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    when i was in scouts one of the things they taught us that everyone should be treated equally and fairly. and that you are better then no one and that no one is better then you. so by not allowing gays to be in the scouts they are going against what they had taught me to do.
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    Do you think that the new Scout uniform should have zip made across the back from one pocket to the other pocket.
    You must have not got past tender foot.
    Why do gays have to tell me that their queer, I don't understand that.
    I like blondes but I don't tell everyone I no.
    I'm older but I still have morals.

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    @RUMORS--there is nothing immoral about being gay. And gay men aren't into boys. Are you into little girls?(Assuming you are a straight man.)
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    @RUMORS-- Allowing homosexuals to participate in scouting activities is not condoning homosexual activities between consenting adults. It's more like they are choosing to ignore it, as it has no effect on the activities of the BSA. Why do you think that allowing homosexuals to participate is like designing shorts with a zipper across the backside? Get your mind out of the gutter!
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    It's idiotic that the national media is obsessed with the Boy Scouts and gay Scout leaders, and they have absolutely nothing to say about Obama killing American citizens abroad with no trial. you don't need any more evidence than that of the bias in the media and the fact that they been co opted and corrupted by Democrat Party.
    If this was any Republican president there would already be hearings and articles of impeachment filed.
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    I'm watching Chris Matthews complaining about it for at least the 2nd day in a row. And Joe Scarborough was going crazy about it yesterday morning too.
    The liberal media HATES these "extra-judicial" killings.
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    Tell you what I'll do for you. When gay scouts start flying to yemen and going on the internet and advocating killing other American citizens I will agree to using drones on them as well. Deal?
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    You are the one searching for artilcles about the Boy Scouts and gay Scout leaders. The "national media" isn't forcing you to do that, or write about the subject. And is there some law that conservatives have to toss Obama's name into every subject? WTF does he have to do with this story?
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    Gee to hear the left wingers the decision was already made and the Boy scouts caved to pressure. I hope freedom loving people around the nation voice their support for keeping our private group's freedoms to hire or fire anyone they want! Liberals, you control freaks can get out of our lives! You know what? If there was such a thing as Gay scouts, you would never see Christians trying to sue that group to allow Christian scout leaders if the private Gay scouts did not want them. You see, Conservatives are not arrogant control freaks and would not try to force our views down your private group's throats.
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    If the Scouts are caving to pressure, it's the pressure of public opinion. No one is forcing them to upgrade, they are doing it of their own choosing.
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    You're telling me that christians wouldn't do anything if the boy scouts banned christians from being scouts?
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    @AceLuby Can you read? Try it again please. I said if some Gays created their own private group and decided that Christians, or straights, or the KKK were not allowed to be leaders in that group, so be it. We would not try and force them to hire us. It's called freedom, not politically correct control.
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    @Keyjo Are you kidding me? The Boy scouts have been hounded and sued for decades, trying to get them to allow Gays. Unbelievable.
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    Other youth organization membership policies

    There are affiliated Scouting organizations in other countries with less restrictive membership criteria than the BSA by choice and/or because of nondiscrimination laws in their country, as well as organizations with similar policies. In the United States, other major youth organizations tend to have less restrictive policies.
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    I suppose if I had to chose which foot to shoot, I'd take my time, too.
    Let's hope they chose what is just and right and not pander to the religious extremists. The United States is on the right track for equality, the Scouts will only hurt themselves in the long run by clinging to outdated policies.
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    When my son was a Cub Scout, they always said prayers before each meeting and made references to God throughout the meeting as well. I am not sure if all meetings are like that everywhere but I think the issue will be with those who are religious and what the Bible says about gays. I think that they feel that by allowing them into the Scouts, it's condoning it in some way. I removed my son from the Scouts last year. It had nothing to do with a gay leader though. Also, before anyone says I hate gays, I don't. I don't personally have an issue with them being involved in the Scouts. I'm just saying that the issue will be there regardless because of the whole religious aspect of the organization and religious people don't typically condone the lifestyle. Until people realize that being gay is not contagious, it will be hard for this type of group to allow it.
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    May I ask why you DID remove your son from Scouting?
    I was in both Cub and Boy Scouts. I had some fun. Depantsing was a typical part of initiation. But it's not like that's uncommon anywhere adolescent boys gather. Not what I'd consider "Gay," however. Just boys being boys.
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    @Keyjo I removed him because I didn't feel that the leaders were taking things seriously. My husband was a Scout when he was young and he worked with my son on tons of projects and helped him to memorize everything he was supposed to recite. When it came time to "grade" the boys for memorizing the law of the pack, etc. my son was the ONLY one who got everything right. Some kids didn't even know what they were supposed to be saying at all. However, everyone got the same badge. My son was disappointed that he worked so hard and others didn't, yet they got rewarded. It wasn't a value I wanted my son to have, that things are given to you without working for them. I'd rather have a gay leader that follows the rules than a straight one who doesn't take things seriously.
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    I see. Well, you are to be commended for the values you are instilling. Perhaps if your husband had the time to be a leader.
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    @Keyjo He was going to but his job changes his schedule every 3 months. He didn't want to make everyone confused by switching all the time. It wasn't convenient for the parents. There were several that looked at the Scout meetings as a babysitting service too. It wasn't what I thought it would be, that's for sure.
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    Their money.....their decision....don't like their decision quit or stop funding them.....but the government should stay the hell out of it!!!
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    Boy Scout Oath or Promise:
    On my honor, I will do my best
    To do my duty to GOD and my country and to obey the Scout Law;
    To help other people at all times;
    To keep myself physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight.

    Boy Scout Law:
    A Scout is:
    and REVERENT.

    Can you not see this is a christian based organization? Keep your ate theist views outa my scouts! Get your own gay club for boys. I promise myself and my children will not join and push our views on you.
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    Are the Boy Scouts a private group? If so isn't it up to them? My issue isn't about Gay's but I am tired of people forcing any private club or group to admit people. Why would you want to be in a club that doesn't want you?
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    That's a good point, however, think of it this way: Suppose you're a gay parent of a normal little boy, and that little boy want's to be a Boy Scout. Any good parent wants to be fully involved in their children's lives, right? But the BSA's rules against gay scout leaders would prevent you from participating in your child's scouting activities. I understand it's a private organization, but IMO they are doing themselves a disservice by turning away parent participation based on an adult's sexual orientation.
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    @Denizen_Kate that is a good point. But it is up to them to decide. My natural tendency is to resist any one forcing me to do something. I would shut the whole thing down before I was forced to do anything.
    Honestly I think that's where my resistance to the gay marriage issue comes from. I honestly havent known a dozen gay people in my life. I never gave it much thought. now it's getting forced on me. Now i am called a bigot etc for something I know very little about except what I learned from the bible. And it's against it. So it's a lot to take all at once. Add in the fact the few gay people I do know are very left wing, lets say we didn't get along very well. I am confused about one thing, it would not seem right for a straight man to take a group of girls camping. Wouldn't that be the same as a gay man taking boys camping?. I am asking
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    @NTBFW - "... now it's getting forced on me." How is same sex marriage being forced on you? I don't understand how it would impact your life.

    As for a man taking a group of girls camping, like with all things, IMO it depends entirely upon the character of the individual man. Just as one cannot assume that a man who takes girls on a camping trip has evil intent, one can also not assume that a gay man who takes boys on a camping trip has evil intent. I like to think of it as good parents involving themselves in the lives of their children, and we should encourage that.
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    I'm not completely sure but I think it is completely up to them. I do not believe the government is interfering with this at all and the BSA are the ones behind close doors debating it and decided they needed more time.
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    @Denizen_Kate well go your entire life never seeing or knowing anything about homosexuality.except its a bad thing. Then in a very short period of time being expected to believe its normal. It's a lot to take in. I'm trying. And am NOT campaigning against it. I just don't know if I can ever really like it. Like I said I'm trying. But having angry gay people screaming at me is not making it easy.
    As to the man taking the girls camping. It just isn't proper without a adult female along. I will dig my heels in on that. At least with my daughter. But if it was a gay man taking the girls that might be ok. See why it's confusing? It is not them being gay it's just I don't know what's right anymore. I admitted I don't know much about this and am still trying to understand.
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    They should take there time and decide for themselves, instead of caving in to pressure from either side! Whether it is a compromise, all inclusive, or all exclusive, it will give them the chance to show everyone where they stand on the issue genuinely, and not a reflection of what the right or the left want.
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    There should be no indication that the Boy Scouts caved to gay activism and abandoned a long held rule because they were caught up in the moment. Allow everyone to have their say, because this could be the beginning of the end for this iconic organization. The vast majority of churches who sponsor troops will not support the change.
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    Its not the scouts its the LEADERS! How many scoutmasters go in soley to find prey already programmed to do what they are told? Two suicides by scoutmasters after being outed just in my own experience. Make sure the men you trust your son to aren't predators.
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    The scouts have been doing a pretty good job of keeping them out lately, and outing them (sexual predators), better than the catholic church has! Being gay doesn't necsessarily make you a sexual predator. And Troops are usually compiled of many leaders (mostly all parents), any given camping trip can have anywhere from 6-12 parents present, even if the troop still had a founding scoutmaster which is rare these days. The torch usually gets past to the most senior or experienced parent/scout leader once the previous scoutmasters child comes of age and finishes his journey as a scout. Gay or not, who would leave their child in a troop with only one single adult for supervision anyway? Sounds negligent to me!
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    Why should boys be punished if they are not attracted to women? How can they help that? Many gays are celibate but they know they don't want sex with women. Even if they are celibate for health or moral reasons, just because they are not interested in sex with women you would want to punish them? Many great Eagle Scouts are gay and are forced to lie about an attraction to women in order to stay in scouting. They would never sexually assault anyone.
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    You are saying boys should kicked out if they are not attracted to women? How can they help that? Many gay boys are celibate but they know they don't want sex with women. Even if they are celibate for health or moral reasons, just because they are not interested in sex with women, why punish them? They can't help what they don't want.
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    It is about money and an agenda. The head of att snuck in below th radar and then began to advocate changing the policy from within. He most likely would have never been elected to any volunteer post had the powers that be at the National office knew he was Hell bent on killing scouting by allowing this mentally ill sinfull lifestyle to take over leadership spots. There are to many churches that are into scouting. The Mormon church the Catholic church and other Christian groups such as the Baptists Methodists and even conservative Jews for this to work. If it was to pass all of the groups mentioned would defect. They would have to do so because it is not consistent with scouting and what those churches hold true. Oh and on another note the Mr Ed show on the proud liberla network CNBC had some gay fool on talking about scouts he made the claim that the founder of scouting was gay which the facts have him as married with children and grandchildren. Mr Ed did not even challenge the truth behind it he just said "Oh I did not know that". This fool spouts this as some sort of truth when it is at best just speculation since there is no absolute fact to back it up. Facts do not matter to CNBC and Mr Ed do they. They can not wait to get as much pro gay stuff out there whether it is fact or not. Just as Ho;;ywierd will sen out every attractive woman to say that they are gay becuase they want to influence the country to turn gay. They want to change the definition of marriage.
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    Leave the BSA alone, and let these kids continue their wholesome organization, and stay true to their oath to God. STOP trying to force the gay agenda on the public in television and movies. STOP indoctrinating our children with the liberal agenda that says homosexuality is not a sexual perversion and is normal. STOP insisting that God`s Word, which says homosexuality is an abomination, is hate speech.
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    Yes and no. They need to make a call but I believe they should definantly discuss it. I am all for the disbanment, however there needs to be better supervision, rules against PDA amongst gay members and the punishment of being gay.
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