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    When I was with the Newspaper a woman told me that if I didn't take her out that she would call my wife and tell her I did. That was in the early 1980's. NOBODY would believe that a woman would sexually harass a man. So I just told my wife and started documenting the woman and didn't take long. Fired her ass and she lost the sexual harassment suit she filed. Don't think it doesn't happen.
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    Our culture loves to make victims of women and predators of men. Take the violence against women act. Why do they get special treatment? Men aren't victims of violence? Men don't deserve the same protection women do?
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    @norezen i do agree that our country loves to make women into victims. i think the "violence against women act" is a bunch of bullsh*t. however, i do not think they should come up with a "violence against men act" just because women have one. a man is a man, and something like that would only further feminize America's already p*ssy, feminized excuses for men.
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    @morphine-bunni I doubt that having equal rights under the law would affect the behavior of men too much. It just means that if they do find themselves the victims of violence the crime is investigated, the criminal must pay restitution, and if prosecutors don't prosecute, they face civil redress.
    When a man is the victim of violence, police and prosecutors frequently don't bother to investigate or prosecute. I was attacked outside of a movie theater once. Complete random assault. I was able to defend myself, but not before my tooth was chipped. The police let the assailants go with a warning (no one was seriously hurt - they apparently had attacked some other people too) but I had to pay to have my tooth repaired.
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    @stepped_in_it You know we're kinda damned if we do and damned if we don't. During my band/guitar days I was partial to big breasted, long legged blondes and most of them that followed bands around were totally nuts. People used to accuse me of being shallow (imagine that) and going through those blondes like a rat thru a maze. But the truth was I was constantly walking on them because I refused to be beat on the second they were out of drugs and coming down or because they didn't have the money for larger breasts or hair extensions and I wouldn't give to to them. I had to walk or hit back. I never once hit back. But there were a few times I would have liked to and a couple that deserved it. But I didn't and walked. So what was the result of that? Got called a womanizer. Oh well. It is what it is. The world of women claiming to be second class citizens while they set in the pilots seat and run the world. The money may be in the hands of men but we know where the power is located.
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    Another good example of abuse of power. One has to look at the video of the NYPD that attacked a young Jewish man with closed fists and batons who had permission to sleep in his synagogue to understand where our country is headed and the abuse of power these people use against us. Personally know of a friend who was threatened and coerced into signing paper work by Social Security agent who really messed up and trying to cover her tracks and now being investigated by a congress woman.
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    I knew it, I knew it! Along with taking my money and all my possessions, the IRS would take my virginity.....dang, I've been saving it for 56+ years!
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    You should have known that the IRS is good at bending people over the stump,they have been doing it for years,
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    No, I do not believe that it happens with men as the "victim" very often. However, let's
    see what the agent looks like so that we can determine just how much resistance he offered.
    Billy Cristal once said that 'women need a reason to have sex; men just
    need a place.' That being said, this incident appears to be a reversal of fortune.
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    Now that's a real case of the "IRS trying to screw someone", lol. But seriously...
    I had a Warrant Officer in the general vicinity of my barracks in Germany (1971) regularly regale me with history of pre-historic hunters resorting to intercourse while they were on the hunt and away from the women, lol. There wasn't the term sexual harassment back then, but that's what it was.
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    I love how he "gave in" when she showed up in "provocative clothing". Any excuse to be weak and then act like he had no choice. Wow. And I'm not even a feminist.
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    kick we get screwed by the irs every year,even makes matters worst when hearing those who work a few weeks out of the year and get refunds paying them more than they even made.
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