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    There is more to the story I'm sure. No pope resigns unless there is some very good reason. I hope the the next one is not as hateful as this one was.
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    He's been accused of hiding pedophile priests, probably true, they've got evidence he ordered bishops to keep quiet about some known pedophiles if asked by law enforcement and helped to hide them as cardinal. He's been accused of being a nazi. Absolutely true, he was a member of the hitler youth.
    This wasn't enough to make him ineligible or step down when we found out. But now he's feeling sick so he's the first pope in 600 years to retire? As a direct instrument of god's will on earth shouldn't health concerns be left to faith and he stays in office until the lord calls him home? Isn't this what their faith teaches?
    You just kind of can't wait to see what's coming can you? Because I'm sure there's probably more to this than what's being told. We may never know but here's hoping we get a glimpse of it.
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    @frigginhell - That was my first thought when I heard he was stepping down, that it had something to do with his previous office and its responsibility for covering up the pedophilia within the church. No man gives up that much power without a more compelling reason than "poor health."
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    I am not Catholic, however, I have respect for the Catholic religion and for the Pope. There are 67 million Catholics and the majority are pro-life and anti-gay,
    not against the person, against the practice...Love the person, hate the sin. So
    much is changing drastically in our country and I'm sure this is disheartening to
    him, as it is to anyone who has deep faith in the teachings of God and the Bible.
    However, he is elderly and appears to have some age related health issues, I
    wish him well, and hope he continues to pray for this country...It seems it's all we
    have left.
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    This is laughable. Hate the sin love the sinner. This pope has more than once claimed that GAYS were evil and disordered. He has condemned that on every front and pressured politicians to not only deny rights but legislate against them. That does not sound very loving to me, but then again I'm not a conservative. My love is something kind, nurturing and pleasant.
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    @Speedieg The Pope condemns it, as do most religions, as they follow the Bible, and it is condemned by God... The Pope has done nothing to make him appear unkind or unpleasant. Your love is not the same as God's love. In the
    end it is He who will judge all of mankind, gays, and everyone else. No one is
    without sin. I wish him health and happiness in the last phase of his life.
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    @mimi57 Mimi he has condemned, he has stated more than once that gays are evil. That is kind and unpleasant. He personally suppressed the investigation and evidence of child molesting priests. Why can't you just look up the facts instead of defending a monster? He should burn in hell.
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    @Speedieg I condemn pedophiles, and think they are not given near enough
    prison time. You do not have proof, as far as I know that he 'suppressed' an
    investigation. I do not believe everything I read on google...Have priests been
    guilty of pedophilia, yes, they are not infallible. They are sinners, as we all are.
    But to claim you know for sure he did this without factual proof, and state he should burn in Hell is outrageous. No one is above reproach...anyone who commits crimes against children should get the harshest penalties allowed.
    To make a judgement on 'accusations' is just wrong..there are many, many
    pedophiles, priests account for less than 1%. Yes, 1% too many..but to say
    this is exclusive to priests is absurd. They are everywhere! Just look on line
    at the sexual predators in your own area, or next door. Many are family members!
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    @PoliticalSpice Amen and Glory Hallelujah. Maybe even Ali Ali Akbur ( or something like that). Oh wait I know what it was. Ali Baba and the forty thieves. Right?
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    @Clarke12 I didn't think Jedi where supposed to pro-create which leaves Leia who biological clock is ticking. See the contradictions have already began in a galaxy that's far away.
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    In what way does his resignation create "political overtones" ? That some of our politicians are Roman Catholic is meaningless.
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    Did you know that the Vatican is the only church with a seat on the UN? The Vatican is a political entity....a seperate country if you will....the last vestige of Roman power.... Roman emperors are Roman popes....
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    @Knightmare Didn't the Roman Emperors like nailing little boys in the seat too? The apple never goes far does it? The question stands... in what way does that create political overtones where the U.S. Government is concerned?
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    @rkinsawjoe Sometimes the Vatican....the popes still have influence over Catholic members of congress....and will exert that influence if necessary....
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    @Knightmare Not if you will. Vatican City is it's own country within Rome. The only Roman power may be it's influence over the Holy Roman Empire who emperors were the Habsburgs of Austria-Hungary.
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    I wish our politicians in America took the same approach -- putting what they serve ahead of themselves and their egos.
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    I don't believe it. Have you EVER known a Pope to step down for "health reasons"? I have a feeling that he's being finessed out by the revelations his butler/drive tried to make but were successfully withheld from the press and are now being used by other power players to force him out.
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    As I am not a Catholic, it is not for me to say how young/old the candidates for Pope should be. I am so thankful that we will not have to see this Pope's health continue to fail, and I admire him for making what must be a difficult decision. I hope by making this move he is granted a life of good health for his remaining time.
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    Maybe the next Pontiff will take some action on the church's pedophile problem, instead of shielding offending priests.
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    I doubt it, until they deal with the whole celibacy issue which is the root of the problem. Repressing your sexual desires and activity like that is not healthy and leads to the abuses we see. If priests were allowed to marry I'm sure the problem would be no more than other religious institutions.
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    Pope Pius XII never condemned the Nazis until he was assured to be able to do so from safety. To me that isn't someone that represents God.
    I have a feeling this pope will be much the same as will the next and next and so on.
    True Men of God do not condone evil or so says Christianity.
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    Pedophile problem? I was under the impression that the only pedophile problem the church recognized was the need for cuter alter boys.
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    @PolitixDavid......are you Catholic? I am and I fail to see how the Pope resigning will have "political overtones". Bad, bad piece of journalism here.
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    Welcome to the world- few if any US Catholics adhere to church on birth control
    Abortion- result of no BC
    Payment for BC political
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    @politixDavid good report
    Typical Catholic critique when flaw in church dogma is exposed Bishops v birth control typical politics
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    I think it does have political overtones if the next pope is more open to the morning after pill and gay marriage and such. At least the way I took the headline.
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    Could the Pope have converted to Islam? He's stepping down as Pope, having his future quarters luxuriously decorated and he's going to live with 70 virgins. Something smells fishy to me, lol.
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    And so the Pope becomes the first to resign since Pope Celestine nearly 700 years ago, when Benedict was only 40.
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