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    He is a RINO and he kissed the President's posterior during Hurricane Sandy ad tossed the person he originally supported under a bus. He bad judge nominations won't help him either. Weight can be controlled, but he is an impulsive showboat...and that is much harder for most people to control.
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    And thus begins the attacks on Christie. The Dems know he's electable and that scares them. He isn't a RINO; he just knows how to compromise to work for the people who elected him. So many politicians in this country could learn a lesson from him.

    I will take any candidate that puts people before party, regardless of party. If it ends up with Christie v. Hillary, then she's got the uphill battle.
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    Considering how many Americans are obese these days, Christie's weight may help him get elected, but I see it as evidence of a lack of self-discipline and disregard for his own health. If he demonstrates carelessness about his own health and longevity, why should we trust him with ours?
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    If Christie wants to be president, he needs to join a weight loss program and hit the gym. If he is serious about wanting to be president, he needs to show it by getting in better physical condition. The office of the president is probably the most stressful job a person could have. I am not biased against people that are over weight, but running for president is a very big deal! We need to know that whoever we vote for will be there for his full term. Christie doesn't seem to understand how fast his health could fail him at that weight.
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    I agree that losing weight would help him, but from what his current doctors say, his cholesterol and blood sugar are fine. It didn't look as thought Obama's smoking turned away any votes, and he had to deal with high cholesterol as well. This is a non-issue that is being used to distract from Christie's 70% approval rating.
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    Well, he is big boned...I really used to like him until he got the 'warm fuzzies' w/
    Obama. I understand New Joisy is still having problems from the storm, but, the
    mainstream news never reports it. That's different, they blamed Bush o a daily
    basis for not getting Katrina cleaned up pronto. I'd vote for him for president if
    I didn't feel someone else was capable. I really like Rubio.(and he's cute too!)
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    So because a governor went to the president of his governence to seek help, and then be surprised when help comes swiftly and efficient, and then becomes thankful for the help....makes him not eligible to be president. Basically if he isn't a partyline "I'm a real american and your not" republican he shouldn't be in office. Thank you for furthering my conviction that fanatical partyliners are the number one contribution to the failures of this nation. Ya I saw some stagecrafting and using the disaster as a political gain( which obama is digusting for) but I also saw a democrat and a republican work together to do right by the constiuents. An example every politician should look at
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    "I'm worried he may have a heart attack," HMMM.....that can be said about way too many average Americans. I personally fight to stay healthy, eat right and watch my weight. I've seen the average diet....big Mac this, angry Whopper that. If this doctor is right, the bodies will pile up in a very short time......and the healthy ones (like me) will have to build the pillars of fire to keep the stench and decay down! "I love the smell of burning dead bodies in the morning" <Movie quote modified>
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    LOL & Congrats! I stay healthy as well, working out 5-7 days/week ~1+ hour/day, the least being around 40 minutes. Like you, I watch what I eat, as well. People don't unsderstand though, that even "bad foods," in Moderation, aren't that bad to you at all, IF you work out, take care of yourself, etc.

    Regarding Christie, politics aside, I think he is a very lucky guy and/or has some very poor doctors. Then again, isn't HE the one say that he's in good health, per his doctors, who haven't said anything, given his weight? I think he is closer to a heart attack, becoming diabetic, etc. He is not a goodrole model (physically), at all!

    He could really turn everything around for himself by exercising more (photo oping, too), eating better portions 4-5 xs/day, and losing more of that weight. I feel for him in so far as possible genetic predisposition, but it is up to him to get around impending problem(s), inadvertantly putting those potential weight problems on people like us, the American tax payers! He, along with others, who do not fight the "battle of the bulge." I have a predisposition of being lean. Oh, I've been over weight in the past, 5-6 years ago-ish = I have to push to keep weight/muscle on, but I do it as well as able & look good (and feel good about the way I look), along with being more healthy (weight-wise), less wt physical problems, etc., & can't wait till I can find a plan that rewards people for keeping themselves "in shape" = less health/physical problems; prdispositions shou;d have some leeway, but wt can generally be in a healthy range with a change of lifestyle, for life/as in a way of life . Trust me, people say that I'm "lucky." Nope, I work at staying fit so that fat doesn't build up; rather, lean muscle, which burns up calories like mad & is better for one's self.

    There is a weight problem hitting a good portion of our population & really there should be even more awareness. Back to Christie, he could be a great role model by losing that weight, helping him to move up the ladder of his political ambition(s), as I presume he has them.
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    Yes he's a fatty but I'm more considered with the fact he's a whore for corporations and doesn't care about the average American.
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    Really? I doubt the citizens of New Jersey agree with you. This is one guy who does put people before party. Just look at how well he works with his Dem legislature. Obama could take a few lessons from him.
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    @methinks Democrats and Republicans are the same party. Wake up you fool. Both are controlled by corporations and the Israeli lobby. There is not a lick of difference between a Democrats and Republican on the major issues of foreign policy or economic policy. Dems and Republicans voted both for the Iraq war, NDAA, tax increase, Patriot act, etc. Keep acting like there are two parties in America. Just shows how of a sheeple you are.
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    @WattheTyler Big time YES! Both parties are criminals and it's either recognize that or you are marching with them blindly! 2 thumps up!
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    @methinks the first thing this guy did in new jersey was cut major spending from our already hurt school system. More recently he decided to award all federal Sandy money to only union contractors.
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    @WattheTyler I know they both parties are controlled by fool.

    I'm no sheeple. I live in reality. The reality is that there are currently two parties that control Washington, and that isn't going to change any time soon. Any thoughts of a third party gaining control of anything is just a pipe dream.

    We have other choice is there but to work with what we have currently. He has a Dem legislature that he has to work with, otherwise nothing gets done...a good look at the gridlock in Washington proves that.

    Neither side wants to compromise for the good of the people; they've drawn a line in the sand on party politics and it's disgusting. I'm all for throwing all of them out and starting fresh with term limits for everyone, not just the President.
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    I am joining the who cares faction on this one. Docs didn't publicly fret about JFK or Clinton dying of an STD.
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    How much more BS can this lowly leftist administration try to shovel at us ? Why weren't they 'worried ' about Pelosi's booze bills or 'worried' about the rare possibility that barry hussein might come down with sickle cell because he is 30% black . Here it comes - wait for the wails & moans of those regurgitating the left's usual hater , birther crap .. I wish your socialist pres. NO ill will . Just sick & tired of the liberal-left's constant need to push those double-standards out of fear & simply to attack anyone with opinions that differ from theirs. Funny how freedom of speech doesn't extend to moderates & conservatives .???
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    He may already be dying in office for taking the wrong narrative on that hurricane Sandy relief that had more than 60 billion in pork!
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    Southerners will think he's safe enough, most of them are fat and have an unrealistic attitude about their health and their looks.
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    This point was brought to my attention last night for the first time. I never really considered his weight to be an issue before then. I could stand to lose a few pounds myself and am older than Christie (but thankfully quite a bit lighter) so this is a bit of a wake up call for me. Christie would make a formidable candidate for the GOP if he can get past the GOP base. He is one of those rare politicians that seems to say what he means and not what he thinks people want to hear. I hope his health stays good. He's way too young for people to be speculating that he might not be around in 8 years.
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    Honestly, anyone can die in office for any reason...Obama could be struck by lightning during one of his golf games...his plane or helicopter could crash...a meteor could hit the White one poster stated, there are a number of overweight individuals in this world which live healthy lives without is the case with some that smoke...or is all about the individual...
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    So they are trying the tactic they used against McCain, fascinating. If you can't stand on your record, attack the persons health.
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    Christie is a RINO. So is John Kasich. Wanna know the difference between them? About 300 pounds!!!! BLAH. Not voting for these idiots.
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    It's funny that this is news. Just a day or so ago we were lectured over insensitive remarks about Michell's ample postierer. But it's ok to call out Christie for his weight problem?
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