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    Glad I don't live in Illinois, that entire state is quickly becoming a cesspool of tax & spend, not to mention the crime-infested dump of a city called Chicago....Nope, they can have it. I for one shall do no business with the State of Illinois.
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    The people in Illinois are probably going to look at taxing breathing next. Its an endless stream of proposals coming from that area.
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    In miami-dade, they levied a half penny sales tax for the completetion of the Metro-rail Phase two and everyone cheered! Fifteen years later our transportation authority MDX or the county government if you will, came out and said the funds were misallocated and spent elsewhere (nobody knows), furthermore, they said the expansion could not get done, they would not be refunding any of those funds, and due to other local government expansions, they would not be repealing the tax. So, you all should be asking how many sneakers could possibly be sold? How that little quarter per sale will help youth employment? How many and what type of jobs will be created? And why only youths? Are there not jobless adults there too? Sounds discriminative! Don't count on the government too much!
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    I am predicting an increase in online purchases for sneakers coming from the Illinois area once this tax is put in place..
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    very few things like this go only to where it is said to. someone will be robbing from the pot,most likely those who came up with the scam.
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    It has nothing to do with Obama. We have been getting constantly hit with taxes way before Obama was elected. But, if it makes you feel better to blame Obama go right ahead. The Super Bowl power outage was his fault too, right?
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    All I can say is my taxes went down under Bush, now their already going up, just how much of my earnings is my fair share?
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    @Ashstop this proposed tax is in the state of
    IIllinois. How does the POTUS have any responsibility for that?
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    The same way Bush has been responsible for every dollar spent or lost for the last 20 years! This is Obama's Era, it's time he manned up!
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    So your saying that Bush should not be blamed for the worst financial crisis this country has faced since the great depression, even though it happened on his watch and is due, in part, to his policies? Who is to blame then? Jimmy Carter? Millard Fillmore? John Adams? Or, maybe you could blame every single liberal that has lived, is living, and will live in this country.
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    "And since youth are the biggest purchasers of sneakers, says Davis, the tax would be levied on those who'd benefit the most from his efforts."
    That's the most asinine statement....."youth are the biggest purchasers of sneakers" Just how do "youth" buy sneakers....from the money they make in the coal mine? Jeez
    Ya know, why don't these "politicians" just shackle all of us to the grind stone....and work us until we die. I guess 2day I'm on my "tax revolt" kick.....
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    Face it, this is what the dems. do. They tax everything, we call it being nickeled and dimed to death. It's common to Dem. Mayors and Governors, see CA, Il, NY etc. Republican governors LOWER taxes and lower expenses and their states are busy and have lower unemployment rates. Now, certainly WE can see the correlation, why can't the left? Oh, right, they want the hard working to "pay their fair share" so they can continue to spend over 70% of their revenues on entitlements. That doesn't leave much left over for other spending.
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    I could see it now: thousands of teens marching to the end of Navy Pier and throwing sneakers into Lake Michigan.
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    @Neo_NtheMatrix Neo, take 1 minute and read my profile! Though I'm neither democrude nor republican't.....I always have believed in small government....Can anyone name me one Secretary of (any dept) that's truly needed? Federal government needs to stand down and let the states govern themselves! If we allowed statehood to be treated like a business, we would be much better off. If you don't like a business, you don't do business with it. and it will go out of business If a state's people don't like it's laws, you can leave the state, it revenues will shrink and it will "go out of business"!
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    Why do I get the feeling that the revenue from this tax will head straight to chitown and politicians coffers...
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    No. Luxury or vice taxes are one thing -- when you buy a product that has those attached, it's a product that isn't basic. But sneakers? No.
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    Absolutely no limit to what these Democrat political prostitutes will do to make money - instead of tightening their own budget belt & stop their tax & tax & spend & spend & tax some more mentality. Term limits - clean them all out .
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    too bad it is welfare money that pays for these shoes so we are just getting double taxed again.
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    If they can have a special tax for sneakers, why not for bras for breast cancer,ear rings for the hearing impaired, eye shadow for vision impaired,toilet paper for hemorrhoid research, on & on & On.
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    I love how he's quoted as saying its "probably kids" who buy the most sneakers and athletic shoes. That informs me that he hasn't actually done any substantial research, but rather proposed a bill to raise taxes exhorbinatly where he thinks he can get away with it.
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    If you're going to tax, don't make it the most regressive tax that you can conceive of.

    Youth job programs benefit the whole community, and the whole community should be paying for it.

    If the community doesn't recognise that it's in their best interests, or why, that would be a failure of the local elected officials to inform the people about the functions of government.
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    Yes I would support a sneaker tax if all of the money went to youth programs....I wouldn't mind paying an extra 10 bucks on top of the price of my new kicks if the money saved a kids life. People who don't support youth programs are stupid and selfish and I hope their kids get dragged down a dark path in their life's
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    Your bitching about a quarter per pair of shoes. 25 cents. The same quarter per pair of shoes that is (supposed to be) going for funding for kids programs.$.25.

    ....Really? This faux outrage is laughable.
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    I think a.25 cent tax on shoes, if it went to a Youth Job Program would be a good idea, if it went to the program. Chicago is so corrupt, it's hard to trust them with
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    @mimi57 once again, your ignorance is overwhelming.

    If you read the article, this is a STATE tax, not a CITY tax. Do you see the difference? Oh, unless you mistakenly think Chicago is the state capitol. Mimi, it was required that we pass an exam on state capitols to graduate Jr. High. Do you not know that Springfield is the state capitol of Illinois? Therefore, any alleged corruption within the Chicago city govt has absolutely nothing to do with this proposed tax.
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    @mtkopf I am fully aware what goes on in Illinois, my husband is from there and I
    lived there for about a year... You are ignorant, since name calling seems to be
    what you do best. Chicago is where most of the crime is in Illinois...or haven't you
    been paying attention? Where do you think the FYJ Programs would be needed?
    maybe in the poorest, deadliest and biggest city in the State?! Or Springfield???
    BTW~ Have you ever been there? State tax, City tax, Illinois is a crooked as a dogs hind leg. Bottoms up!
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    @mimi57 I have told you many times I have lived in Chicago for most of my 43 yrs . Now I reside in a burn right outside Chicago so yes I have "been there".

    These programs are spread throughout the state but, yes the youth in Chicago would benefit more bc of the relative size of the population.

    As for Chicago being the poorest city in the state, I don't think so. I believe East St. Louis may hold that title. I will look it up and get back to you.

    Just bc you lived in or near Chicago for a short time many yrs ago does not make you knowledgeable on what goes on here. I was in the Navy 20 yrs ago, does that make me an expert on today's Navy? No, it does not bc times change, things change, bc I don't live iteveryday. Point is: you claim to be knowledgeable on cChicago bc you lived here for a year and your husband used here but unless you live here now, experience what happens here now, and hear about the goings on in the news everyday, you cannot speak knowledgeably on the subject, and THAT Mimi is why I said your ignorance is overwhelming.
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    My in-laws still reside there by the way. Are you saying it's getting better?.. Chicago's
    pop. is slightly over two and a half mill.people. In 2012, they had 504 murders, or
    about 42 murders a month, 75% of the victims were between the ages of 15-35 male,
    black, and many were gang affiliated. Walter Williams, a columnist recently hammered black leaders from Obama down for "racial demogoguery". It's been run by Dems for decades.

    In contrast New York City, has a population of almost 8 million people, and last year they had 596 homicides... if you compare the number of people in NYC. to Chicago,
    you will surely see that the murder rate is disproportinately higher in Chicago. Some
    things never change. While I think it is a beautiful city, the amount of corruption and
    high murder rates are unlikely to change as long as the same people are re-elected.
    And leaders continue to turn a blind eye...
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