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    The rightwing extremists will never accept the idea. To them, working insane hours till you drop dead in the harness is a form of virtue.
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    Actually, it's called being successful, getting wealthy, getting ahead, making enough to support your family and yourself without government help. Of course, the left would frown on such activities, but you all better hope that 40% of the country continues down this path, how will you afford all the government entitlements you want if no one is working hard and making money so losers can whine about the hard workers "Not paying their fair share"?
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    @Tralee And all the while complaining that kids today don't seem to get enough training and guidance from their parents. Gee, how could that be?
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    It's a good idea on its own, regardless of global warming. For one thing five week vacations would mean more jobs because someone has to people need work diring that period...
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    @PoliticalSpice If they moved the pay up to compensate and if corporations stopped acting like taking your vacation was distasteful to them. Most normal people are not working two jobs per household and skipping vacations because they want to. They're doing it because their family can't get by on one income and if they go on vacation, who knows if their job will be there when they get back?
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    @DogLady_1 No, it's not. Many of my neighbors also work for large corporations and they get plenty of vacation time, plus other perks.
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    @DogLady_1 Where did I EVER say the majority of workers already get 6 weeks vacation? Usually, those people with that amount of vacation have accrued it due to length of service with a given company. I started out with two weeks after working one year, but it took me 18 years to get my 6 weeks. Loyalty to a company has it's rewards.
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    Control fanatic Liberals strike again. Lets see, force us all to pay for abortions, to buy health insurance, to ban our semi automatic rifles, to tell us we can not spank our kids, to tell us we can not mention God in our graduation speech, to censor our Christmas and Easter pageants in schools, etc.,etc. and now they want to FORCE our businesses to work like Europe which has chronic high unemployment? All for the lies of Global warming being caused by carbon emissions and to be used to force their environmental mandates. Democrats, your party has been taken over by fanatical controlling Socialists.
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    Is there ANYONE left in this country that believes a person should make their own way in life as best they know how?
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    Hey, who needs jobs anyway? Get on the system, food stamps ( you can sell them for pot or drug of choice)...Free medical care, prescriptions, low income
    housing, free child care, or, since many babies are born with defects due to
    mom and dad doing drugs, you can get all kinds of government assistance
    for them, the government even pays for people to come to your house and have
    an aide to take care of them for you! You can get high, as the aide is paid by the
    government to care of your kids, and you can watch porn too!!! WoW, Really?
    Who needs a vacation, if Libs have their way, it will be a utopia feast of drugs,
    sex and rock and roll...LOL Gee, where have I heard that, that's right the 60's.
    Some people will never grow up and I pity the children of these Peter Pan syndrome old hippies. It was all about THEM then, and it's all about THEM now!
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    Our work model is why (as a nation) we're so tired, so sleep-deprived, so stressed, so pissed off, so armed, and so violent. My Restorative Recompense Relief Renaissance goes the European model one (1) better, by getting the forty (40)-hour workweek down to a sixteen (16)-hour deal; this saves millions of gallons of gasoline yearly, provides ample employment opportunities for those not currently working, and plenty of down time to relax and recharge.
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    LOL - You wrote this paper didn't you? Too funny, work 2 days a week and I'll bet you want the full weeks salary. Money for nothing is all I see here.
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    @Tralee No, no, no; the investment model from your internal support network takes up the slack, revenue-wise. The company you work for pays you less (obviously) for working fewer hours, but as the CEO of x-amount of your own corporations, you'll end up paying yourself far better (so much so, that the time off'll mean far more to you).
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    Makes sense to me (sic). Sure, when I on vacation at home, I don't run the heater/AC more due to being home as opposed to @ work. When on vacation "aboard", I don't drive there, fly there, jet ski there, power boat there.........etc there! Heck, when I'm on vacation, I find a nice cave or hole in the ground and I can personally save those carbon all good American boys...
    Jeez, what a stupid conclusion.
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    First of all all the IPCCs models failed to predict the current temperature change which is very little to none, they all grossly exaggerated temperature increases. And second the European economy is tanking while the workers who have generous vacations time don't have the money to go anywhere except to the park or zoo. That due to the excessive taxation to support their socialized programs and late entry into the job market.
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    This is so idiotic! No wonder the education system is rated low. Hell no, I plan my vacation when I have my chance to do. Again, Human does NOT have any control over climate! It is God in Control! Days of Elijah!!!!!!!!!!
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    There is no climate change. Its all those pot smokers with paranoid delusions..close your shades! You wont see the sunlight . Must be an Al Gore story
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    How about an answer for climate change is a natural occuring thing that has been going on for billions of years instead of one option that makes conservs look like idiots. Also no get your lazy rear ends back to work.
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    Maybe if barry hussein & his bunch would slow down on the vacations & needing extra planes to fly kids to Europe on 'spring break', we might be OK. How many cross-country trips did elitist 'Stone-face Pelosi ' make per week ?( not counting the cost of booze) John Kerry & his Gulf Stream jet or yacht that he can't afford but his wife paid for. Wake up , these greedy bass turds of BOTH parties are multi millionaires with multiple homes , jets & yachts , imagine the carbon footprint they create . Yet these self-serving elitists tell us we can't have a 100 watt light bulb . And the moronic leftist huggers & climate nuts say,'yea , right on & other nonsense' while being pimped out by these same big users. Hysterical !
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    I wish I had vacations! I work 50 hours per week and haven't had time off in years and years.
    We need to require employers give a MINIMUM 4 weeks paid vacations annually.
    They do that in the free world, we should do it here in the United States.
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    This the craziest thing I've ever heard. You deserve what you earn. You not only need to work hard you need to work smart.
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    Fewer Americans are working but productivity is staying up because workers got laid off and the ones who kept their jobs work mandatory overtime and volunteer for even more because they are afraid to look like slackers when the next round of layoffs comes around.
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    I couldn’t cast a vote in this poll because no option aligned with what I state in the above post. The American worker is FORCED to work more just to maintain their level of economic standing, and work even longer to get ahead. In the long run it's a loosing battle. A system dependent on continuous, never ending growth is doomed to failure.
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    Conservatives in denial of science. Nothing has changed in politics, yet the glaciers melt faster, sea levels continue to rise, ocean water PH is declining and the arctic sea ice is disappearing before our eyes. Atmospheric CO2 is rising faster than ever.

    That said, these type of band-aid solutions to climate change are to little to late. Nothing short of a global international treaty with teeth to it stands any chance of making a real difference.
    The increasing use of coal in China, the extraction of Canadian tar sand oil and continued deforestation of the tropics alone will overwhelm any such small scale approach.
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    I hear ya. Wonder though what caused the prehistoric warming episodes that occurred long long before we came along? What is causing the current warming on Mars?

    Do you know?
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    @Canoochee What warming on Mars? There certainly will be regional and hemispheric changes on Mars as it revolves about the Sun, just as there are on Earth. Also, the eccentricity of Mar's orbit is greater than Earth's and the orbital period is nearly twice as long. One thing is for sure, any recent warming at Earth or Mars is not due to any increase in solar output, or what we term TSI (Total Solar Irradiance) which we measure with high accuracy from satellite.

    When asking about prehistoric climate change it is important to reference the time periods involved. Over geologic time scales (10s of millions to billions of years) changes to the positions of the continental masses, topography, ocean circulation patterns, atmospheric composition, planetary albedo and a slow increase in solar radiance as the Sun ages all must be considered. On shorter time scales orbital parameters (eccentricity, obliquity and precession), slowly change in time with overlapping phases ranging from 22 to 100 thousand years. Periods of enhanced or reduced volcanism and slight changes in solar irradiance can cause lesser impact climate change events like the Medieval Warm Period and Little Ice Ages.
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