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    Rubio is a "political machine creation". Other than race he's GW Bush all over again. Charsmatic, good looking, young and a hand puppet. A mile wide and an inch deep. He's the front man for the Karl Rove Band. I think they're pushing him forward too early. I don't think he can survive 4 years of scrutiny.
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    The same puppet remark can be said of Obama with George Soros! What could a Cali guy like you know about such a new political personality from my neck of the woods?
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    @AlexMIA Actually I made the case on another thread that Rubio for the GOP is the same as Obama for the Dems. Much of the same type of appeal that Obama had. I don't think Obama was qualified to be president at the time he was elected. And what would I know about Rubio? About the same as you know. Whatever the party puts out and whatever doesn't hold up to scrutiny. Such as his fabrication about his family fleeing from Castro.
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    @jessejaymes Why? Cause his family had the foresight to flee the revolution before it actually started? Wouldn't that still be considered still fleeing Castro? Lucky for them they had a place to flee to, we don't have that luxury!
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    @AlexMIA Do you know Rubio and his family personally? Did you sit in on the discussion in Cuba about an impending revolution against Basita? I'd like to know since Rubio has told it several different ways and has walked it back since the first version. I have no idea what is the truth there. And you questioning me about knowing anything about Rubio because I'm not in Florida is about the same as me telling you you have nothing to say about Feinstein or Boxer. Although you really don't since neither is aspiring to higher office that they informed me of. Rubio is by definition a national figure and subject to scrutiny from every citizen. When you're designated by your party to give the rebuttal to the President/s state of the union address then there is no hiding behind a regional skirt.
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    @jessejaymes Don't worry, I'll be scrutinizing him too. To answer your question, I don't know him or his family personally. But I can tell you there were certain markers before the revolution that gave ample warning. The devisiveness and envy of the people. The talk and coordination of certain groups. It was all planned in advance before Castro came back to the island and executed his coupe. I have family members that were part of the sabotage and also stored cashes of weapons in preparation for this. They were fore ever regretful after, but I still call the A holes out on it. See any parallels? Hint, hint: envy and devisiveness, class warfare? The crap doesn't always have to hit the fan for you to know it's going to!
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    Beltway GOP has abandon their base long ago and keep lying to them to keep string them along. Hopefully they will die out or be taken over by those that actually support the Constitution and would defend us from federal government's overreaching power, since Beltway GOP are just a little different then the moderate Democrats.
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    I just want Obama's over-rated butt out of the White House.
    Rubio, Donald Duck, Ronald McDonald, or Scooby Doo, any of these would be better.
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    I voted, "too soon to tell."
    He still has plenty of time to get caught with a call boy, a pound of meth, get caught in a bribe or simply saying something incredibly stupid or offensive that can't be shaken.
    One thing for sure, now is the time for him to out as much distance between himself and the Tea Party.
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    Savior? Who said we needed a savior? Is Rubio a rising star? Absolutely, he's smart, well spoken and seems to be able to cut to the quick when responding to the long winded lectures that Obama is so fond of giving out. Obama lectures, Rubio informs.
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    Is it just me, or does it seem a little hypocritical on the part of the GOP to have his rebuttal of the SOTU address in Spanish as well as English? Isn't it usually Republicans calling for English to be the one and only official language of the U.S.? Could it be that they are planning a bi-lingual response in a not-so-subtle attempt to garner more Latino votes?
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    Welp, I think the 'pubs would pull their pants down to let kids have a place to park their bikes if it meant I guess I'd say yep!
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    Hahahahaha.......another false messiah! Oh please. Their worst fear has happened the people have become too smart to fall for their foolish lies anymore.

    Oh GOP (god obsessed party) you will soon be a brief paragraph in high school history books.

    This horse supplies my overall thoughts on this, please watch and enjoy!!
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    Perhaps. I think it may ge too soon too send them to the dust bin of history. Lets hope they keep supplying wack candidates for the next few election cycles. Then, maybe, but I think floating people like rubio, jindel, is their effort to moderate and stay relevent. I root for tea party to keep primarying every repub with a brain, provide material for john stewart, and scare voters toward the dems. I thank em. If it handed been for tea we romney might have one. Btw your take on GOP, very cute. Just stop calling GOP anti-science. They invented a new source of birth control: rape. No one else could have discovered that...
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    There is no one person who can improve the GOP's current problems, particularly an anti-science Tea Partier with a coterie of former Romney staffers.

    I remember when Michael Steele was supposed to be the Republican answer to the first African American President - and they dropped him as soon as his term was over.
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    Which GOP is Time refering to? The worthless mainstream GOP, or the conservatives who WILL select their leaders when they are ready? Rubio may or may not be the man, but Time will not make that decisions for me.
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    Nah, he's not. Not only will he not receive the broad hispanic appeal that they seem to be aiming for he's going to lose them the racist white southern guy vote in the process. They're going to lose more than they gain if the run him. They don't seem to understand that running a cuban isn't a fix for the latino vote and will actually probably turn off a large number of them If you can't tell the difference between Cuba and Mexico or the rest of Central and South America in general, you deserve to lose badly. Marco Rubio has his seat now because he lives in a heavily Cuban district and does have some appeal to the non-racist gop in that area. That won't translate to the national stage. More is the shame for them not even realizing their own demographic and the nuances of the new demographic they're trying to reach. Then again, this is the same party that started two wars without even a basic understanding of the difference between shia's, sunni's and kurds believing they were all muslims so they're all the same. It's funny they think an "anchor baby" is going to win it for them. As soon as some of the racist southern democrats start throwing it around (they will) they'll be an initial outrage for the hypocrisy (rightfully so) but the damage will be done and you're likely to see states that haven't gone blue in a national election in years do so thanks to record low turnout numbers by people who refuse to vote democrat but also refuse to vote cuban.
    So pretty much a dumb move by a clueless party leadership.
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    @frigginhell Here is the only question I'd ask since I believe the GOP should move away from racists both dem and repub. What excactly would someone like Marco Rubio or anyone else for that matter need to offer in order to win the latin vote?
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    @AlexMIA Saying ask Obama would be to flippant a response. How about dropping the language on immigration from illegal aliens to undocumented workers. I have no problem calling them illegal as that is what they are but I'm not running for office. If I were I'd watch my p's and q's. Quit villifying them. Whatever Romney said about immigration say the opposite. When someone does say something stupid don't be quiet about it. Call out members of your own party for the dumb things that come out of their mouths. Push for a naturalization process that allows many of the illegal family members of those here legally to stay as long as they're not criminals. You know pretty much the stuff they're doing now should have done years ago and Obama and the democrats are going to get credit for anyway. They might want to focus on blacks. It's not an impossible group to reach. Obama didn't win the black vote purely because he's black. Democrats win it in high numbers always because the GOP appears hostile towards them. The hispanics are learning to feel the same way. Even the asians are voting democrat.
    I suppose the best thing you could do is quit pandering to the racist and when they say something call them out for it and distance yourself from them. When Rush Limbaugh says "Have you ever noticed how all composite pictures of wanted criminals resemble Jesse Jackson?" You call him out for it and denounce him publicly and distance yourself from his show. You don't shut your mouth and pretend it never happened because he says nice things about you and bad things against your opponent. We are judged by the company we keep.
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    @frigginhell I agree with not pandering to racists, rush is an entertainer, the left has some of those too. The left doesn't fight each other either, they have racists as well. And I have never heard a single moderate democrate tell one of their own looney ones to shut the hell up, and now I'm not talking about entertainers. Your argument doesn't seem that strong, are you sure there isn't another deeper rooted reason latino or minority groups won't vote republican?
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    @AlexMIA It's both sides full of loonies not being called out. I'm just saying when it's an obvious racist comment they need to denounce the person saying it. Deeper seated reason? No. It's pretty much the hostility and racism. I know what you're fishing for. If you don't have the fortitude to say it I won't facilitate you by bringing it up either. If you have something to add speak your mind and be heard.
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    I wasn't impressed and I saw nothing exceptional about him. I don't see a refreshing sense if patriotism or strength that would separate him from any of the other sell outs. I saw just another business suit and that was it. I didn't even see a man who was genuinely passionate about his ethnicity.
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    I like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz much more than Marco Rubio. The only reason the GOP chose Marco Rubio to give the response to the state of the union address was because he was Hispanic. It'll take more than that to earn my respect.
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    I'll wait, Too soon to tell. Gonna have to wait until the liberal media digs through his past back to when he was four years old or something.

    they might find something like;

    He broke up with 5 grade girlfriend
    He has an addiction to water
    2 people in his 2nd grade class didn't receive a Valentines day card from him.
    He lost a sock in a laundry mat
    He was late with a rent payment
    He cleared his throat during a debate in college.
    His mother did not use environmentally safe diapers

    All things that could disqualify a potential GOP candidate in the eyes of the left wing media?

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    It's to early to tell if he is the messiah but in keeping with the GOP trying to woo the hispanic and secure some votes. Sure hope Rubio can tell if he's being used or not. And I won't be convinced until I hear him speak.
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