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    Yes, we do have a spending problem and you can't spend your way out of debt!
    The Dems will never get that, they just want to keep spending and raising taxes.
    The bill is due, we have no money, now what??? Do we continue to borrow from China? They'll continue to play the blame game, and that's about all they've done since "He's" been in office. Tax and spend, how's that been working for us?... It's
    not, they can't see it and will continue doing the same thing. Insanity? Definitely!
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    It's more of a shortsighted problem. Yes, when the government stops spending as much there will be an initial downturn in the economy as the markets correct. However, an elected, shortterm downturn is preferrable to a currency collapse due to loss of faith. Just ask Argentina or the Weimar Republic of Germany.
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    This woman is a complete moron. She flip flops more than Obama does. When Bush was leaving office both her Reid and Obama cried "are you tired of the govt spending"! Now look at their answers.Obama claims there is less. Pelosi claims it doesn't hurt. What next?
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    We have a Pelosi problem. All you need to do is see how the left holds this woman up as a brilliant, female leader- and you can see how dumbed down this country is. 30 years ago she would have been laughed out of office- along with Reid, and the current prez.
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    @Skyclmbr How can the Obama Administration justify allowing illegal immigrants to work in the U.S. when
    millions of Americans are unemployed?
    If you against any kind of Amnesty, go to this website and register.
    Google this: NUMBERSUSA .
    Once you are registered, go to the "action board"
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    this is all part of a larger picture. Check out the recruiting and hidden agenda of the Illuminati. I used to think it was bull until I did some research. It all makes sense as to why people in Hollywood promote idiots as we see them to be voted for. Also it shows how Hollywood is dumbing down the people who become slaves to the. Pretty interesting
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    This Woman is a Glittering Jewel of Colossal Ignorance! There is no bottom to her stupidity and irrelevance.....Is it no wonder this country is lying on its side like that cruise ship off the coast of Tuscany, both rudderless and leaderless?
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    Spending isn't the problem???
    Well the first problem is America elected Elmer Fud Obama as President.
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    We need to come to the realization that government has to shrink to an affordable level. If we don’t, we’ll continue to pile up debt that will someday crush our republic.
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    Pelosi and those like her, (both sides)have no idea how to build a strong and prosperous country. They have created a social democracy that is not sustainable and if left unchecked,it will be the ruin of this country.
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    I have come to the conclusion that if Pelosi is for it, I'm against it. Those who comment here that she might have a point about the effects on our economy are oversimplifying the problem. We must prioritized WHERE we spend federal tax dollars. We should allow large corporations to bring the dollars they have in banks offshore back to the US economy. We should equalize taxes for consumers (Steve Forbes was right). We should expect those who receive benefits that have not been earned to EARN those benefits (read, if you get a government check for sitting on your rear-you work for it and quit getting paid to watch Jerry Springer). We should PUNISH business owners who employ illegal aliens-put their rear ends in jail! We should streamline the immigration process so those who want to be US citizens can do so EASILY-this will get them paying payroll taxes instead of sending the "cash" they get each week back to their homeland.

    And I could go on and on. Hmmm. I guess I did!
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    can someone tell me how spending more on our military than the next six countries combined is not a problem? We spend more on the military than anything. we need to cut the spending in the military, if having bases in every foreign continent is called "defending our American way of life" then we need to be defendng a little less
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    Anyone who has studied economics knows that spending cuts cut the GDP, cuts jobs, and lowers aggregate demand, which is already abysmally low. She is completely right that the significant cuts needed would put us into another recession.

    However, we do have a spending problem. We've doubled 'defense' spending in the last decade by fighting two wars that never had an end game, which many people prefer that we never stop, and creating new agencies that are redundant (why have 1 CIA when you can have 2?). We are also spending too much on our social safety net because too many people are out of work. Just those two line items alone add $800 billion a year to the deficit, yet nobody even wants to talk about it. As Neo would say "sad, so sad"
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    think the faster the better for the government and for myself. But to lessen the effect on the economy, slower would be best. Whatever we do, we have to shrink government to an affordable level. The longer we put it off, the more it will hurt.
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    @Thunderchicken Shrink defense spending to 2000 levels, remove ALL of the Bush/Obama tax cuts, invest the $400 billion saved from defense into infrastructure jobs (electricity grid, sewer, bridges, high speed rail, etc...) and after 1 year you have a robust growing economy again. It is a simple, yet effective plan that would absolutely work, but goes against the 75 years of politicians playing the 'America will look weak' card. Until we address this drain on our finite resources we will never have a robust economy again.
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    Once again, Princess Pelosi proves how much of a flippin' idiot she really is. Yes Pelose, we DO have a Spending Problem, and it all lies in CONgressional pay & perks, Foreign Aid, and "Entitlements." Of course I expect a San Franciscian Liberal like Pelosi not to grasp any bit of that concept. Like Massa Bama, Pelosi thinks it's all Monopoly money (play money)....
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    All of this wisdom from the former speaker. Will have to add it to a long growing list of quotes, such as "you can read the bill after you vote to pass it."
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    you're right... but you should have told that to the two bush administrations... it's the neo-con way to always borrow money rather than using your own.
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    If you have been paying attention to my posts I have been saying both sides need to get their acts together!
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    @dances-weebles Hey, i've got an idea, why don't you work on a time machine, perfect it, go back in time to the Bush era, fix everything, then come back to the present and address our current spending problems! Makes about as much sense as contantly repeating the Bush rethoric, WE GET IT, REALLY WE DO!
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    @texas_cutie75 the current administration pretty much has its act together... if congress would get behind him and support what he's trying to do the u.s. would soon be out of debt. the neo-cons can't stand that notion, however. the gov't really, really isn't supposed to be an 'us vs. them' scenario, is it?
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    @zeke it can be fixed in the present if congress would get behind the president and work with him, rather than trying to sabotage all the good that he attempts.
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    Anyone not thinking that some budget cuts are damaging is delusional. We have a spending problem because the cost of everything rises with time. That's the problem with a system dependent of never ending, continuous growth. Nothing can go on growing indefinitely. To think so is to defy the laws of nature. Government grows, social security demands grow, medicare needs grow, agriculture grows, companies grow, population grows, money inflates, more finite resources are consumed at a growing pace. If none of that takes place, the economy fails. Yet none of that is possible indefinitely. We don't have a spending problem, we have an economic system which is unsustainable in the long run.
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    You've got it sewn. This system also creates a handful of "winners" and a helluva lotta "losers", as witnessed by the wage gap and wealth disparity. So, we've got two (2) choices for a fix: either corporatize every person on the planet, or scrap capitalism and negotiate a technate.
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    The subject of mental health has been an issue the last few months. Maybe congress should have to be evaluated too. Nancy is one loony person.
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    Why that idiot Nancy "You've got to pass the bill to see what's in it" Pelosi keeps getting re-elected is beyond me...except that the folks who constantly vote for her are idiots themselves.
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    what does the witch of SF know about budgets...the country is 16 trillion in debt and she was at the helm at times...
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    Can we add he quote to Franks 2006 "there is no problem with the housing market" quote?
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    Let's see if the average person just spent money and never paid on the credit they are using would the creditor have a problem? I think Pelosi is suffering from a bad case of stupid. She can't see that the tax payer in this case is the creditor and that her and the Prez and their spending is the problem.
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    So says the woman whose state is bankrupt and cannot afford to care for its citizens and anyone with a decent paycheck is fleeing her state in droves to avoid the new higher taxes. People don't like paying taxes. That will never change. The problem is people are sick of paying higher taxes while others reap all the benefits and pay nothing.

    This woman is an idiot.

    I agree with one thing Donald Trump said. We should be billing all these countries that we give protection to and have bases on their lands to keep them safe. If they don't want to pay we should demolish our bases their and leave nothing for them to use. Take our ball and go home so to speak. Europe flaunts their noses at us, but they eat, sleep, and breathe under our security watch. They use our military strength to protect them. They use our pharmaceutical breakthroughs without the major cost that we have in this country. We need to stop being the slave to the rest of the world. We need to start getting paid.

    Oh and I totally agree with an above poster. How is adding hundreds of thousands more uneducated non tax paying children of illegals going to not put a bigger strain on our economy?
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    I agree with Pelosi that subsidies to corporations who are making record profits during a recession is a bad move. And no more bailouts!!! If corporations need more money, they should keep what they normally spend on lobbying and bribing elected officials! Cutting the Dept. of Education, however, is exactly what we need to do to help our schools... let the states keep that revenue to improve their own schools. And certain scientific research projects are relevant, but we could make some cuts on the stuff we fund... Not everything is nationally relevant. Specialized research could be funded through private grants and investors. There are other federal agencies that we would benefit from shutting them down. Our defense budget could be cut too if we stop subsidizing the armies and arsenals of other countries. Our gov't doesn't furnish its own citizens with guns, why would we furnish them to another nation's citizens?
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