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    "Give Citizenship to Children Here Illegally"........GIVE? Has all the republicans lost their mind?(rhetoric question that doesn't need an answer) Does the 'pubs actually think that this action will BUY the vote of the Hispanic?(rhetoric question again) Why, when something that the 'pubs or democrats don't "like" comes up, they resort to stupidity?(last rhetoric question).....<shaking head & giving D.C. the one finger salute>
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    We won this round. Citizenship for immigrants! Those who don't like it should feel free to self deport. I'll throw a going away party.
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    As sad as it is, the children are here because the parents broke the law, they are here ILLEGALLY!! They should be required to go through the proper channels, period!!!
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    @MrGreenHerb if you are talking about the original settlers, please list what laws they broke.
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    @Yank No, I'm not. I'm saying, its like being a hypocrite if someone who's going to tell illegal people within America without looking in their family tree to find out where they came from and how they came here, some come without going through the process and some actually do.
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    Give the children and their parents a one way bus ticket out of America. Tell them they should have taken the legal way, as their mom and dad why they chose to be criminals.
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    NO WAY!!
    Rewarding criminal behavior only leads to MORE of the same.
    Children suffer from the bad CHOICES of the parents all the time.
    At least one parent should be a citizen for this to apply.
    ENOUGH of this madness!
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    If you against any kind of Amnesty, go to this website and register.
    Google this: NUMBERSUSA .
    Once you are registered, go to the "action board" to send free faxes to your state representative.
    They are all typed up and ready to go, you just need to click your mouse to send.
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    @BobRooney Been a member for years. A GREAT organization which has helped stop all the amnesty attempts to date. Easy to use and very effective.
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    I hope vote republican. Let people know when you say this. Democrats run horrible campaigns (mondale, gore, kerry). They need you to help em win in 2016.
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    This is just another prime example of our politicians disregarding the wishes of their constituents and refusing to enforce the laws they swore to uphold and defend.
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    I have mixed feelings, the children did nothing and the poverty they live in is pitiful. Any parent would want more for their children than the horrible lives they
    are subjected to in their country. I have a heart for kids..."Bless the beasts and the children, for they have no way, they have no say".
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    Why do these people have kids they CANNOT support?
    That kind of mindset is exactly the types we do not want here, we have enough already!
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    @gemstone because many of them are catholic and the church encourages them to do so and not practice birth control. This has little to do with Gods plan and more for the plan to make Catholicism the dominant world religion.
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    @PoliticalSpice LOL...never been a 'true tea partier', only to the point of cutting
    taxes.We are being taxed to death.
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    The Enablers, places like Walmart and construction sites looking for cheap labor, should have to pay the way for these poor children. A fitting punishment for scumbags encouraging people to break the law.
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    We must deal with the illegals who are already HERE and that includes the children of illegals who, through no fault of their own, grew up as "Americans". These children, if properly educated, cared for, encouraged, will become our doctors, teachers, military, firefighters, etc. Why should we "throw them away" when we can benefit from their love of America and god-given gifts? We ARE our brother's keeper and this is a opportunity to help each other. It is about time the GOP sees our immigrant population as a strength--not a weakness.
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    And charity begins at home.
    What makes America great is that we are a country of laws that should be applied equally to all.
    Should bank robbers be allowed to keep the money they stole if caught?

    It is time to stand up for our hard working struggling American families FIRST.
    We cannot take in and support everyone who wants to come here or did it ILLEGALLY.
    Even a lifeboat sinks when it is overcrowded.
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    @gemstone - "Should bank robbers be allowed to keep the money they stole if caught?" The more relevant question here would be: "Should the children of bank robbers be made live on the streets because they used to eat food and sleep in homes bought with illegal money?"
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    The sad reality is children suffer all the time from the poor CHOICES of the parents.
    It is not, and should not be OUR problem.
    These illegals don't have the common sense to stop having kids they cannot support, and then USE them as PAWNS to steal from Americas hard working struggling families. These are precisely the kinds of folks we do not need in America.
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    @gemstone - so, how much time, effort and money do you think it will take to locate any living relative of an illegal immigrant, and then safely ship kids back to them? Do you think that will save us money?
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    @DogLady_1 They found their way here and can certainly find their way back where they belong.
    In the end whatever the cost it will be cheaper in the long term.
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    I can see more Republicans to cave on the situation in an attempt to find an inroad to the Hispanic community...however, if they do, they can pretty much seal their fate come next election. However, I believe giving amnesty to anyone entering this country illegally is an act of treason against the Constitution and this country's citizens.
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    On the one hand, children shouldn't have to suffer because of the choices of their parents. On the other, this throws the door wide open for anchor babies.
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    WTF? No amnesty from the demotards or commucrats for the children? Thought meddling in others business was the commucrats way of life?

    Send the children home but keep mom and dad here so the commucrats can rig elections?
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    Name-calling: A form of ad hominem fallacy of logic. The use of offensive names especially to win an argument or to induce rejection or condemnation without objective consideration of the facts.

    "Members and front organizations must continually embarrass, discredit and degrade our critics. When obstructionists become too irritating, label them as fascist or Nazi... The association will, after enough repetition, become 'fact' in the public mind." -Communist Party, Moscow Central Committee, 1943
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    @DogLady_1 The problem is fascist and nazi stopped working long ago. But due to their antics "republican" seems to work well for the time being. It did in the last presidential election.
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    @PoliticalSpice - First off, that was a quote from the liberal leftwing handbook written by the communist party of USSR... secondly, any namecalling is a fallacy of logic... No one has ever changed their attitude of point of view because someone called them a derogatory name. It says more about the name-caller than it does the one being labeled.

    "Never does a man portray his own character more vividly than in his manner of portraying another's." -Jean Paul Richter
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    @DogLady_1 Ya going to make me change my evil ways with some of your great quotes. I know I'm in trouble when I tussle with you DogLady :).
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    The parents of these children knew they were breaking our laws when they came here ILLEGALLY. Why make their children our problem? Send them all back to where they came from!!
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    Face it, you lost. Republicans are waving the white flag. Elections have consequences. If you don't like it, feel free to self deport.
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    I have asked some attorney's on this and haven't gotten an answer.
    we have a law known as the Castle Law, it gives us the right to use force on protecting our homes. America is our HOME. shouldn't we be allowed to use the Castle Law for protecting our home ( AMERICA) against those who enter through our back yard illegally.
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    I like the bipartisan immigration reform plan made by the 6 senators as it is, before and inspite of what Krouthammer says. I also think we shouldn't be obstructors to the other civil liberty movements. If you take these issue off the battle field and let the people have their rights, the left would have nothing to hold on to as far as fiscal and constitutional battles are concerned! I love when they obstruct spending, that's why I vote for them, to make government think about what they spend multiple times over, that is what they are needed for! I hate when they obstruct other peoples rights and lives!
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    It's obvious many politicians simply don't get it. It's more obvious the voting population don't get it also since they continue to vote for the political idiots.
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    Fine. Allow the kids of illegals to stay if their family wants them to. Put them up for adoption to an upstanding U.S. family, and if they get adopted, they are welcome to stay. There are already waiting lists for adoptions. The illegal adult parents are then free to leave the U.S.A. How many of you libs are going to go for that? Few if any, I would bet. Allowing illegal children "anchor babies" to stay, along with their parents, is just another back door approach to amnesty. After all, it's "for the children". Children are being used for political expediency more often than ever these days...which would be far less cynical and hypocritical if the folks who trot the kids out for media events weren't the same ones who also advocate murdering them in the womb.
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    So, to follow this line of reasoning,if we register the children the parents would have to be present to complete the process. What better time to register THEM, give thm a Social Security Number and get the on the payroll tax rolls? Coupled with criminal prosecution, including jail time, for those who employ the illegal aliens, we could increase government revenues without a tax increase on you and me?

    Anyone opposed to this idea with a VALID reason?
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