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    Want cuts? Let's have cuts! Let's start with the fastest growing part of our federal govt, defense. There's no reason we should be spending twice as much as we were 10 years ago. We're not any safer, we're just more authoritative at home and abroad.

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    Government defense expenditures dropped by a staggering 22.2 percent annual pace between October and December.

    How about looking at waste? I know it baffles liberals that the gov't wastes money. But.Federally subsidized Amtrak lost $84.5 million on its food and beverage services in 2011 and $833.8 million over the past 10 years. It has never broken even on these services.

    Conferences for government employees. In 2008 and 2009 alone, the Department of Justice spent $121 million to host or participate in 1,832 conferences.

    Using military exercises to boost biofuels. The U.S. Navy bought 450,000 gallons of biofuels for $12 million—or almost $27 per gallon—to conduct exercises to showcase the fuel and bring it closer toward commercialization. It is the largest biofuel purchase ever made by the government.

    End the empire...zzzz stop with the whining burnout hippie slogans.
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    Improper payments in federal programs

    How much:$125 billion

    Who's responsible: Federal and state agencies and dishonest or misinformed citizens

    Each year, the federal government squanders an astonishing amount of your tax dollars on payments that are just plain wrong, including Social Security checks to the dead or incarcerated, free lunches to schoolchildren who don't qualify and unemployment benefits to the employed.
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    @drpeeper Yay, they GREW 22% less... In what world do you live in that growing less fast = shrinking.

    Everything you just listed cost a whopping $1 billion dollars... total. Defense grew $400 billion A YEAR in just 10 years. Obviously you aren't serious about our budget deficit.
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    @drpeeper Yay, now we're polling people at what they 'think' the waste is and using that as fact. My god. You don't care about our deficit, what you care about is ideological crap. Get out.
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    @jessejaymes Oh man, now I am gonna have a Hermans Hermits earworm the rest of the night....thanks, Jesse!
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    @thatgirl You bet.(walk out humming, I'm 'enry the 8th I am, I am. I got married next door, she's been married 7 times before and every one was an 'enery,'ENERY, I'm her eighth old man,'enery the 8th I am, I am ".)

    That should hold you about a week. Heh.
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    @jessejaymes If it is going to be so bad, why did they pass it in the first place? Was it another one of those deals where they had to pass it to know what is in it? Is there anyone that thinks these people deserve the salaries and benny they get?
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    @marine1 How many times are they going to "save us" from what they themselves passed? this should be just cause to RE-ELECT NOBODY 2014
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    For those of you of the GOP party, the Democrat Party, Libertarians, Greens, Independents, Peace and Freedom Party, American Independent Party, Blue dogs, Liberals, Progressives, Conservatives, Tea Baggers, Political Virgins and idiots all who may not understand how government works, DO NOT PANIC!

    The word "Sequester" is not an actual event that takes place. It is a word that is used to smoke screen that the spending has increased by both parties to the point it is no longer a pork barrel but a pork tanker. It is necessary in order to deceive the American public, to threaten cuts that could easily be made by simple removal of corporate and political graft, but will not be because those who benefit the most, the Corporate masters and their Congresspeople, will not take a dime less than they got last time the fiscal cliff was "averted". The threat of sequester in fact is a device to allow them to attack more pork to the bill that they pass kicking the sequester on down the road a few more months but in the meantime, more money for Hollywood, more money for NASCAR, more money for bridges to nowhere, roads that will never be built, trains that will never touch a track and the beat goes on. There is after all no limit on the amount of pork that can be attached to a save the day bill so you all can heave a massive sigh of relief that the nation is not going to lose any graft and in fact will be giving out significantly more while you are saved by the very people who got us in this mess in the first place.

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    Oh the horrors! We might have to do with less government spending. I wish they would cut Head Start, eliminate the DOE, ATF, etc.... Plenty of places to cut and I hope the GOP stands firm for once and not let the criminal in chief go a spending spree.
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    Except for head start I didn't see one program I cared if they cut. maybe food inspections. But less FBI agents, less prosecutors, less federal grants, I could care less. Whats clear is the article is aimmed at getting liberal dems to vote for it, to prevent sequester from hitting the military, which should also be cut. I say let sequester happen.
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    Why don't he cut the federal education system and let states do their own thing? How about the Energy Department? Useless as tits ona boar hog! It's just the same old Obama scare tactic when he doesn't get his way.
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    Because if we didn't have federal standards, kids in the Bible belt would all be trained to think The Garden of Eden is somewhere between Poughkeepsie and Hoboken, plopped down there 6,000 years ago by an naughty god who plants fossils just to fool us.
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    @Zazziness Wrong! My mom was from the midwest and so are alot of my friends. they all have good jobs and an education. I can't believe you posted such a judgemental, uneducated, and inept statement. Do you really want to compare the education in the midwest to the amount of inner city dropouts on the east and west coast? Didn't think so.
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    @Yank Ever heard of no child left behind? States get federal money when they follow federal regualted education guidelines.
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    This "crisis" has been scheduled since the 2011 Budget Control Act was passed. It's very difficult to take any of the posturing from Congress seriously - and even more difficult to forgive any of these doofuses.
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    Bah, don't worry about it, bro. Like mfg, the cuts will all be lower level workers and none of the higher level staff. No pay reductions for less staff to over-see. It gives the upper levels even less to do. Efficiency at fed and state levels is an oxy-moron.
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    Tea Party = The gift that keeps on giving, First 2012 now let the Sequester kick in and the Dems will benefit again in '14. I just can't wait to listen to Rand Paul v Marco Rubio v Obama Tues. night
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    "and even more difficult to forgive any of these doofuses"
    Not really. America forgives them every time they send them back to DC after an election.
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    it is truly sad that we have to settle for the incompetence that our goverment displays day after day after day.
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    $85 billion is a drop in the bucket to the numbers that have been thrown around since the 1st porkulus plan was passed. give me a break. cut the spending - no more fear mongering.
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    Here is an idea Washington.
    So what is there, something like 198 countries on the planet?
    America gives aid to 150 of them.
    STOP DOING THAT !!!!!!!!!!

    I am for helping people out. I mean if I have and you have not, I will give, my wife gives ALOT, my kids give.
    But if my home hits a bad patch in the road, then it is time to back off all that giving and tighten up.
    My mother use to tell me, everytime I started judging others or talking about others, "clean up the mess in your own backyard before you start tryin to clean up someone else's."
    Mom was right.
    Fix America, spend our money at home, aid our own people, feed our own hungy, pay all our own bills, then if anything is left over, sure lets help someone else.
    Until then America, STOP WRITING CHECKS to other countries and at the same time telling all of us that you have to cut Special Ed Programs, Head Start Programs, Teachers, etc.
    We pay the bills here, we pay you. Stop giving what we earned away. I know this is crazy Washington, but how bout looking like a hero here at home, to the people you pay the bills, one of which is your paycheck.
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    The United States gave roughly $56.3B in foreign military and economic aid in 2012...this money could easily off-set the sequester cuts...
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    .Of course the WH issued warnings, this is normal scare, segregate, accuse tactic. Much easier than lead, compromise, coordinate responsibilities of the executive branch.
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    How do you compromise with a child throwing a tantrum when all the other children are doing the same? Maybe we need to send ALL of D.C. to bed without their supper!
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    Or how about just sending them home? I keep dreaming of an election wherein there is complete turnover due to the fact that Congress is horrible. But the same people just keep going on back to Washington DC, business as usual.
    We can only blame them so much and then it becomes the fault of the People for voting for the same people over and over and over again.
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    @Fishbone345 That's why I repeat @jessejaymes statement RE-ELECT NOBODY 2014. I had said the same thing to many, only mine took about 50 words....his only 3.
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    Sequestration was proposed by the Obama White House, it's ironic Obama is now spinning his own idea against the GOP instead of owning up to it. If anything, this demonstrates the ineffectiveness of the GOP to defend itself politically.
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    Sounds like a good tradeoff to me. If Obama won't agree to budget cuts and welfare reform to save some of the programs, then we should just let the sequester happen. First Obama gets a huge tax increase through on the top earners. Then he turns right around and demands another huge tax increase to prevent cuts that have already been baked into the plans. Let the cuts happen, then negotiate some real spending reform to restore some of the cuts later. I like what Charles Krauthammer wrote....this may be the ONLY chance Republicans have to get this president to agree to budget cuts. He has already agreed to these, the sequester and its makeup were Obama's idea. The thing he didn't count on was that Republicans would think about going through with the Defense spending cuts in order to trim the budget. Because Obama has shown he has no interest in reducing our spending anywhere, ever, this is what we are left with.. We will need to endure the defense cuts along with the other belt tightening. And maybe, just maybe, when faced with these cuts, the Democrats will be willing to address spending to allow some of these programs to be restored. Let the sequester begin...
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    We continue to blame either republicans or democrats. Or we blame the White House or congress. All of us have at least two convenient parties to blame and yet none of us hold the true person accountable. Americans. We're the ones that don't want our taxes raised or our benefits cut.
    When was the last time you heard someone or some group make a commitment to the federal government to do their part? It doesn't happen anymore.
    The only true patriot is one that will proactively sacrifice to continue to make our republic a success. Either pay more or take less. Or both. Otherwise quit blaming the people we elected.
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    I'm pretty sure that they will make a deal. They always do at the last minute. The "sequester" really is nothing more than political posturing.
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    ummm....Im on TDY right now Im staying in a $100 a night hotel and the Air Force is paying me $56 a day to eat for 2weeks...on top of the $400 a month I am authorized for food and $900 for Basic Housing Allowance....I know exactly where we need to cut spending.
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    I hope the cuts go into effect
    The President is skiddish and realized he can't over ride this by his executive order. He is not a happy camper. I sometimes think he actually believes what comes out of his mouth.
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