make a big deal out of something as silly as this claiming "racism" and all it does is numb people to cases of REAL racism. It's a case of the boy who cried wolf.....
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    How stupid to a tidally waste ones time on ridiculous crap like finding out if a random algorithm is racist. Stuff like that proves that you are only doing research to find a problem, not a solution.
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    This is seriously OLD BS! This controversy came about almost 5 years ago... Snopes even has a write up about it from 2009... geez! Gullible people...
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    Apparently this study didn't take into account how search engines work and went with the fantasy that there is someone sitting on the other end of our computers hooking us up with links every time we search.
    Damn Bot programs! Stop being so racist! We know its possible! Because we said it was!
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    Maybe it is just statistically more likely that Kisha is a name that gets a criminal background check than a name like Kelly.
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    So if Google did change would that mean racism is gone? NO, of course not. So, why change anything? Because someone doesn't like it? Then they can use some other means to search.
    Everyone is racist, to some degree, and given the right circumstances.
    I hear more about how whites are racist everyday, which is not untrue, we are because everyone is racist. But, lets really be honest, blacks are far more verbal about their racism than whites are. In my opinion acks are milking this racism crap to death.
    There have been some great black people. ...
    The only thing holding anyone back is themselves.
    Which is easy to understand when you have such a perfect excuse, rasism.
    All I see today is reverse racism. You wanna be equal? Great, you just set blacks back 50 years.
    I am gonna start a National White Kids College Fund.
    Or would that be discrimination too?
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    This is people looking for something to be "offended" about, it's not a problem that actually exists. What google shows as "instant results" or "suggestions" are numerical calculations based on other people's searches, how often people look for certain words. No, that's not google worship. They suck, especially the way the site whores for its crappy browser.
    Yahoo's blatant racism, however, is not numerical. The captions on photos were typed in, not computer generated. Their "news editors" allowed the racism to surprise, really, considering most of their "editorial writers" come from far right propaganda outfits (e.g. Klear Khannel Kommunications).
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    Racism does not exist. You can argue it with me all you want but the fact remains that reality in all things is correct and reality dictates racism is an impossibility. Beyond that, if you have a problem where skin color catches your attention(which begins a string of speculative thought) sit down and watch sesame street, i was raised on it and i do not understand this issue. Nobody is equal because we are all different, every last one of us is and THAT is how we are equal. Some are born smart, some less. Some are born small, some are born tall. Even the smallest humans produce large babies and vice versa. Large fish stay small in a small tank. Our choices, where we live, what we eat, who we're friends with, what job we have, the level of commitment to any one subject.... these are what determine everything for everyone from physical to mental conditioning and ability. I have seen the blackest white guy and the whitest black guy, i have seen every stereo-type both smashed and confirmed a thousand fold. We as human beings are so diverse, so able to compensate, so capable and so damned awesome that we couldn't fit into one color! Everyone is beautiful damnit just as everyone is a dumbass and a scholar. Anyone doing anything to the end of actualizing racism should be shunned! If they wish to keep peddling racism we should remove ourselves from their life and they will know us not.
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    Business is business. If it weren't profitable, they probably wouldn't do it. And it's not the results, but the ads that drew complaints.
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